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Task: The Snuggles Salon
For today's task, half the housemates will receive a luxury beauty...
Alec | Day -307

For today’s task, half the housemates will receive a luxury beauty treatment, while the others will get a nasty treatment in the Snuggles Salon.

Mr Snuggles, an evil clown who you may remember from Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, has returned to the house to cause more mischief.

The seven remaining housemates have been instructed to pair up (with the odd person making a group of three). Each will pair will have to decide who gets the luxury treatment and who has to pay a visit to the Snuggles Salon.

If those unfortunate enough to visit Snuggles go through with their treatment to his satisfaction, their partner will win a luxurious treatment later today.

Ashleigh was left unhappy to be given a date with Snuggles after her partner Luke S chose to take the treatment despite his girlfriend facing eviction this evening.

[vimeo id="47317306" caption="Watch Ashleigh pay a visit to Mr Snuggles salon..."]

We’ll keep you updated with how the housemates get on throughout the day.

What do you think of the return of Snuggles?

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  1. on 3:50pm August 10 '12

    :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: Can’t they come up with anything original ? They have 12 months to come up with new tasks, yet still they have to resurrect old tasks. Come on B.B & :c5: Get your fingers out your a***s maybe if that twit Jamie spent as much time on coming up with new ideas that he spends looking for love we might get a half decent show.

    • AmericanCousin on 8:47pm August 10 '12

      lol @ “maybe if that twit Jamie spent as much time on coming up with new ideas that he spends looking for love we might get a half decent show” :rofl:

  2. I don’t mind Mr Snuggles returning. I think it was only a small task before, plus his revival caused a tiff between Ashleigh and Luke S :D

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
  3. Not a fan of Ashleigh, but how selfish of Luke S.
    What a tit :puke: :puke: :puke:

  4. We will have a extended video of this uploaded shortly.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  5. poppy44 on 8:05pm August 10 '12

    No surprise with luke s. God i wish he was going vile man :puke: :puke: :puke:

  6. AmericanCousin on 8:46pm August 10 '12

    Was is Rats-shleigh or Shievonne with the phobia of clowns? Someone que the violins, she overreacting and it’s annoying me and wtf is Rat girl muttering? She is exhausting.
    I am not surprised Luke S. took the treatment, whatsoever. That’s what Ratatouille gets for eating Luke A.’s sandwiches!

  7. It was Sheivonne,,,,
    :music: :music: :music:

    • AmericanCousin on 9:41pm August 10 '12

      too bad they didn’t have this clown around when big mouth Shievonne was there. I know it’s water under the bridge but she annoyed me too. ALways speaking in riddle and rhyme. What a hostile little wench she was.
      Ashleigh and Scott for eviction!!

  8. str-8-edge on 8:52pm August 11 '12

    ———-ADAM TO WIN———–

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