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TASK: The Gold Rush
Today is the beginning of a two day shopping task, set in the...
Nick | Day -333

Today is the beginning of a two day shopping task, set in the gritty American West, sees the ‘The Good Housemates, The Bad Housemates and The Really Ugly Housemates’ going head to head in the search for gold while fighting for immunity.


Big Brother asks for the most powerful, strong-minded and influential Housemate to come to the Diary Room. The Sheriff also chooses one Housemate to be their Deputy. Their word is now final.


At the beginning of the task each team starts with one minute to pan for gold. Winning a mini task adds one minute extra to pan in the river on day two. The three teams will play two western inspired mini games on day one and another mini in the morning of day two. All games are judged by The Sheriff.



TASK 1: “Raw Hide”
The Sheriff and Deputy appoints one member of each team to take part. The three chosen Housemates will each choose who they want to shoot.

The three Housemates being shot at are locked inside stocks at one end of the Garden.

Housemates line up with their backs to the shooters. They are wearing chaps which have very realistic hard bums coming out of the back of them. The bums are the targets. The Cowboys / gals in the stocks have back pad / protectors on under their costume.

The shooters each have just 15 seconds to aim and shoot their bum target. Each team has a different colour paint to shoot with – Pink, White and Blue. After all three Housemates have shot, the Sheriff and Deputy will judge who the winner is based on who they think hit the targets the most amount of times.

TASK 2: “The Hoedown”:
The three groups must choreograph and perform their own group routine to a piece of country music played by a live Ukulele band in the House. They all perform to the Sheriff and the Deputy who will decide the winners by awarding the winners with a first place rosette.

Now in the world of the Wild West:

Conor felt most at home in this world and so by going to the Diary Room became the Sheriff for the next two days. Conor chose Caroline to be his Deputy and together they chose The Good Housemates, The Bad Housemates and The Really Ugly Housemates.

[vimeo id="45794407" caption="Watch Conor and Caroline choose the Housemates in the Diary Room..."]

The Good Housemates

  • Scott
  • Sara
  • Luke S

The Bad Housemates

  • Adam
  • Deana
  • Ashleigh

The Really Ugly Housemates

  • Lauren
  • Luke A
  • Becky

[vimeo id="45794601" caption="Conor and his deputy Caroline read out the rules of this week's task and issue prisoners with shackles which they must not remove..."]

Let us know your remarks on this week’s shopping task and if you give it a ‘Yee-ha’?…

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  1. sammyvan on 8:18pm July 15 '12

    Trying to be positive……….but with the two worst HM’s in charge of the task and the results that seem to indicate immunity from nominations………………. :puke:
    Cue Luke S and Conor’s conversation from last night regarding the three final housemates who will somehow split the 100 three ways????!!!!! Does’nt take a genius to work out the three are Luke, Conor ans Ash. Now tell me the task will be fair and above board! and I’ll tell you about the pig I just saw flying past

    • Fudge on 9:18pm July 15 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      I heard about that too sammyvan. Conceited little *****, and they criticise other HMs who they say are too interested in money!

    • jennyjuniper on 10:34am July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      The arrogance is beyond belief isn’t it? Anyway why do they assume it will be a three way split. Last time it was split up into five different amounts wasn’t it? And if any of those three could be trusted to take the whole lot and split it three ways, then I’ve just seen a whole squadron of pigs doing a fly past!!

  2. lillian on 8:48pm July 15 '12

    BB said they must do their job well so maybe they will drop themselves in it if they show favouritism or the opposite

  3. dragon on 9:01pm July 15 '12

    How boring!!! Conor and Caroline are very much the worst of the bunch. If they get immunity, that’s me finished watching. The two of them should be the next ones up for eviction.

  4. heard on another site that ratings were down last night. Not surprised as Conner is still there and now he’s been given this role we are going to be stuck with him for another week.
    Don’t think Connor or Caroline deserve immunity and can’t see Adam/Deana’s team winning anything with those two judging.
    So next week we’re going have to choose between the outsiders. Typical BB to make things unfair. Next person to discuss nominations should put their whole group up and fail the task.

  5. Biddy on 10:06pm July 15 '12

    It’s about time BB started to put HM’s up for eviction for talking about nominations,,,the punishments they are dishing out are rubbish,,,
    So biased………..
    Deana is being bullied by Conor but also think Lauren is being bullied by all the insiders…
    BB put your foot down and sort this out before people start to switch off as i did last night!!!!

    :music: :music: :music:

    • jennyjuniper on 10:41am July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Biddy, yes it’s getting to the stage (if not there already) where I go to bed angry every time I watch BB, because of that horrible Conor and the bullying of Deana and Lauren. I want to be entertained, not made angry by a show.Has ever a housemate in any of the other BB shows got away with as much bullying behaviour as Conor?? I ask because I havn’t seen them all.

  6. becky is such a bitch now and i just dont see how caroline managed private education obviously another chink in the society chain

  7. BBNut on 10:15pm July 15 '12

    I’ve boycotted the main show, seen two minutes of BOTS and switched straight back off. It appears Deana and Conor’s relationship is something to be joked about and laughed at. Conor is being defended by everyone at every angle so no thankyou.

  8. on 10:37pm July 15 '12

    What is the matter with the makers of this show ? Are they really the only ones who cannot see that the way CONNOR :devil: is treating DEANNA :angel: is deplorable & that he should be removed from the house immediately . The way he talks to her & the way he talks about her within earshot is unacceptable. :angry: if they are not careful shell end up breaking down . This is not what we want to watch on B.B or any other t.v show :angry: they need to act immediately :fubar:

    • jennyjuniper on 10:45am July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Too true, it’s a testament of Deana’s character that she has remained as cool and collected as she has. If Conor behaved like that to her on the outside, she would have no trouble putting a restraining order on him.
      I’ve said it before, but would anyone WANT to be in a house with a moron like Conor, who HAS to be monitered constantly??

      • sammyvan on 2:24pm July 16 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Everyone knows my feelings about that obnoxious oaf and his treatment of Deana. However, I am also concerned about the treatment Lauren is getting from Caroline, Ash and Becky? At least Shiv is not there to stick the knife in, but Lauren is subject to the worst ‘pack mentality ‘ bullying at the moment. I hope she keeps strong and that Adam, Luke A and Deana help her thru. Never have I seen such a hideous gang of HM’s – they are a disgrace. Family and friends must be so proud! [ not ]

        • jennyjuniper on 5:32pm July 16 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Hi Sammyvan, I agree about Lauren and the ‘pack mentality’, mind you there isn’t that much mentality to start with is there? What a bunch of thicko’s there is in the house this time. This BB certainly doesn’t seem to care about the well being of their contestants. By allowing the bullying to go on they are condoning it, and what kind of message does that send to young people who watch?

  9. microsis on 10:58pm July 15 '12

    Just a thought ,,,,,,,If this is a two day shopping task ,starting today and ending on Monday ,when are the nominations going to take place :surprised:
    :music: :music: :music:

  10. I read on another site that Conor and Caroline are NOT immune from this weeks nominations, only the winning team will be, that’s 3 housemates.

    Also, this weeks noms will be face to face when the task is over, maybe about Wed they will take place this week, not sure if they’re gonna be live though.

    • microsis on 8:57am July 16 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I do hope you are right STU ,,at least that gives hms the chance to nominate Caroline ( don’t think many will go for Conor grrrrr)
      Best outcome I think for the outsiders will be for the Good team to win immunity ,then the noms for Adam Lauren Luke A Deana will hopefully be split between them ,giving the outsiders a chance of getting one of the insider up for eviction as well ,,,,,,,,,oh dear
      :music: :music: :music:

  11. Well obviously Conor is going to pick his mates to win, there has to be a twist to this, BB cant risk us turning off altogehter because that is whats going to happen if they continue to let Conor get away with his disgusting behaviour towards Deana.

  12. Even if Conor is immune this week, look at the three teams, whichever team loses…if they are up for eviction we can get rid of either Luke S, Ashleigh or Becky, so Conor scores a home goal either way. Ashleigh to go if that happens.

  13. Big Brother asks for the most powerful, strong-minded and “influential” Housemate to come to the Diary Room.
    Maybe this is the twist we all know that Caroline picks her targeted nominee and starts her hate complain no later than Friday so maybe Conor and Caroline will be up for the public vote automatically.

  14. Conor and miss snotty are NOT immune.

  15. They should put Deana and Conor up for constantly talking about noms. Result Deana beats the Bully one on one! Fair and hilarious! Also get rid of the save vote! We should vote who we want out, as save vote gives the one we dislike most a chance of staying when more than 2 up!

    • sammyvan on 2:29pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Vote to evict would be the answer to all our prayers……….but would not make any money for :c5:
      The way they work it we have to vote for several [ when more than 2 up ] to get rid of the one we dislike = £££££.

  16. coxyy on 10:40am July 16 '12

    Money… Well we saw from Luke S yesterday doing the modeling that he came into the house to get famous since he wants to be a model much like everyhousemate! Want real people not all models! When will BB get the fact we DONT want models!!!

  17. AmericanCousin on 11:47am July 16 '12

    Get these two out. They are nothing but negative energy + Becky. Always keeping scandal going. I am so sick of hearing “it would be boring w/o me, blah, blah,blah”- what makes Conor think he is entertainment? Because he bullies a female? Because Caroline acts like a pre-pubescent zit faced school girl? Get over yourselves. No one like you two!

  18. R U sure Connor doesn’t have immunity? I heard that if BB deems him and Caroline to have done their roles well they would be immune.
    This game is biased and whole show is twisted in favour of Connor and Luke s whp seem to be getting all the air time. Why haven’t Sara, Luke A, Scott etc been singled out for tasks?

  19. microsis on 12:29pm July 16 '12

    :angry: I don’t understand
    They have suspended Victor Ewube from BBBOTS
    after Ofcom received s few complaints ,,,,but 1000 ‘s complained about Conor’s awful rant and he’s still there
    BB fans are dropping like flies ,this is so sad
    :music: :music: :music:

    • jennyjuniper on 12:53pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Microsis, do you think it would be worth complaining to Ofcom again, comparing Victor’s few complaints to the amount Conor got? If you do let’s do it en masse. :handshake:

    • Have they really Micro, what this time around? He was warned wasnt he. They have let some horrible people in over the past year. It is much better this year, didnt like the silly Caroline episodes showing herself up, sorry but yuck!! Didnt like a few others neither.

      Yes Connor and Caroline should be out and if they are immune then I think there will be an uproar. One of the sponsors is already thinking of withholding their product. They need to listen to the people more as after all we pay their wages with our votes and watching.

      On a better note there are more tasks, lets hope that the two horros are fair to the Bad team if they win respectably. The first one is an eating one, hopefully Adam and Deanna will hold their own, not sure about Ashleigh though. Can see her jumping about. :love: Oh bother havent signed in again, sometimes it doesnt sign me out……so this is Jules

      • Sally on 3:00pm July 16 '12
        MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Jules stay logged in on home page No one can use your user name. :happy:

        • Jules on 3:07pm July 16 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          I keep on popping here there and everywhere Sal, not signing out but sometimes it signs me out, other times it keeps me signed in, I guess there is a time limit. :bigsmile: Then I have written my post before I realise :bigsmile:

          Have been watching Channel 5 and the Twitters in the hope for some news on evictions, I really ought to be doing something else but…….it is compulsory :rofl:

          • Sally on 3:17pm July 16 '12
            MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

            Next time you log in click remember me .It worked for me lol.
            I’m a bit like you today i have been looking on Twitter. CH5/big brother done all my work with help ,So the rest of the day I’m free. Hubby promised to make dinner.

  20. If the good team win then really there is only Luke S and Scott in there, but Scott isnt too bad at the moment. Depends on who he nominates today. Sara is ok. So there is Becky in the other team and tbh I didnt like her in the beginning, then I liked her when she was on the green team but now……get her out she is one spuddler and deserves to go. She is really a mixer and didnt appreciate that Lauren did that for her and Deannas benefit. Lasuren lost out there as the blues were disqualified, she could have been up, Becky was safe. If she is a friend, what are her enemies like? Jules

  21. Jules on 1:30pm July 16 '12

    Oh dear the twitters say the Good Team have won….Still no extra for the Bad team then……tut tut…Good team are now up 60 Bad team nil and the ugly 30 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. Biddy on 1:37pm July 16 '12

    Hi …Caroline has been tearing Lauren apart this morning to Luke S , Becky and Scott…They have also been calling Luke A….More or less telling the insiders who to nominate…
    Terrible….Why do BB keep allowing this obvious nomination talk….
    It says on one site that the team who pan the most gold will be immune…
    Conor the bully and Caroline the bitch are not immune, thank goodness!!!
    :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 2:43pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Not yet, Biddy. Somehow they will be though, and if that should happen then I am afraid I will be ‘over and out’! This has become uncomfortable viewing for me, and have had to watch the recorded show for the last few days as I was going to sleep too angry!! Hubby has put BB on the banned list for evening viewing, as he was having to listen to my frustration!
      Microsis – so ironic that “slic Vic” has been banned for one word [ granted, bad choice of word] and Conor remains in the house after 1000′s of complaints about entire conversations??? I sometimes look at those ‘producers’ and BB staff on BBots, and wonder which planet they are from. Do they not realise that a majority of their viewing public are about to switch of…

  23. sammyvan on 2:46pm July 16 '12

    Hi Mods, tried to change my spelling on above post but message says “you do not have permission to change this post” ????

    • Sally on 3:29pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Sammyvan sorry you can’t edit your comments.
      I am not the best at spelling and am grateful for the spell check on home page although it does not work on housemates pages. I hope that people can relax without worrying about spelling.. PS you obviously dont need Spell check. :rofl: :rofl:

  24. Jules on 3:30pm July 16 '12

    Will do Sall but I have been and watched a video on the eating task, am still ,logged in so far :yes: but how they could look up and say that the good were the winners I do not know!!! There is loads left on each plate. Some on twitter are saying that Luke A didnt do the task but he did. I couldnt have eaten it, I hate the meal :rofl: It has been said that Connor and Caroline are not immune so hopefully this is correct. :bigsmile:

  25. Sally on 3:54pm July 16 '12

    Jules all the rules of gold rush are on The-Gold-Rush Day 2.
    To be honest I just want Connor out. Then hopefully we can get rid of all the negative comments It’s so depressing to read. :happy:

  26. Jules on 5:37pm July 16 '12

    Well it seems that the Good team have won so they are safe but tbh I doubt whether anyone would have nominated them anyway. Possibly Luke S would have gained a vote from Luke A but that now means that his vote will go somewhere else, possibly Connor, Caroline or Becky. It was a foregone conclusion that they would win tbh. Favourtism because that last task was hard to judge. So now we have to wait for results.

    • Fudge on 5:40pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      What a surprise! NOT! When are they nominating then? I am assuming that Luke S, Sara and Scott can still nominate?

    • Biddy on 6:01pm July 16 '12

      Think it was a foregone conclusion…!!!!
      We will wait and see what BB are going to do about all this nomination talk now…..
      Alot of people could be switching off..
      There is alot of anger on other sites too,,that the insiders are getting away with everything…
      I thought the last BB was bad when they tried to out Aaron, but this one is far worse……..they are condoning the bullying too….
      :music: :music: :music:

  27. Jules on 5:54pm July 16 '12

    If there are just two outsiders up I doubt whether many will vote if it isnt their favourite because it seems to me that the majority want the insiders involved. Best result will be three up at least including one or two (or three lol) insiders!

  28. brokenangel on 6:11pm July 16 '12

    I would like to see their conversations for trying to influence played into the room with all HMS watching.

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