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Thirteen Celebrities become Housemates
Celebrity Big Brother launched this evening with an explosive...
Alec | Day -302

Celebrity Big Brother launched this evening with an explosive start and invited thirteen celebrities to give up their day job and become Housemates.

A mixture of personalities, backgrounds and nationalities have entered one of Britain’s most famous houses – find out who below.


Ashley McKenzie is an Olympic Judo athlete and competed at the London 2012 Olympics. Ashley became involved in Judo at the age of 11. His mum introduced him to the sport after he had an altercation with someone over Pokémon cards. Ashley was ejected from his first primary school in Queen’s Park and went to a special needs school, where he was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD.


Cheryl Fergison is a British actress most notable for playing Heather Trott in the long running BBC soap opera EastEnders. Heather was originally only meant to be a guest character but her contract was extended to six months after the character proved popular.


Coleen Patricia Nolan is an English television presenter, author and member of pop group, The Nolans. The Nolans success included two Royal performances, record sales in Britain and more than 9 million records sold in Japan.


Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is an American television personality. He has appeared on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore since 2009.


Danica is a model, entrepreneur and star of Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys. She was discovered in 2006 when she won the Miss Derby title, and went on to compete in the Miss England competition, where she placed in the top 10.


Michael Harvey Jr aka MC Harvey is the tempestuous former member of So Solid Crew, reality star, self confessed womaniser and most recently, a proud father.


Julian Clary, born in 1959, is a comedian and television personality. As a teenager, his eldest sister Frances influenced Julian, she was starting her career as a Tiller Girl and Julian was fascinated with the illusion created by her heavy make-up.


Julie Goodyear is a soap opera legend most famous for her character, Bet Lynch in the world’s longest running soap, Coronation Street.


 Jasmine shot to fame in 2005 as a finalist in the popular TV show Make Me A Supermodel. Jasmine is the daughter of playboy Brian Lennard, who founded Sacha Shoes, and actress Marilyn Galsworthy.


Prince Lorenzo Borghese is a member of the Italian noble family, the House of Borghese, a cosmetics entrepreneur, animal advocate, and star of the ninth series of the U.S series The Bachelor.


Martin John Kemp is an English actor and musician, best known as the bassist in Spandau Ballet, as well as playing Steve Owen in EastEnders.


Rhian Marie Sugden is an English glamour model and Page Three girl. After being accepted by the Samantha Bond Agency in 2006, Rhian gave up her job as a network administrator for Global Telecoms and Technology in Bury at the age of 19.


Samantha is an ex-television executive, TV consultant, journalist, writer, yogi and French housewife and most famous for her controversially honest account of her own beauty.

Let us know your reactions and thoughts on this years celebrity line-up. Who will fall at the first hurdle? Who will spark the first argument?

  • We’ll shortly be publishing the Housemate profile pages
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  1. 1st – Martin
    2nd – Coleen
    3rd – Julian
    4th – Cheryl
    5th – MC Harvey
    6th – Julie
    7th – Mike
    8th – Ashley
    9th – Rhian
    10th – Lorenzo
    11th – Danica
    12th – Samantha
    13th – Jasmine

    My odds :) !!

  2. it would of been nice to think that everyone on the show was celebrities i dont evern know half of them what a load of shit

  3. 13 is a funny number, I guess Dog The Bounty Hunter would have made it 14 if he’d got a visa… Very happy with the line up overall, three models though? :wondering:

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
  4. most of them are no marks the devil woman needs a good meal.

  5. Louiza on 12:09am August 16 '12

    I have already picked my winner! The lovely Martin Kemp. Ding Dong :happy: Prince Lorenzo has also caught my eye.
    Cheryl and Julie played a blinder in the secret task. This series has the potential to be fabulous. :bigsmile:

    • microsis on 12:26am August 16 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Ditto Louiza ,,Martin Kemp :love: Prince Lorenzo :love:

      Great to have some eye candy in the house for us ladies Ding Dong

      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 1:21pm August 16 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Martin Kemp – the prince seems a bit bland ? Maybe he will start to shine as he settles in.
        Any idea, Microsis, how we can change the photos at the top of our page [Deana] and also clear the “backing to win ” sections? We need to start fresh but somehow cant clear this info? Help!!

        • microsis on 1:42pm August 16 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Hi sammyvan , ,go to your edit profile you should beable to change your photo etc from there
          :music: :music: :music:


        • Hi Sammyvan,,, to change backing to win,,,you need to go to main page and click on your edit profile (in top right hand corner ) and go right to the bottom of page and you can change to who you want to win this series,,,
          But it hasn’t been updated as yet…but i don’t think it will be long…i’m sure Alec will be working on it…
          As for the HM’s profiles, mine are al blank at the moment, i’m sure they will all be in place soon…Hope this helps..
          :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 2:10pm August 16 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Thanks for that Biddy and Microsis. I originally had a photo of Deana on my profile, and now that I have changed it on the ‘post comment’ section, it still remains at the top of the page, where it says “hello Sammyetc” Just wondered why it changed in one place and not the other? Thats the photo I was talking about. As for the ‘backing to win’ – I should have realised I had to wait for the new HM’s to come up! Stupid me! I was actaully just trying to clear it completely, but guess I cant do that? I’ll wait and see when the other names come up.

    • Hi Louiza and Microsis…
      What do i do with you two…. :rofl:

      But i must say i agree….. :rofl:

      :music: :music: :music:

  6. most of them no marks the devil woman needs a good meal and she aint pretty.

  7. rionablue on 12:47am August 16 '12

    I love Martin and Jasmine and Prince Lorenzo isnt bad either. Cant stand Rhian she isnt even a celebrity and wouldnt have been in the news cept she had a thing with Vernon Kay. Samantha will be first out without a shadow of a doubt. Colleen Nolan would go to the opening of an envelope. I mean how many reality shows has she been on???? Cheryl is fiesty and funny. Probably more well known celebs this year than the past few without a doubt.

    • microsis on 8:13am August 16 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hehe :you are funny RIONBLUE your comment ”
      Coleen ” would attend the opening of an envelope “is brilliant I couldn’t stop laughing ,,made my day :yes:
      I :love: Martin Kemp ( gold )
      I :love: Prince Lorenzo ( ding dong )

      there are quite a few cbb hms I like at the moment I wonder how long that will last. ?

      :music: :music: :music:

  8. Samantha brick a celeb? hell no, shes a deluded woman, not ugly i admit but i read her article in the daily mail and watched her interview on GMTV, this woman really does believe shes the be all and end all of attractiveness, she says a lot of women hate her because of her astonishing good looks lol, its acc because shes a bitch of the highest order, this will be first and last time i mention her on here, i wont give the narcissist the attention she so desperately craves

  9. BBFANDEBS on 2:25am August 16 '12

    Oh, now what a mix of people! Some I know, and some I don’t. I am going to go into this with an open mind and enjoy them for what I see on the show and not what I have read or heard.

    Half the stuff in newspapers is made up, although I did read Samantha Bricks article. No comment there. :rofl:

  10. Hopefully this will be a good series,,
    Just hope BB don’t mess things up by being biased and ramming their favourite down our throats…
    We are capable of making our own minds up, thankyou !!!

    :music: :music: :music:

  11. CHERYL OR MARTIN TO WIN!!! :bigsmile:

  12. microsis on 9:53am August 16 '12

    Haven’t Natalie Cassidy got a home to go to. :no:

    :music: :music: :music:

  13. Louiza on 10:56am August 16 '12

    Hi Microsis and Biddy. I agree with you about Natalie Cassidy. I think we have seen enough of her recently. At least she said nice things about Martin Kemp. The start of this show has lifted my spirts after the ending of the wonderful Olympics.
    So pleased that Luke A won BB. How miserable did Luke S look in the final and afterwards on BOTS. Unlike lovely Adam who enjoyed every moment. :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 11:03am August 16 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Hi Louia,

      After watching her on CBB I cannot stand the woman. Hope we do not see too much of her and dear Emma telling Natalie that her task was the best and Natalie saying that she thought it was better to do it with one person and not two. That woman has such a big ego!!

      Oddschecker: :rofl: first calls:-

      Martin Kemp favourite:
      Julian Clary 2nd:
      Cheryl Ferguson 3rd I love her and can see her in the finals.
      Coleen Nolan:
      Julie Goodyear………if Julie continues to chew gum she will be a no no for me, how does she think this is a good look, is she a smoker or was it just for nerves?

      Be interesting to see face to face nominations on Friday but there are a lot to choose from at the moment, too many models imo.

  14. I must say this years celebrities are quite good. Starting it off with Julie, Cheryl, & Michael was good. Then a few anybody’s came in? Samantha who? & Rhian? I was so confused. I can’t believe how most of them didn’t know who Mike was, I mean, I am a big Jersey Shore fan. So that would be my perspective of it. Then Colleen & Martin Kemp topped it off for me, it is also nice to see a British athlete in there. But, Jasmine, Danica & Rhian possibly have a chance of gettin onto the bad side of the public. Despite that nonsense, favourites are Martin, Cheryl & Mike! Interesting bunch & a fantastic age range compared to the original one this year! :-)

  15. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 12:39pm August 16 '12

    I reckon Bet Lynch will kick off and as much as I like Colleen and that Cheryl, they are both Piscean so prone to moodiness.

    The Situation, what a ridiculous person, lifting up his shirt to reveal a few muscles. He is high on the votes so far which means a lot of airheads and gay boys like him.

    LET DOG IN as we let in many murderers and rapists from other countries to roam our streets. I think the powers that be just don’t like mullets, although a mullet would quite suit David Cameron..

  16. Based in first impressions….

    Jasmine – Dislike :no:
    Ashley – Not sure :thinking:
    Prince Lorenzo – Like :yes:
    Cheryl – LIKE :yes:
    Julie – Like :yes:
    The Situation – Dislike :no:
    Julian – Like :yes:
    Rhian – Not sure :thinking:
    Harvey – Like :yes:
    Samantha – LEAST FAVOURITE :angry: :no:
    Danica – Like :yes:
    Coleen – Like :yes:
    Martin – FAVORITE!!!!!! :yes: :bigsmile:

  17. Hum… maybe dog can come into the show later?

  18. danica to win, if she gets her kit off again :devil:

  19. Ashley – :yes:
    Cheryl – :yes:
    Coleen – :yes:
    Danica – :no:
    Harvey – :yes:
    Jasmine – :no:
    Julian – :yes:
    Julie – :yes:
    Lorenzo – :no:
    Martin – :yes:
    Mike – :yes:
    Rhian – :yes:
    Samantha – :no:

    BOOM !!!

  20. This year is going to be a good one considering the housemates. I absolutely adore Michael Sorrentino, he does seem like a d*ck but he’s going to be a good one to watch. You go in with confidence, you’re going to be branded a ‘d*ck’ Like ‘Hiiiya’ said, I am to a big Jersey Shore fan. I do not like Jasmine based on her VT but watching her might change my judgement. Samantha Brick? Really? She is too arrogant. Rhian seems sweet, we only know most of them based on media. Martin Kemp or Cheryl to win, wouldn’t mind The Situation winning it either. Love the housemates this year! (Give or take a few) :yes: :bigsmile:

  21. Orchid333 on 7:07pm August 16 '12

    SAMMYVAN :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  22. Orchid333 on 7:21pm August 16 '12

    At this moment in time, I absolutely love Cheryl. I think that Lorenzo is absolutely gorgeous looking :happy:

  23. rionablue on 1:25am August 17 '12

    Jas all the way and of course Cheryl and Martin. Love them. Dont like Samatha, Rhian or The Situation

  24. Florida2010 on 4:14pm August 17 '12

    Get The Situation, Danica, Samantha, Harvey and Julie out A.S.A.P. haha !! Danica, Samantha and Harvey are all as dull as dishwater :speechless: ! Julie has the potential to be boring and may be out early and “The Situation” … Well what can I say ?? Vain talentless twat :)

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