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The Outsiders analyse Lushleigh’s tiff
Adam and Luke A had a discussion this afternoon about an earlier...
Alec | Day -307

Adam and Luke A had a discussion this afternoon about an earlier argument between Ashleigh and Luke S.

This morning the housemates paired up to receive two contrasting beauty treatments. Ashleigh and Luke S were obvious partners, but the former was annoyed after her boyfriend chose to receive a luxury treatment while she was made to visit the Snuggles Salon.

The couple subsequently had an argument in which Luke offered to swap the treatments around, but Ashleigh declined.

[vimeo id="47316491" caption="Watch the argument between team 'lushleigh' below..."]

Speaking afterwards, Adam said: “I’m glad that all went down. It shows what he’s like.”

“I think he’s swapped it now hasn’t he?” asked Luke A.

“No, he wasn’t going to swap it,” replid Adam.

Luke A continued: ”Do you think Ashleigh said no so people think she’s nice and not selfish?”

“It’s hard to do anything genuine in here (without anyone questioning it),” admitted Adam.

“True, but it’s hard to accept that someone is being unselfish when the whole series they’ve been nothing but selfish,” Luke A concluded.

What do you make of the couple’s behaviour during the Snuggles Salon task?

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  1. Please stop it with these two. Had ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH OF THEM.

  2. What a shame hes immune, could have had a very good double tonight with the pair of them gone.

  3. str-8-edge on 6:32pm August 10 '12

    There Both annoying and fake relationship for BB .Ashley and Deana Need to go this week.BB your loosing viewers if you care ,if you keep keeping Nasty people.My Big brother is kind and warm and honest AND Thats Adam .ADAM HAS kept it real and honest.If IT wasn’t for Adam .I have Been at coffee shop last nite a viewers said if it wasn’t for Adam keeping it real.They would not be watching BB. The Viewers have spoke .WE LOVE ADAM

  4. str-8-edge on 8:50pm August 11 '12

    ———ADAM TO WIN————–

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