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Turf Wars: Chinese Whispers – Blue Team wins
Today both teams will play a game of Chinese Whispers – but...
Nick | Day -341

Today both teams will play a game of Chinese Whispers – but instead of whispers, they will be passing their stinky breath along the chain.

Within each team, three housemates will play six rounds each. They will sit in a row of cubicles behind ten plates of various foods. The first player will open an envelope to reveal what food they must eat first. They will eat it, and then breathe down the mask to the second player who will breathe in and attempt to guess what they have eaten.

They will then eat the food they think has been eaten, and repeat the process, breathing their breath down the tube to the third player. They must then eat the food they think they have breathed in.

[vimeo id="45363113" caption="Watch the first part of today's task..."]
Within each cubicle are small placards, bearing the names of each food. Before they eat the food, the playing Housemate will place their placard on the shelf so Big Brother can clearly see what they are eating. When the third housemate has eaten their food, if all placards bear the same food on, the housemates will score one point for their team. The Blue Team will play first followed by the Greens.

[vimeo id="45363163" caption="It's the green team's turn to get a smelly breath. Becky, Adam and Luke S, step up to the plate to munch on some random food then breath on each other. Mmmmmm nice!"]
Each team will play six rounds, and receive a score out of six – the game will go to a tie break if necessary. Whichever team scores the most points will win access to the Secret Room later today.

The Secret Room is an undisclosed room in the Big Brother House, prompting speculation that the recently leaked room on spin-off show Bit On The Side  may be coming to use.

Would you be able to handle to smelly breath? Let us know what your thoughts are on today’s task…

UPDATE – 19:20

The Blue Team won today’s task with a total of 5 points vs the Green Team’s 2 points and will enjoy access of the Secret Room this evening.

[vimeo id="45364595" caption="Watch Big Brother reveal the winners to the rest of the house..."]

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  1. The ability to hear is a bit of a mistake in this task, cheesy puffs do make quite the noise!

  2. The winners have been announced……

  3. coff3e on 7:47pm July 7 '12

    wts the secret room nd cudnt her bb with all the screaming

  4. This is very BB7 – I remember when Pete had a glass of water to drink in the diary room and came out so the others could smell his breath via this contraption and some of the other housemates said it stunk really bad. Poor lad. :rofl:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  5. microsis on 8:41pm July 7 '12

    Chinese Whispers ,,,great name for this task there was no need to have a good sense of smell ,just great hearing , :giggle:
    :music: :music: :music:

  6. microsis on 8:59pm July 7 '12

    In Cameron year they had a special room that certain hms had access to that had been transformed into a pub
    With music and everything to make all types of drinks beer pumps ,dart board ,snooker table ,etc ,
    Let’s hope our hms has something similar
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. BBNut on 9:43pm July 7 '12

    The green team have to win the diary room now! We haven’t got long left already and the way it’s going, we are going to be left with a bunch of housemates we all hate and not give a stuff who wins. I think we all know by now who are the likeable genuine one and those who aren’t. I fear this nominations twist could wreck the final weeks :worried:

  8. We arent going tto get a chance to get Conor out this week as I fear the blue team will win the task, imagine his arrogance, and we are going to lose a good housemate, bad BB bad.

  9. jennyjuniper on 11:09am July 8 '12

    So Conor ‘apologised’ to Deana after that truly awful episode earlier on? What use an apology when he’s still hateful towards her, saying last night that he can’t bear to look at her picture. I’m suprised he can look in a mirror!! This awful person wants to be out as soon as possible, because I for one can’t bear to see him for much longer.

  10. paulbad on 3:35pm July 8 '12

    Very sensible for Conor to apologise, can now move on and regain popularity amongst hms, added to the fact of a no elimination for him this week after task we could well see a great movement in house dynamics, go Lauren, Conor for second.

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