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TASK: Risk it for a biscuit
This evening, each housemate will be given the chance to win a...
| Day -364

This evening, each housemate will be given the chance to win a biscuit, but it wouldn’t be Big Brother without a twist…

Housemates will be called one by one to the diary room where they will find a tin, on one side of which is a curtained opening, and on the other a perspex window for viewers to see inside.

In order to retrieve the biscuit, housemates must put their hand through the curtain, but they won’t be able to see what else is lurking in the tin.

The tin will contain something different for each housemate, but what could the surprise be?

Catch the latest action from the house, tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. this is brilliant xx

  2. Fudge on 6:38pm June 14 '12
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    This is like I’m A Celebrity! Brilliant idea! Can’t wait to see this task, should be hilarious! :clapping:

  3. this should be good :yes:

  4. Sally on 7:25pm June 14 '12

    Love this idea seen it before but alway funny to see the expression on contestants face.

  5. Kernow on 7:36pm June 14 '12

    Big Brother meets the jungle! This could be fun. he he :giggle:

  6. Tombolian on 7:57pm June 14 '12

    Which girl will get the inevitable tarantula? :clapping:

  7. rionablue on 12:30am June 15 '12

    Can ANYONE tell me WHAT Arron has against Sara? He is bitching about her and all but calling her a slapper. He is saying she is lazy and boring. Please please please lets get that superficial **** out tomorrow night. Chris can wait another week. I think Arrons prob is that Sara wouldnt look twice at him. !!!!

    • jennyjuniper on 10:59am June 15 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Which is probably why he’s bad mouthing her I suspect. I too hope he goes tonight, but the only problem with Chris staying is that he and W.I.T.W. Lydia will gang up on Becky, although I’m confident she can take on these two nasties.

  8. Didnt they just get a luxury shopping budget? Why would they even care about 1 biscuit.

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