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TASK: Train for fame
In today’s task housemates will be trained in how to deal with...
Alec | Day -305

In today’s task housemates will be trained in how to deal with their new found fame by media guru Nina Myskow.

Nina will be giving our finalists a one on one session in the morning speaking to them about their strengths and weaknesses, showing them clips to demonstrate examples.

Nina will give all housemates a group session in general media training. She will take them through a series of exercises and role plays demonstrating how the housemates should deal with a variety of situations. Many of the situations will be pertinent to them – for example, teaching housemates to perfect their wave when they leave the Big Brother house and helping them work on their gracious winner or loser face.

At the end of the session, if Nina judges that all housemates have successfully trained for fame they will pass their task and be treated to a cocktail and canapés party to celebrate their status as the final five.

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  1. microsis on 9:38am August 12 '12

    I like Nina Myskow ,she’s up front and says it as it is ,,
    that is if she is allowed to ,
    When she was on Bbbots I was waiting excited ,that she was going to have the opportunity to question Conor /Becky like they have done for every other evicted hm so far ,,,,,,but for some reason bb decided not to include
    that part of the eviction show
    I wonder why ?
    I can’t wait to see this Train For Fame Task.

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  2. str-8-edge on 10:44am August 12 '12

    ——–ADAM TO WIN————

  3. Orchid333 on 11:22am August 12 '12

    Luke A to win: Adam to come 2nd and Deanna to come third. However, I love all 3 of them. :love:

    Luke S out next and then Sara, who was drunk again at the cocktail and canapes party :drunk:

    Sara’s quotes about Meatloaf’s song – “That was the most amazing moment of my life …” and – “That song means more to me than life itself …”. WHAT???


    • Oh for Gods sake Orchid can you even put one post on here without slating Sara. Everyone gets drunk unless your a teetotaler. She is a young girl. She totally deserves the final. Leave her the f*** alone!!!!

      • AmericanCousin on 5:48pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        No, sweetie, you will not talk to Orchid that way. Leave Orchid the alone, a$$wipe!!
        :love: Luke win :love:
        By the by, Sara IS a horrible drunk. She gets louder and her voice flatter and her reasoning skills on her convictions, even more ridiculous than when in a sober state :no:

        • JaniceR on 6:59pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (3600 COMMENTS)

          Dylana is entitled to her view. We’ve heard enough from you and Orchids( who can be quite vicious and condescending) without the rest of us resorting to calling you an asswipe, Sweetie .
          Also stop slating Sara’s accent you’re own will not be pleasing to everyone.

          • Orchid333 on 10:37pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            JANICER. You are absolutely correct in that Dylana is entitled to her view. I am also entitled to my view! I think that your comments about me being vicious and condescending were a bit harsh.

            How on earth do you know what American’s cousin’s accent is??? American Cousin knows Sara’s accent because she is on the blooming TV for us all to hear. :whew:

            Luke A to win. :phone: :star: :love:

        • Orchid333 on 10:27pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Hello AMERICAN COUSIN. Thanks for your support. I was getting worried for a bit not seeing any postings for a while. Hope Babby is okay. :happy:

          I stand by everything I have said about Sara. She shouldn’t drink if she can’t take it. She is on TV for goodness sake and should think that people will have their opinions about her and the way she acts.

          Well done to your Women’s 4 x 100m relay. WORLD RECORD hey. :star:

          Luke A to win. :phone:

        • I totally disagree with you american cousin. I agree that Orchid has been bad mouthing sara since the start I have seen the posts also. Sara is NOT a drunk and has been herself since day one. Look at any pub in the UK any weekend and you will see REAL drunks. Girls falling around the place with short skirts and guys so pissed they cant even stand up. Leave Sara alone.

          • Orchid333 on 6:54am August 13 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            JACKDEE. You are absolutely incorrect that I have been “bad mouthing” Sara since the start. There has not been one time when the alcohol has been flowing that she has not felt the need to get so drunk. And comments that you make about me when I am giving my honest opinion of Sara, do not do her any favours.

            Sorry, I don’t want to go to those sort of pubs in the UK. If she gets drunk like that on TV what would she be like if she was out in the UK pubs for goodness sake??

            As for short skirts, just look as Sara’s short skirts on the last 2 BB shows.

            Incidently, I do think that Sara is a beautiful girl and has a great figure. But hopefully, she will learn when she gets out of the house, that her behaviour when drunk is not a good look.

            There there, I have voiced my opinion and again and try to cope with it. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

            Luke A to win :phone:

      • Orchid333 on 10:18pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        DYLANA what a potty mouth you have my dear!!! Yes, Sara is a young girl with opinions about people (like working class workers – i.e postmen who she thinks get a good wage on £8 per hour!!!). Being young is no excuse. She talks about subjects that she knows nothing about!!

        By the way, I do like a drink but EVERY time Sara gets drunk, she shows herself up. :crying: Just watch tonight’s show.

        Luke A to win :phone: :star:

        • Sara is a sweet girl Orchid and I think you should give her a break. I agree with Dylana. Why dont you start slating Luke S the vain horrible trumped up two faced little wimp. Now he IS SOMEONE who deserves to be slated. Not one single one of the girls and I am including Deana has BITCHED less than Sara and even though Sara DID bitch she wasnt constantly at it. Deana has said plenty of bad stuff to her two soldiers. I like Deana but Sara is still much much more genuine and probably not much different to other girls of her age who like to have a few drinks and get tipsy from time to time.

          • Completely agree with u Bradpast..I’m sorry Orchid but these comments maybe harsh but r true. Ur entitled to your opinion but cannot accept the same wen somebody says anything against the ppl u support and ur nasty wen sumbody supports the HMs u hate..quite ironic really u slated Connor n Caroline etc for being nasty n bullies but ur very nasty in ur comments n try to bully ppl into ur way of thinking.

          • Orchid333 on 7:03am August 13 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            BRADPAST: If you have read my postings, you will see that I have slated Luke S. He is a gross individual who has used a young girl (Ashleigh) to get on further in the show. Not that I like Ashleigh for one moment!!!

            I was talking about Sara’s drinking – NOT HER BITCHINESS. :surprised:

            By the way, why bring Deanna into this discussion? One could say that you are commenting on Deanna as I am Sara. Which you are entitled to do. But I am entitled (as you are) to disagree about your comments about Deanna. I like her and she has had to put up with a lot since day one in the house. NOW, give her a break please. :bigsmile:

            Luke A to win :star: :phone:

          • JaniceR on 3:20pm August 13 '12
            MEMBER (3600 COMMENTS)

            Well said Bradpast. Orchid you are closed and unwilling to see other people’s view points. You have belittled people who use this site because you think they are uneducated or can’t spell. Often it is text speak or an obvious typo. You have picked on Sara as the house bullies did Lauren.
            For clarification I don’t need to know what american cousins accent sounds like to know that there will be people who don’t like it. Same as for my accent and yours. Don’t put people down because of their accents its the slippery slope that leads to racism.
            If you’re sticking around for CBB I hope you will allow other people to have their say without your condescending replies and that you show a little less hostility towards a single HM unless its someone like Conner who deserves it.

  4. Sally on 3:05pm August 12 '12

    Well the final 5 do have a chance of a few weeks work but famous???? I doubt it. Deana is such a beautiful girl she has a chance of being a Bollywood actress. I have a feeling we will see more of her on our TV screens.

    Deana to win. :clapping:

  5. adamlink on 7:26pm August 12 '12

    i am sara fan so she will win bye far votes

  6. why is sara wearing that hat trying to get noticed by any chance shes just playing up to the cameras no personality.

    • Sara can wear what she likes. If she wore a bin bag she would look gorgeous in it. What about Deana??????? Why are you picking on Sara’s dresses. And SAINT Lauren was always around in skimpy little shorts and outfits sitting on Adams knee then rejecting him. NOw SHE was a player!!!! Sara to win all the way

  7. Sorry a bit off topic….But must say
    WELL DONE ::::

    :music: :music: :music:

    LUKE A TO WIN……………….. :love:

  8. microsis on 12:41am August 13 '12

    Who’s going to win bb13

    My gut is saying Deana
    But my heart is saying LukeA

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. Ok I refuse to sign in again :rofl: :rofl: time for bed I guess…….that last one was mine Jules :love:

  10. Orchid333 on 7:15am August 13 '12

    AN48: What on earth are you talking about? Get real. This is a site where one can express their opinions (good or bad) about housemates. When have I said that I hated anyone? :wondering: Get your facts straight please.

    Grow up AN48 – Do not accuse me of being a bully please!

    How can you say that I do not accept people’s opinions when my favourite housemates are being criticised? I do accept people’s opinions as you should accept mine for goodness sake.

    Luke A to win :phone: :love:

    • Jules on 11:09am August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Orchid, are you chatting to me :rofl: You will see that i have remembered to sign in this time. I flit from one site to the other as I have said before, most of the time i come back and I am still signed in, last night I wrote something then realised that I didnt have a name so as I tried to put one in it went “just like that” thus it came up as Anoymous. This has happened to me a couple of times but each time i have owned up to being me, Jules.

      Now if you look at the time my posts were written last night you will see that it was late, my remarks that I wasnt going to sign in again was just that, it was time to go to bed and i couldnt be bothered. I felt that I would only have to do it again this morning.

      Oh dear, why am I having to explain myself again, I did tell you that I do not attack posters I only debate posts. Many of us have been friends from the beginning so there is no way I am going to offend anyone.

      No I am not the Anonymous who attacked you. :rofl: :rofl: I am just little old me JULES :love:

      • Jules on 11:13am August 13 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        and now :rofl: perhaps I owe you an apology, on looking back I am not sure if you were talking to me or not. Oh my goodness these lines they get confusing. Sorry if you werent love.

      • Orchid333 on 1:09pm August 13 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        JULES. I am definitely talking to you now. :giggle: :giggle: I am just as confused as you are but I could have been talking to you earlier because you were pleasant – unlike someone signing in as Anonymous. And because you are backing Adam, it could well have been you. :whew: :whew:

        Roll on tonight. :bigsmile:

        Luke A to win. :love:

  11. Orchid333 on 7:20am August 13 '12

    WOW, I have been slated by a few people this morning. Good job I have got broad shoulders.

    On a patriotic note, how proud should we be on GB Team in the Olympics and a great Closing Ceremony?

    :music: :music: :music:

    Luke A to win and Luke S out next. :nod:

  12. brains on 9:58am August 13 '12

    i think the finalists apart from luke s are the right ones,there were some earlier in the show if given a chance could have been good. personally i hope deana wins, i think she has shown great strength to put up with what she has had to go through from other hms,i wonder how becky ashleigh and others would have coped with it.apart from that i think she is loyal to her friends, thats why at first she couldnt understand luke a never voting for luke s after so many times of hearing him putting luke s down,but she did respect his way of thinking and say sorry to him on a different note imagine the final with the five being . conar coroline becky ashleigh and luke s we would certainly see some back stabbing and rows then.

    • Orchid333 on 10:15am August 13 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      BRAINS. I agree with you especially your comment about Conor, Caroline, Ashleigh, Becky and Luke S being in the final!! Just proves what a good judge of the housemates majority of the voters are. :bigsmile:

      Luke A to win :star: But I do love Adam and Deanna. :love:

  13. BBFANDEBS on 10:58am August 13 '12

    I really wish they had let Nina loose on Becky and Conor. Its a shame they were so gutless.


    • Jules on 11:16am August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I didnt think much of all of that tbh BB, twas just a little bit yuck, a lot of it could be common sense. If it isnt I doubt whether they will remember it, they will all go their own way. It made it look as though they were wishing for fame, not sure that they are tbh, I dont think that BB offers after fame anymore, they are generally seen and then forgotten. Mind you there are a few twats which still come across our screens, many of whom I really disliked when they were in. That Peter Burns was one, Josie and Brian Bellow were others.

  14. Orchid333 on 4:43pm August 13 '12

    JANICER. I do not accept your criticism of me. I will continue to have my opinion which I am entitled to. You do not really know me, and if you did, you would know that your opinion of me is wrong.

    There are a lot of people on this site who usually agree with my opinions.

    If you had read my recent postings, you would see that I was saying that Sara is different when she gets drunk.

    Enjoy tonight and try to chill out and not get too wound up about me – ONLY JOKING :bigsmile:

    Luke A to win :drink:

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