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Task: Time Pies
Big Brother has today put the housemates' time-keeping skills to...
Alec | Day -314

Big Brother has today put the housemates’ time-keeping skills to the test with a classic cream pie to the face.

Housemates will be called to the diary room one-by-one where they will have to time 60 seconds in their head.

When they think one minute has passed, they must pie themselves in the face. Each attempt will be shown to the other housemates on the screen in the living area.

If three housemates or more correctly pie themselves in the correct time bracket (between 55 seconds and 65 seconds) they will win a delicious cream tea for two in the White Room for Luke S and Conor.

Here are the results:

  • Adam pied himself at 38 seconds – FAIL
  • Ashleigh pied herself at 1 minute 5 seconds – PASS
  • Becky pied herself at 1 minute and 9 seconds – FAIL
  • Deana pied herself at 1 minute and 1 second – PASS
  • Luke A pied himself at 1 minute and 11 seconds – FAIL
  • Sara pied herself at 1 minute and 11 seconds – FAIL
  • Scott pied himself at 1 minute and 11 seconds – FAIL

As only Ashleigh and Deana passed the task, the White Room housemates will receive nothing.

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  1. Orchid333 on 5:59pm August 3 '12

    :bigsmile: I am so glad they failed the task. I hope the 2 tossers were watching the housemates. :smirk: I hope we don’t hear anymore whinging from Becky about Luke A’s BMI comment after seeing the clip on BOTS last night where Becky said – verbatim – “It’s fine if you call me fat or call me ugly” and – “you should be happy cos you are what you are”. Hopefully she is gone tonight and if she mentions that BMI comment to Dowling, I will scream. After all, BOTS showed the clip last night!!!! :whew:


    there is definitly some thing fishy going on. the two most populer house mates for weeks now have been Deana and Adam. facebook hardly ever have problems and there hasnt been voting problems with fb ever via bb votes? now all of a sudden voting has been closed due to tech probs “my bum” theres no tech probs its becuase fb dont want to be associated with this farce due to 1000s of complaints to ofcom and fb and ch5 which have been totaly ignored by BB becuase the trueth hurts!!!.. if there is no racist farce then why dont bb answer to all these 1000s of complaints… not once have they answerd these complaints yet theyv been going for gor weeks now!!!?? why dont people answer qauestiones they dont like? its becuase they dont have an answer becuase the accusations are generaly true and there answer would obviously be a lie and they dont want to incriminate them selves.. anyone with an little of intellgence will know the reason why dont get back to us is becuase it would be a scandel and they would incriminate themselves ie BB would be in every tabloid the next day and days after and BB no more on ch5!!?

  3. dragon on 8:17pm August 3 '12

    Does anyone know whether the people running the BB series were employed solely for BB only? This is what it seems. It is now time to get rid of the whole bunch, because they are giving channel 5 a bad name. I normally watch 5 a lot,this channel gives very good programmes, and do not need this crap.

  4. you said it :c5: have totaly ruined bb and r probebly doing it for nothing because :c5: have ripped the arse out of it

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