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TASK: The lying lie detector – resolved
Yesterday, Sara was chosen by Housemates as The Most Genuine...
Nick | Day -328

Yesterday, Sara was chosen by Housemates as The Most Genuine Housemate and was called to the Diary Room where she was asked to take part in Lie Detector Test in the Small Task Room.

What Sara didn’t know was that the lie detector wasn’t actually turned on and it was the other Housemates who were deciding whether she was telling the truth or not.

To pass the task, Sara had to truthfully answer the majority of the questions. Sara did this and has PASSED. The Housemates were rewarded with alcohol and drinks last night.

The questions she answered were:

1. Which housemate’s friendship do you value the most? – DEANA – TRUE
2. Which housemate would you most like to kiss? – BECKY – LIE
3. If you were stuck in the Big Brother house with only one housemate, who would you want that housemate to be? – DEANA – TRUE
4. Which housemate would you least like to be stuck in the Big Brother house on your own with? – ADAM – TRUE
5. Would you do a topless photo shoot for £10’000? – NO – LIE
6. Who do you think will be the top three housemates on finale night? – SCOTT, CONOR, BECKY – TRUE
7. Did you tell any lies during the audition process to win your place in the Big Brother house? – NO – TRUE
8. While in the Big Brother house, have you ever stolen food without telling the others? – NO – LIE
9. Do you have a game plan? – NO – TRUE
10 Would you describe Ashleigh’s singing voice as good? – YES – TRUE
1 Do you think you can win Big Brother? – NO – TRUE

You can watch the task during tonight’s eviction live on Channel 5 from 9pm.

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  1. Tracy on 1:17pm July 20 '12

    :devil: Big brother have started giving talking tos to catty caroline arsey ash and silly scott, a little too late connor is still nasty and i notice he hasnt been told , he makes me really upset he is the head bully and should be kicked out, this has been the nastiest big brother ever and big brother are pathetically soft on connor

  2. i wont be watching or voting again til the axxholes kicked out, i cant stand looking at his ugly, sneery face or listening to the bile that comes out of his nasty mouth, i dislike him sooooooooooo much its unreal

  3. Fudge on 4:57pm July 20 '12
    Avatar of

    Slightly off subject I know but…..I don’t particularly like Becky because of the way her opinions change like the wind but what I find disturbing in the posts about her is how many of them insult her weight and use derogatory comments connected to her weight (I don’t want to repeat them here). This is offensive and shouldn’t have anything with how we view her as a person. Surely there are other aspects of her personaiity we can comment on, both negative and positive, rather than her physical appearance. Not nice to read. :sadsmile:

  4. jennyjuniper on 5:48pm July 20 '12

    Whoever leaves tonight, I hope the crows will cheer them to the skies. Then see the look on Conor and Co’s faces. :devil: :devil:

  5. BBNut on 6:30pm July 20 '12

    I wonder who will, or rather won’t, favour the sound dubbing mixers tonight?…only time will tell. :lipssealed:

  6. Neither of them deserve to be booed tonight, give either of them the biggest cheer, that will get the insiders thinking.

  7. BBNut on 7:27pm July 20 '12

    Unless it is dubbed over, that is my point. I know for a fact that what we have heard and what the house have heard are two different things. Listen out for sound dips and you’ll see, that’s if they are still playing there ‘let’s protect Conor and Caroline’ game. C5 and BB producers have ripped the excitement and reality right out of the ‘live’ shows as a result of their own disastrous mistakes. I’ll be surprised if we hear any ‘Get Conor/Caroline out’ chants, very surprised :wondering:

  8. BB should have used the lie dector on Caroline to find out who’s card she was showing to Conor

  9. It could be Deana vs Luke A next week who would you vote to keep?

    • Jules on 2:57pm July 21 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      That would be a tough one, lets hope there is an insider in the mix as well, if there is I will be voting for Luke A and Deanna no matter who the other person is.

    • sammyvan on 4:36pm July 21 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      If that happens then BB should pack up and go home. It would be a travesty if any more of the outsiders are evicted. BB has to allow the entire house to be up for eviction this week…..allow the public to have their say. After all, the show is meant to be for us?? Why shove your choice of HM down our throat, :c5: ?

  10. In answer to david299181 it would have to be Deana, I felt very sorry for her when she was told by Lauren “can we trust you”. This was bullying and uncomfortable to watch, with Luke a. and Adam sitting in judgement. How dare they, it is because of their paranoid behaviour from early days that has caused the division in the house. Who said they were the “good guys”. Only themselves. Their double standards are apparent. I was supporting Adam however my choice is now Sara. She did not have to explain herself to Adam, she made a statement and he should have accepted it.

    • Jules on 2:54pm July 21 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Tbh i dont think they made themselves the good guys, they just accepted Deanna and Lauren when everyone else was being nasty to them. Lauren asked her a simple question, we have to remember that Deanna is friendly with Sara and Sara goes straight into the others and tells them what is going on, she is an Insider.

      It is a very paranoid house as we know and it is difficult to know who to trust. At least Lauren and the other two didnt go around saying to the bulk of the house can we trust Deanna.

      As regards accepting statements it is better to sort a situation out rather than to sit and fret on it. It seems to me that Sara went to him because she possibly felt a bit awkward, he was on his bed. Now he put his thoughts forward truthfully. It is through doing these things that people can and should go on. The trouble is within those walls they keep it all in and then they begin to bitch.

      Cant see what paranoid behaviour you are on about tbh they have done nothing but make Lauren and Deanna feel part and they have built up a relationship with them. Something not to be sneezed at in that house.

      No matter what it is a fact that they will all be judged on what happens now as people have short memories and they will forget how Connor bullied and the others bitched.

      Sara did right in explaining herself even though she didnt say the same things as she said to the others. She needs the votes the same as the others do. I say well done to her for having the courage to face Adam and they sorted it out between themselves, no one else. The same as Adam and Deanna would have sorted it had Sara not interfered. It is all about votes.

    • Didn’t see that but I saw the bit where Deana said she didn’t trust Lauren and told Adam that crowd had been shouting “get Lauren out” not”get C onner out”.
      Reckon that would have got back to Lauren and may be why she was questioning Deana. Deana needs to look at Sara imo. Not sure about her at all.

  11. To me i think the wrong person went out last night not saying that it should had been luck a either of them should have been up

  12. Put the lot of them up, that will cause a stir to those who think their in control. Get caroline out!

  13. Hello Jules, good we all view things differently, what a dull world it would be even with BB. regards…..

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