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Diary Room battle – Green Team take possession
In the final game of Turf Wars, the Blue Team and Green Team will...
Nick | Day -340

In the final game of Turf Wars, the Blue Team and Green Team will compete for possession of the Diary Room.

One Housemate will represent each team, racing to reach the Diary Room first. However, the Diary Room door button has been locked inside a box. In order to unlock this box, each team must open a series of boxes.

The first box is padlocked, and can be opened by finding the right key from a large bunch. Once the housemates open it they will be faced with a question which must be answered with a number, using it as a code to open the next box.

Opening the second box will reveal a final question and a set of key fobs bearing the housemates’ faces on. Answering the question will tell them which fob they need to use to open the final box surrounding the Diary Room door button.

The first team to open the Diary Room door will win the task, and therefore possession of the Diary Room.

After a strenuous few attempts to enter the Diary Room, Luke A from the Blue Team finally cracks the code and gains possession.

[vimeo id="45397440" caption="Watch the housemates battle to enter the Diary Room..."]

As a prize for winning the task, the Blue Team will be the only team permitted to nominate tomorrow.

UPDATE – 18:58

At 12:22pm today, Caroline, Ashleigh and Conor discussed nominations and who they would be putting up for eviction. Due to this severe rule break, the Green Team will take possession of the Diary Room and will be the only Housemates to nominate tomorrow.

[vimeo id="45398092" caption="Watch the moment when Luke A gained access to the Diary Room - he wasn't happy, but Big Brother soon cheered him up..."]

What effects will this have on the house now that only the Green Team are able to nominate?…

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 6:45pm July 8 '12

    If a team loses their rights to their turf, does that automatically mean that the opposite team is allowed to use that area again?

    So, blue team would be able to use the bathroom and kitchen? And green team is allowed to nominate?

    If neither team has access to the diary room, then who will nominate?

  2. its good bye coner…lets hope the greens know not to put anyone bad up with him. like like trashleigh or caroline i think lauren would be better becoause she will stay and coner will to make shore coner gose we need a lauren or a lukea with him … caroline and trashleigh we can get them at a later date but if them two or one is up with conor silly girls will try and save him..

  3. Jules on 7:06pm July 8 '12

    Worked out ok in the end poor old Luke, he wouldnt have been able to scarper the task. I wonder who chose Adam and Luke, was it BB?

  4. izziee on 7:15pm July 8 '12

    ugh, just get Connor out :envy:

  5. jennyjuniper on 7:22pm July 8 '12

    OH JOY. Now it’s up to the green team to choose wisely. As Terry said, I hope they put someone up against Conor who is popular and therefor safe. Sara might be a good choice. She’s a nice girl, with a good moral compass and the whole of Scotland will probably vote to save her?

    • Jules on 7:28pm July 8 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Sara is a nice girl and I think she is one of the fairer ones there, Scotland v Ireland, may not be good. Many in GB will vote for them as well. They are well teed off in the clip of the aftermaths, Shevonne is ready to go, Connor is thinking of walking…oh dear how dare the green win….. :clapping: :clapping:

  6. what about a double eviction this week?
    conor & caroline boot them both out this week please! :rofl:

  7. Jules on 7:32pm July 8 '12

    Oh dear, blue have lost the swimming pool and the other pool, punishment for Lauren and Luke A going into comfort Adam. I hope the blues dont have a go at them because they seem quite happy with Connor.

    I wonder how long the task will go on for, the HMs have been called to the sofas.

  8. MrTommiiee94 on 7:41pm July 8 '12

    Lmfao!! Love it connors face was the best just dropped after them hearing that i can see Conor going up agaisnt Ashleigh but who knows as long as Deana, LukeA, Sara and Adam are safe im not to bov…

  9. yeahyeahyeah on 7:45pm July 8 '12

    My guess is it’s going to be Conor and Caroline up for eviction, and sadly I think Caroline will be the one to go over Conor. Just a hunch.

    • MrTommiiee94 on 7:50pm July 8 '12

      i actually think that would happen as the girls (irish) will rather see conor in then this back stabbin b!tch but i would rather her stay then Conor!

  10. Sally on 7:51pm July 8 '12

    Based on comments on tbb Caroline is not the most popular of housemates. but the only member of the green team that has nominated Caroline in the past is Adam. Adam is more likely to nom Shievonne and Conor.I think Becky and Deana will do the same.
    Will Luke S become the turn coat?

    • Jules on 8:04pm July 8 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sally, that is what I am worried about, Luke S and possibly Scott? Who will they go for? Luke normally goes for Luke A, I cant remember who else he went for.

    • I actually believe that deana will nominate connor and caroline(coz she loves revenge), or she might nominate becky(suprisingly) as her second nom. then becky will definitely nominate connor and caroline…or to spoil out entire mood, she will stupidly nominate deana. adam will nominate connor and shev/carol. scot will nominate connor and shev/adam. Luke s will definitely nominate deana and may be adam…or to follow a game plan, connor(since he thinks he is hated) and caroline…or,…luke a!

      that puts connor, caroline, and shev up for eviction…

      • and if connor, caroline, and shev are up for eviction, BB will try to make shev look worse…and those two better, making the public hate shev more than these two and hence her eviction…bb wants connor and carol to stay in..they always edit out carol’s worst acts n comments…they have tried to show “some” bad side of connor becoz they don’t want to look like they are condoning his behaviour…and as for carol, I guess she is their chosen winner…notice how they try to make people think that her nastiness is all humor…esp. BBBOTS…#ridiculous

  11. I also think Caroline and conor will be up! But i’m not sure who will go though!

  12. Think it hilarious that both Connor & Shievonne both say they will walk on Saturday if they are not evicted!,only because the y both think they will be nominated . I think there will be 3 up for noms Connor, Shievonne& Caroline hopefully it will be a double eviction & I hope Connor will be evicted off the other two I don’t care which 1 is evicted

    :music: :music: :music:

  13. Jules on 8:21pm July 8 '12

    I dont honestly feel they will be able to bear another week like this one what with all the ups and downs. Shame tbh though as Luke A, Lauren and Adam wont be able to get together for a bit until the task finished altogether. At least though he knows that they stood by him.

  14. I reckon Conor, Luke S and Shievonne will face the public vote this week with Conor hopefully being evicted on Friday.

  15. Yayah on 8:39pm July 8 '12


  16. northernmonkey on 8:54pm July 8 '12

    Should and probably will now be Conor and Carowhine up. Either wil do for me.

  17. Raykco on 11:29pm July 8 '12

    Hate to be a party pooper, but I’m worrying that Conor will not get enough noms to be up.

    Assuming its only the 5 greens that can nominate, hms would need at least 3 noms to be certain of being up for the vote. And I can only see Becky and Deana nominating him.

    Luke S won’t, not sure about Scott, and I think that Adam will pick any two from Shievonne, Caroline & Ashleigh.

    Conor might get away with it.

    • microsis on 11:54pm July 8 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes that is a concern ,,,there is only 10 nom flouting about so maybe 2 nomination will be enough
      At least we’ve got a better chance of seeing Conor up than if the blue team was nominating
      :music: :music: :music:

    • D3S1-J4TT on 2:11am July 9 '12

      Na, I’m guessing scott, deana and bek will vote for both Caroline and Connor giving them 3 noms each. Adam will vote shev and Caroline, leaving Luke s to vote for deana and Luke a..
      Caroline will have 4 noms
      Connor 3

  18. rbdeschamp on 12:26am July 9 '12

    OMG, this has got to be the most PERFECT result ever! Luke A is such an AMAZING person to be so distraught about putting Adam in the line of fire. He’s one of the most genuine and likable characters to date! TEAM OUTSIDERS!!! Go DEANA, LUKE A, LAUREN, and ADAM!

    • microsis on 12:32am July 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      With you all the way RBDESCHAMP
      Luke A is a great friend to have Go the outsiders :yes:
      :music: :music: :music:

      • rbdeschamp on 1:24am July 9 '12
        MEMBER (20 COMMENTS)

        And I agree that Conor needs to go, and I think he needs to be put up against someone else who is liked. If he goes up against Shev/Ash/Caroline i think he could stay. Lauren or Luke A would knock him out I believe. Also, Luke S could give him a run for his money as he’s another “Pretty Boy.” Still wish Benedict was there to call people out though!

  19. MarkSalem on 5:19am July 9 '12

    Caroline has to go,before my wife goes in and removes her.

  20. BB doesn’t seem to like Lauren, they always show her crying on the show but there clips online and even tweets of her doing other things but they make it to the tv show.

  21. I don’t think the greens think strategically, they think and vote with their gut and know how it hurts to be nominated by people inside the house, regardless of the game factor (see Arron) – but believe it will still work out the right way.

  22. jennyjuniper on 10:33am July 9 '12

    Ideally it would be Conor to go this week, but if he’s up along with someone popular and knows he’s a good chance of being evicted he may walk anyway (with a bit of luck. At least if he walks we won’t have to watch him on BOTS like his prat of a friend Arron) Caroline next, with Shievonne and Dobby close behind her.

  23. microsis on 10:45am July 9 '12

    :giggle: who’s Dobby. Jennyjuniper
    :music: :music: :music:

  24. Jules on 11:10am July 9 '12

    Morning all, wow what a week, I have thoroughly enjoyed it well done BB. I liken it to the one where Darnell was made the first King of the house, there was such tension and we had live feed so I watched it on and off all the time.

    Well how things do change Lauren is still favourite but Adam has gone up to 2nd then we have Luke A but Deana has gone down to 4th. I did think she may have stood her ground and become first but Lauren still holds her crown.

    Hopefully we will have Lauren, Adam and Luke A in the top three on finals night.

    I agree totally that Luke A is a loyal and brilliant friend to have, he went against the rest of the crew for a purpose and not for enjoyment. Lauren the same bless her.

    The saga of Shievonne and Adam was not shown totally on the night show, his beef with her was the fact that he had apologised to her for his misdemanour in asking her to marry him but she went around saying that he was insincere. They made it look a bit hard for him saying she didnt shed a tear over the piece she had for her birthday. He did apologise to her though.

    It just goes to show how the edits can alter a story. :devil:

    • microsis on 11:27am July 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Morning Jules , :love: Yes I can remember Darnell being made “king of the house “goodness me that had us on the corner of our seats shouting at the screen
      Just like we have been doing this last week :whew:

      Just keep it as fair as possible BB
      :music: :music: :music:

    • jennyjuniper on 2:35pm July 9 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I agree that it’s sometimes frustrating when BB only shows a bit of something. Like yesterday, Becky and Scott were suddenly upset with each other, but we didn’t know why or who started it.

  25. Jules on 11:13am July 9 '12

    Because I am not sure where else to put this I will say it on here, I love BOTS this year, it is much better than last. I love the fact that they have made the weekend far better the format last year was diabolical, this year though I can watch and enjoy. :yes:

  26. Jules on 11:16am July 9 '12

    ps then I am going lol….we mustnt forget that we are not sure who Luke S will go for, will he keep his votes within the green team in support of his blue buddies? Especially if someone tells him what Adam said about him in the vt. Not sure of Scott neither but I think Becky, Deana and Adam will definitely go for the blues.

    • Belladonna on 12:47pm July 9 '12

      With Luke S playing such a considered and strategic game I think he would be too wiley to now “waste” a vote on Deana who has proved herself popular with the public.

  27. microsis on 12:30pm July 9 '12

    Which ever hms gets nominated this week ,,will have a good idea who out of the green team nominated them
    That could cause trouble :giggle:
    :music: :music: :music:

  28. D3S1-J4TT on 2:22pm July 9 '12

    After Connors and Caroline’s gaff yesterday they have a massive target painted on their backs, deana, bec, Adam are def gonna be voting for Connor and that vile lil girl, scott could do as well as he has recently seen the light, the only one who may vote for blu side is Luke, but again why should he, there are no real friends in there, don’t forget they are all playing for 100,000 pounds… People dupe others for much less nowadays… Connor or chlorine out!!!

  29. Michella on 3:52pm July 9 '12

    I am really pleased with the way they are running things this time around. It feels like the old BB when really made the housemates uncomfortable and unsure of what would happen next. This is a very satisfying twist as most of the vile people are on the Blue team, and it could have meant disaster for the show. I am all for keeping interesting unlikable people in for what they can offer, but there are two bullies that I could do without!

  30. rhero on 6:06pm July 9 '12

    “He looks upset”
    “Yeah, because he doesn’t know what’s happening”


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