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Task: Talent Agents
Today the celebrity housemates will go head-to-head in teams to...
Alec | Day -299

Today the celebrity housemates will go head-to-head in teams to show off their talents and win a VIP party.

Julie and Julian have been called to the diary room by Big Brother to take on the role of talent agents. Kitted out in business suits, sunglasses and gold accessories, the pair then return to the house for the task.

Choosing teams

They make their way to the living area where they will take it in turns to pick who will be on each of their teams. They then make their way to the large task room – The Audition Room.

Team Julie - Coleen, Harvey, Danica, Mike and Samantha.
Team Julian - Rhian, Ashley, Jasmine, Martin, Cheryl and Lorenzo.

Round One: Auditions

The teams must perform one by one for the two talent agents, showcasing the talents they are known for. The judges will take Polaroid pictures of them after their performances, and make notes on them after all celebs have performed.

Ashley treated the agents to a Judo routine.
Cheryl performed a one-women play about life in the house.
Coleen sang The Nolans’ ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’.
Danica walked around the room in her underwear, claiming: “I have no talent.”
Harvey performed So Solid Crew’s ’21 Seconds To Go’.
Jasmine carried out an aerobic re-enactment of an erotic novel.
Martin sang Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’.
Lorenzo‘s talent was maths, calculating 20% of any given figure.
Rhian recited a number of facts wearing only underwear.
Samantha performed yoga moves and presented a business plan.
Mike showed off his abs.

Round Two: Agents’ Houses

This will take place in the undercover area which has been themed as though housemates are visiting a house in St. Tropez complete with a chaise longue and fresh fruit platters on the table. The Agents will then choose the one act they are taking through to the final performance.

Julie chose Harvey while Julian selected Ashley.

The Performance

After Harvey and Ashley – the two most talented housemates – have performed, these performances will be uploaded onto the Big Brother website for the online audience to vote for their favourite.

VIP Party

Big Brother will then gather all housemates to announce the winner. The winner will win the ultimate VIP party for themselves, their agent and the rest of their team.

Let us know what you make of today’s task below!

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 7:58pm August 18 '12


  2. JaniceR on 6:03pm August 19 '12

    BB we have a lot of celebs in the show so why are you singling out: Julie for 2 tasks, Julian for 2 tasks,Situation for 2 tasks come on let some others get the airtime and share them out a bit.

  3. This is BB who would u like to nominate???

    lol i had to try it <3
    :c5: :bigsmile: :smirk: :yes: :yawn: :worried: :wondering: :wink: :whew: :party: :brokenheart: :love: :handshake: :envy: :drink: :lipssealed: :giggle: :crying: :crying: :makeup: :cool: :call: :doh: :no: :devil: :music:

  4. AmericanCousin on 12:43am August 20 '12

    Jasmine is just jealous of Danica and is quite sickening. If Danica wants to collect gifts, wtf is it to Jasmine? She isn’t the moral authority. Apologizing to Danica just because she overheard her telling Julie that she lost her mother is quite manipulative. Jasmine is nothing but a washed up coke whore who is actually beautiful on the outside but not on the inside. Now she’s trying to backtrack all of her trespasses against people. Get that b!tch out! But let me say this, Danica is not too different than Jasmine, as far as manipulation goes. Danica has a side to her that I think is probably more sneaky than Jasmine’s. That is why they don’t get along. People that are alike usually don’t and they’ve sussed one another out.
    p.s. I thought Coleen’s voice sounded wonderful,btw.
    This BB is putting me to sleep. I miss Luke A. and Adam :crying:

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