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Task: The Awkward Situation
In Big Brother's latest task, Mike 'The Situation'  has the...
Alec | Day -298

In Big Brother’s latest task, Mike ‘The Situation’  has the opportunity to win the celebrity housemates a hot tub party.

Mike, nicknamed The Situation, has today been set a number of embarrassing secret missions to win the group of celebrities a party this afternoon.

His six awkward missions to be completed within one hour were:

• Hit on a female housemate
• Hug a housemate for 1 minute
• Tell Martin Kemp he has a BO problem and offer him some deodorant
• Go up to Julie and say her breasts are fake.
• Go up to Ashley and tell him judo is boring and for pussies.
• Tell Julian you don’t like his makeup and give him tips on how to improve it. Then get his makeup and put it on how you think it should look.

Mike passed his task and the house was rewarded with a hot tub party complete with drinks and water pistols.

What are your early thoughts on Mike as a housemate?

Catch highlights of the task on Monday night, 9PM on Channel 5.

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  1. AmericanCousin on 4:30am August 20 '12

    He’s a total a$$hole.Don’t be fooled.

    • Strong words, why do you say that,,,he seems harmless enough as far as i can see….
      You need to explain Americancousin,,,you obviously see him on your TV and know more about him, so please tell…..

      :music: :music: :music:

  2. FALSE!

  3. microsis on 9:05am August 20 '12

    Who is that in the picture with Mike ?
    have bb slipped in a new hm when we weren’t looking

    :music: :music: :music:

  4. It’s Julian Clary with the shades on.I like Mike ,the sitch so far,wish he had better taste in women though.

  5. Jules on 10:47am August 20 '12

    Have to admit to liking him so far but hope he isnt going to keep on about the women, I want to see the fun side of them all.

    • Orchid333 on 11:52am August 20 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      JULES: I would like to see the fun side of him. This celeb BB is a welcome change to the last one where I was getting so wound up by some of the horrible nasty housemates. I am enjoying this one :bigsmile: :yes:

      I haven’t backed anyone yet to win but have seen that you have backed Julian. What I like about Julian is his dry sense of humour and his calm behaviour. :cool:

  6. jennyjuniper on 10:58am August 20 '12

    Well I hope he has a fun side to him, because apart from his abs there’s not a lot to him.

  7. sammyvan on 12:41pm August 20 '12

    So far all I have seen is a rather large ego. Not my cup of tea at all. Prefer Harvey out of the younger group.

  8. Prince Lorenzo should be cast as Christian grey in the film fifty shades he is sooo hot :love:

  9. Prince Lorenzo should be cast as Christian grey in the film fifty shades he is sooo hot :love: :love:

  10. Unfortunately, we have not seen a fun side to him. :-(
    I absolutely love him though, on Jersey Shore, he is ridiculous but funny! :giggle:
    I think he feels different in the house, as he’s not used to it in the UK. On Jersey Shore, he is paid to act like a t**t
    Hope we see his fun side, he’s pure entertainment on Jersey Shore. :rock:

  11. He seems like nice guy funny at times fit body nice 2 look at. I say give him some time to see whot he is really like. This celeb bb looks like it going a fun show well so far it better then the last bb.

  12. Confused on 6:14pm August 23 '12

    I thnk The Sitch thinks he is stll on Jersey Shore, where his sole purpose is to be a chick magnet. But on CBB the “chicks” are “professionals” so he is out-classed and needs to head back across the pond.

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