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‘The Gold Rush’ – Day 2 task details
In the second day of this week's shopping task, housemates will...
| Day -332

In the second day of this week’s shopping task, housemates will battle for immunity ahead of face-to-face nominations.

Yesterday, Conor and Caroline became the Sheriff and his Deputy as Big Brother revealed the latest shopping task – The Gold Rush. The remaining housemates were put into three groups – the good, the bad and the really ugly.

Here are details of the challenges that housemates will face today:

Spaghetti Western

The good, the bad and the really ugly housemates will be going head to head in a ‘Cowboy Vs Food’ eating challenge, eating their way through huge mounds of spaghetti.

The plates will be inspected by the Sheriff and The Deputy at the end of the task and they will award the winners based on which team they believe has eaten the most amount of spaghetti.

The team crowned the winners will win thirty seconds of panning for gold time in the ‘Rocky River of Gold’ later today.The Sheriff and Deputies decisions are final but Big Brother is the law.

The Rocky River of Gold

For the final challenge, the good, the bad and the ugly housemates will be frantically panning head to head. The group which pans the most amount of gold will win “The Gold Rush”, and receive a very special prize: immunity from today’s nominations.

The gold from each team will be collected. If it passes a certain level then housemates will receive a luxury shopping budget this week.

Face-to-face campfire nominations

Housemates will gather around the campfire, each with a pack of cards. On each card is the face of a housemate who could be nominated. The three housemates who won immunity earlier on today are safe and have had their cards removed from the deck.

Housemates must choose the two Housemates they wish to nominate by selecting their cards from the deck and one by one revealing the Housemate they wish to nominate, giving their reasons why.

Let us know your thoughts on day 2 of The Gold Rush below!

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  1. Sally on 2:29pm July 16 '12

    If it’s the group that pans the most gold who get immunity Caroline and Conor can not get imunity.I do hope that is the situation.The teams are really mixed I hope the team with Deana and Adam win. :mmm:

    • Jules on 2:56pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      So do I Sally love them both but I cannot see them winning the gold rush at all. They didnt win any of the previous tasks giving them 30 secs more. I reckon the Good will win but so long as Connor, Caroline and Becky are up and one of them gets nominated we should be ok. Hope so anyway.

  2. MarkSalem on 2:44pm July 16 '12

    Deana looks like a young Gene Simmons from KISS.

  3. dragon on 4:45pm July 16 '12

    If it is live nominations, I cannot see anyone voting Connor I feel the rest of the insiders feel intimidated by him. I am sure Adam and maybe Luke A will still vote Caroline though.

  4. I can see what you are saying about connor that the other housemates wouldn’t want to put him up because of doing it face to face. I think that the wrong two people are up through. i think it should be one of them to win

    • Fudge on 10:35am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      I can’t believe that only Deana had the guts to do it. What is wrong with the others? What are they scared might happen? I would relish the chance to nominate him to his face! And Sara is called the moral one…..hmmm…..not sure about that now.

  5. Deana thinks it’s all about her she said adams name because he hadn’t been mentioned where she had she was out of order.

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