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TASK: Spandex Ballet
Today the men of the house will be pointing their toes and...
Alec | Day -287

Today the men of the house will be pointing their toes and perfecting their pirouettes for today’s task, Spandex Ballet.

Housemates will be split into pairs and must choreograph an original ballet routine. Each routine will incorporate a number of traditional ballet moves, but also each ballet will be themed around the title of the dance.

The titles will be statements or comments made by housemates during their time in the Big Brother house.

The pairs will perform the following dances:


The duo will perform the dance, “I Think Things Will Be A Lot Clearer Once The Titties Are Out Of The Way” to ‘Finale’ from Swan Lake.


The pair will perform the dance, “Lorenzo, He’s Just A Bloody Sheep. Oh My God He’s Totally Lost His Balls,” to Coppelia’s Waltz by Leo Delibes.


These housemates will perform the dance, “You Should Have Felt The Impact Of That Pie In My Fucking Face And I Would Never Do That. She Nearly Knocked My Front Teeth Out,” to “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker.

The pairs will choreograph and perform their ballet routines later today.

The girls will become a panel of judges, who will critique and score each performance. The pair of ballerinas who achieve the highest score will win today’s task, and be rewarded later tonight along with the judges.
Update: Yesterday the boys of the house choreographed beautiful ballet routines to titles given to them by Big Brother, these titles were quotes from housemates.

The girls scored them the following points:

Harvey and Ashley – 35 points
Lorenzo and The Situation – 30 points
Julian and Martin – 37 points

Julian and Martin are therefore the winners and joined the girls last night for a champagne, canapés and classic music party.

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  1. OMG Ashley and Mike the situation are in spandex how hot are they. Ashley forget about Rhian i am free call me. He is so fit.

  2. i wish coleen and julie would really sort out their problems i use to like julie but i have seen a different side to her that for a 70 year old puts all us oldies to shame get her out. :lipssealed:

  3. brilliant i think it will be a brilliant task should make julie do it to that would shut her up

  4. Louiza on 10:37am August 31 '12

    Watched a clip of Julian and Martin performing this task on BOTS. Looked like they were having fun. Right up Julian’s street I would say. :bigsmile:
    I’m not keen on Julie as I have made clear, but I am starting to dislike MC Harvey almost as much. There is just something about him that annoys me. :no:

  5. I so agree with Pat about Julie, i used to love her from being in corrie but she has really changed my opinion of her.Her language is disgusting for an elderly person and she bitches about everyone except the young boys .I heard her comment last night that she thought her grandchildren would be so proud of her while she let Danica massage her feet after saying to Sam that she wanted Danica out next.GET HER OUT .

  6. looking 4ward to seeing this task lol

  7. Hate watching the lying ,cheating morally corrupt woman. She even lied to her “Friend” Julian about Coleen, but I don’t think he was entirely convinced. The bias towards her is now just ridiculous. Liking Julian who HAS maintained his integrity. Wish Coleen would confront the “gods” about what they claim to have seen her do. It is a lot of tosh which Julie has orchestrated.Show HMs the industrial strength bitching that the”gods” indulged in. Then show Coleen gently wiping Julies face with a pie NOT nearly knocking out her front teeth. She is one bad woman and for some reason is allowed to break rules as she sees fit. Love to see her contract because she seems to have the show by the b—-.

  8. JaniceR on 8:28pm August 31 '12

    The problem has been that the so called love triangle has dominated CBB and the other HMs have had little air time in comparison. What has Coleen supposed to have done? What did the gods see?
    We are being left in the dark about a lot of things so its difficult for us to decide.
    Julie is stirring and even told Martin that the pie had been hard. That much we have seen but Coleen?

    • Jules on 8:58pm August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I feel sure Janice that we would have been shown Coleen’s misdemeanours if she had done anything worse than the others. Julie was declared a legend when the programme began, many would have put their money on her winning and yet she has been shown as the person she is, horrible. Producers and all. The producers love it and they would take great delight in showing Coleen up.

      I just believe that Julie has fixed and stirred and some have followed like little lambs thinking that mama was right. Thank goodness Lorenzo and Martin see her in her true colours. Hopefully if there is a nomination, she will be nominated. :hi:

      • spot on love. If she ever had any integrity (which I doubt) she left it at the door. What a horrible woman. She talks about her grandchildren?? What on earth are they learning from her because all I see is self interest and cruelty.Why is BB so biased toward her. Love to see her contract because she is renowned for being demanding. Being allowed to blatantly break any BB rule must be in there somewhere. It is absolutely disgusting.

        • Jules on 9:29pm August 31 '12
          MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

          Wow Irene, Sam out which we possibly knew would happen but did you hear the crowd shouting “Get Julie out”. Hope there is a bit of live feed tonight as I wonder what she thought of that!! :giggle:

          Hope COLEEN stays, I really dont like this frozen bit but either way Sam has gone and she was siding with Julie. :yes:

      • microsis on 9:29pm August 31 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hey Jules ,,,,did you hear get Julie out from the crowd as well as get danica out. Yessss

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Jules on 10:08pm August 31 '12
          MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

          Yes Micro that was massive eh!! I wonder how she will take that I am willing to bet she will blame it all on Coleen…….should be interesting how it plays out this week.

          Julie wont like the fact that C has been saved and Sam went. Have to admit I feel a bit uneasy about it all now as Julian was chatting to Julie, I know it was only over Coleen’s dislikes but I think that Julie still has him in her clutches after all :puke: :crying: :crying: :brokenheart: :love:

          • Jules on 10:26pm August 31 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            Good result tonight but tbh I like Danica and would rather one of the lads went but that was not to be. For some reason the men have got away with murder in this CBB and yet, are they entertaining? Well Julian is of course :rofl: :rofl:

          • Jules on 10:38pm August 31 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            Whey hey and so it begins BOTS, “Julie is fantastic blah blah blah”!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr

            GET JULIE out she isnt a queen bee, she is a pain in the posterior :rofl: :rofl:

            Look how she sat on that sofa and commanded Coleen to come to her to shake her hand!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  9. JaniceR on 8:30pm August 31 '12

    Martin and Julian GOLD

  10. mummybird on 8:57pm August 31 '12

    am i the only one who can see through julie??she is a total back stabbing,2 faced witch.everytime shes on camera its like shes trying to win an oscar,get her out!!!!!harvey 2 win!!!!

  11. Louiza on 11:43pm August 31 '12

    Lorenzo has many qualities…..but ballet dancing is not one of them. Ha ha!.Poor old Lorenzo plodded around like a blooming cart horse. :giggle: :giggle:
    Well done to the crowd for letting Julie know what some of the public think of her. I wonder if she will decide to walk out. Really didn’t like Sam in her interviews with both Brian and Emma. Danica came across better and handled the boos well.
    :music: :music: :music:

    • microsis on 11:53pm August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hehe not a good look was it Louiza
      I much prefer to see lorenzo in those white trousers ummm
      I thought Sam was very rude in the sweaty box when she pretended to be sick when danica was praising Coleen ,,

      :music: :music: :music:

  12. Yes Microsis,, Sam was very rude!! I thought Sam came across more confident than she did in the house…. but not in a good way, she had a touch of the Julie about her….Spiteful.
    Lorenzo has very big hands with long fingers I have noticed. :music: :music:

  13. Just an observation Microsis…and yes he does look rather splendid in those white trousers. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
    Crikey, holy mackeral… hope i’m not giving the impression that I am some sort of jezebel!! I’m a lady I am, honestly !!! :music: :music: :music:

  14. :bigsmile: julian and martin have missed tgeir vocation it was one of the funiest things ive ever seen well done boys

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