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TOWIE star in CBB, I’m A Celeb bidding war?
Former The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler is reportedly at...
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Former The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler is reportedly at the centre of a bidding war between producers of Celebrity Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

The 25-year-old model is thought to be keen on marking her return to the small screen with a stint in the house or the jungle, and recently claimed: “I do want to get back on TV – perhaps in I’m A Celebrity or Big Brother.”

Both are looking to sign her up, with Celebrity Big Brother returning to Channel 5 in late summer and ITV’s I’m A Celebrity resuming its traditional November slot.

A source told the Daily Star: “Producers are digging deep to try to get her. There is talk of offers on the table of up to £250,000.”

Fowler would follow in the footsteps of several TOWIE stars should she take up any offer, with Amy Childs and Kirk Norcross starring in CBB and Mark Wright finishing runner-up in I’m A Celebrity all within the last eight months.

Other names rumoured for Celebrity Big Brother at this early stage include model and DJ Jakki Degg, Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison and footballer Freddie Ljungberg.

Do you want to see another member of TOWIE appear on the show?

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  1. Getting sick of people thinking that because their TV career is not panning out the way they want to that they think Big Brother is the answer. I’m sure they just think of it as a spring board onto bigger and better things.

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    • Fudge on 1:10pm April 12 '12
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      Absolutely Alec. The voice of reason. Just because they have the right vital statistics does not make them the right/interesting HMs for CBB. These people are struggling with their careers for a reason…… :nod: Please get some people in with a personality and a brain, even better, with both!!!!

  2. microsis on 12:11pm April 12 '12

    I do like Chery Fergison !! She would make an interesting character in the house ,!! :yes:

  3. microsis on 12:14pm April 12 '12

    Cheryl. Fergison. Sorry. :giggle:

  4. BB do the right thing and let her skydive straight into the jungle! She is virtually an unknown to most, would bring nothing to the show and will only put viewers off. Why the insistence of picking off TOWIE rejects for each individual series?! I also agree Cheryl Fergison should be a must have housemate. She seems like a very nice lady and game for a laugh too, she would work wonders for the viewing figures and possibly win it with her lovable bubbly personality. She has winner written all over her if you ask me :yes:

  5. Sally on 1:19pm April 12 '12

    If Maria Fowler is to be in Cbb or Im a Celeb.She would be better in Im a Celeb.
    Like it or not the Only Way is Essex is a popular program with a lot of young fans. Cheryl Ferguson would be an asset to CBB much better viewing. :)

  6. kieranhughes96 on 4:27pm April 12 '12

    When is Big Brother back on? :sleepy:

    • Joseph on 5:19pm April 12 '12

      Regular Big Brother is expected to start at some point during May for 10 weeks, followed by a celebrity edition towards the end of the summer :)

    • tipper on 6:21pm April 12 '12

      please no more towe morons thick as a whale omlette, though must admit when amy childs was on the bank job i was in hysterics, dont even think she was smart enough to be embarrassed

  7. Avatar of

    No thanks! For the first couple of CBB series on C5, I think it was a good idea to bring in some people from TOWIE… they brought in some good viewing figures, because TOWIE is a pretty popular show, especially with teens. I think the C5 CBB is now very established, and no longer need members from the TOWIE cast to bring in better ratings. Maybe in a couple of years or so? But please, not for the third series running.. boring. :sleepy:

    Cheryl Fergison would be amazing! Get her in!!! :love:

  8. I’ve had it with TOWIE people on BB.

  9. microsis on 8:57am April 13 '12

    Is Friday 13 th just another day ? Of course it is. fingers crossed. , , :tmi:

  10. Louiza on 9:03pm April 13 '12

    I think Cheryl will make a fantastic, fun housemate. It will be great to find out more about her in the CBB house. I’m sure she will put her all, into the tasks!

    • Sally on 1:30pm April 14 '12
      MEMBER (2376 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Louiza I hope Cheryl will be in the house
      later this summer, by all accounts she can be quite funny.I am also looking forward to all our friends commenting again when BB starts in may. See you soon xx :)

  11. microsis on 10:00pm April 13 '12

    hey louiza why dont you come and see us in chat ,hope you and your family are well ,look forward to seeing you when bb starts :love:

  12. big brother :rofl: :envy: :fubar:

  13. Testing

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  14. microsis on 11:33am April 19 '12

    What’s. Fubar. Alec , :shake: , :shake:

  15. :c5: would do great if maria went in

  16. This slapped is not a celeb, ffs BB why are you scraping the bottom of the barrel, get some rel celebs in not some fake wannabe slut

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