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They’re all in the dog house
With their days now numbered, housemates have been spending more...
Alec | Day -309

With their days now numbered, housemates have been spending more time day dreaming about life outside…

Ashleigh has been missing her pooches and can’t wait to see them. This longing led to a fervent discussion about dogs. She’d like her and Luke S to have one but she’s not sure what the breed of dog she likes is called.

Sara wants to get a big dog but she’d really like a Pomeranian, which is – in her words – “a small dog.” Eitherway, the Scot is going to get a girl dog called Luella, definitely. She’d also quite like a Red Setter. If she is going to go by the old adage that pets look like their owners, then this might be the beast for her.

Deana would like a Rottweiler. Luke S wants a Lhasapoo. This just sounds uncomfortable.

Luke S turned to Scott – the unofficial House oracle – and asked; “what is the type of dog that is really clever? The one that is known for opening doors?”

Opening doors? This hound’s owners must have Mensa on speed dial.

Scott tried to educate Sara on why a Pointer is called a Pointer. She really wasn’t interested – she is not intending to do any hunting with her fantasy mutt.

[vimeo id="47190628" caption="Following on from this morning's doggy chat, Sara reveals that the first thing she wants to do when she leaves is get a pooch, so Scott is on hand to think of names. We don't think she should go for his suggestion of Lucifer though. Imagine shouting that in the park..."]

Big Brother cut short this chit chat be calling Luke A to the Diary Room to pick up the shopping budget and chalk board. Let’s hope they don’t make a dog’s dinner of this last shop.

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  1. on 7:35pm August 8 '12

    Luke.s won’t need to get a dog he has Ashleigh!!

  2. AmericanCousin on 8:35pm August 8 '12

    Scott was def of the aristocracy in his former life. I find him quite funny. Too bad he chose the wrong faction : /
    Sara is just annoying.

  3. str-8-edge on 1:00am August 9 '12

    Really need to get Ashley and Deanna out.So annoying .Every one at local Coffee shop is Saying it too.Will see friday if BB cares what the viewers like …..

  4. poppy44 on 9:19am August 9 '12

    Save Adam :yes: :star:

  5. u go sara go on girl u can win this

  6. ashley scuzzy!!!.

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