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Task: Personality Bingo
Today, Big Brother set the housemates a task which required them...
| Day -321

Today, Big Brother set the housemates a task which required them to describe each other in a special game of bingo.

Everyone was required to secretly choose from a list of traits that which best described each of their fellow housemates.

Each housemate would then pick the trait they think best describes themself, and received a point for match made with how the others had described them.

Adam described himself as ‘honest’ but scored just one point after only matching with Luke A’s answer. Caroline, Conor, Sara and Scott each scored two points.

‘Funny’ Rebecca managed to win three points, but wasn’t impressed with Deana and Luke A perceiving her as ‘outspoken’ and ‘powerful’.

Ashleigh came third with four points while Deana secured six, but it was Luke S who triumphed after claiming seven points for being ‘cheesy’.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games for Luke S, who was irritated by Adam’s comment that he got his girlfriend and Rebecca mixed up, after he described Ashleigh as ‘funny’ and Becky as ‘bubbly’.

See what trouble the task stirred up during Friday’s highights at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  1. AmericanCousin on 4:42am July 27 '12

    Adam- Loyal,honest,silly
    Ashleigh-Daft,stupid,dumb, ridiculous,jealous,mean,careless
    Luke A.- Honest, loyal, sweet
    Luke S. Sneaky,giggalow,calculating
    Rebecca-Fake, Loud, Sneaky, two-faced, backstabber
    Scott-Consistent,funny,level headed

    • jennyjuniper on 8:15am July 27 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I agree with all these comments. Have you also noticed, the insiders call the outsiders sheep, yet it is the insiders who huddle together, joined by their incredible stupidity. Has there ever been a house with so many dumb housemates before?

      • AmericanCousin on 12:41pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        What annoys me the most is instead of confroningt the issue and ironing it out, the bully bunch likes to sit and stew on it so they can talk about it and talk about it some more and when that gets old, rehash it and talka about it some more. I’ve also noticed that it is only the strong females that they try to bully like Lauren and Deana. And no, I don’t think Becky or Shievonne is/was strong, just loud. Strong yet silent females seems to be Conor’s cryptonite which shows just how weak he really is. He is in no way an alpha to me. Adam or Luke A. is more alpha. Why? Because they treat ladies and even no so lady like females with dignity and they confront confrontation head on. Sure they talk amongst themselves but it’s not in an underhanded way to sway votes like Conor has done. Even Luke S. is more an alpha than that piss ant. I can’t wait to see this pencil legged jug head get booted and boo’d. If Ireland are voting for him strictly because he’s irish… :puke: And I though BB 2011 was hard to bare at times with Aden & Rebekca and Adam,lol
        p.s. Your comments are always spot on. Well Done~

        • jennyjuniper on 5:06pm July 27 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Why thankyou kind sir :hi: You are right about Conman being threatened by strong women. In the disco when Deana asked him what his problem was with her, he couldn’t even look at her as he dished out one pathetic excuse after another. What a w***** he is.

          • AmericanCousin on 8:51pm July 27 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            It’s almost like they are really threatened by Deana. Maybe she makes him blush and he’s really mad she’s never given him the time of day. Deana is gorgeous and in my opinion Conor surrounds himself with a group a fuglies so he feels secure. Idk.
            Btw, you’re so welcome.
            p.s. I’m a female,lol. No worries :giggle:

        • sammyvan on 6:18pm July 27 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Your posts are always a good read, AC Completely agree ….Luke A and Adam are so much more deserving of the ‘alpha male’ title. Conor has absolutley no idea what the word ‘gentleman’ means, and Luke S is so much in love with himself he has no time to spare on anyone else. :kiss:
          Yes, Jenny, many have forgotten that Scott also fell foul of Conor. I wonder how Scott managed to forgive and forget so quickly?….or has he
          Alas, I fear Conor will be with us until the final…the mind boggles at who may be thinking him a worthy winner!? :puke:

          • AmericanCousin on 9:04pm July 27 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            Aww thank you. You’re comments are always good too :wink:
            I really am thinking Scott is following “if you can’t beat em, join em” motto. Scott def has a plan for even being around Conor but that still annoys me. Never compromise who you are for money. So, yes Scott has sold his soul to Conor :devil: as did Becky, Caroline, Ashleigh, and Luke S. Why? A true friend tells another friend when they are wrong. This just goes to show Conor has no friends and he’s no friend to them. What about making one another better and wanting the best for them. I’m not sure who will be in final and you’re probably right, but Adam, Deana, Luke S. and Lauren have walked away with life-long friends and that’s priceless. If Conor did win, he’d spend it all on tattoos and steroids :rofl:

    • Stop throwing the “Bully” word around. Conor deffo isn’t perfect but he’s no bully – in my opinion that is :happy:

      • AmericanCousin on 12:26pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        If some female p****** him off or doesn’t follow his around like he’s the second coming, he gets angry. Better beleive he will bully that person to convert under his faux-alpha male personality. For instance, Deana. Anytime you tell a female you want to shove a brush up her @ss and say other cruel things about her, unprovoked time and time again and then shy away from havign a real talk about the issues, you’re a jerk. He is a bully, point blank. It’s not my doing, it’s all his. Btw, I didn’t throw the word around, I pinned it straight to his forehead and called that spade and spade :smirk:

        • GOODSTUFF AC

        • jennyjuniper on 5:07pm July 27 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          He also bullied Scott remember and slapped him. He was intimidating to say the least. Mind you he’s never tried to intimidate anyone of his own size, the cowardly BULLY.

          • AmericanCousin on 8:44pm July 27 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            I forgot about that but you’re spot on. Why is he thought of as an alpha-male? Alpha men go against other men, not women or smaller men. I find Luke S. more alpha than he is because when the shopping’s delivered it’s Luke S. staking his claim of the kitchen. Now I must :puke: for saying a kind word about giggalow Luke. S

    • Agree with all except Scott. He has a nasty underbelly. Remember his racist comment about Deanna when he was talking with Nastleigh and Carolie.

  2. joejoggerjoe on 7:36am July 27 '12

    Just wanna add one more character to all the housemates…..

    ADAM- GAMEPLAN…..Sometimes he talks about game and worried about the rules of bb sounds f***** silly…. :wondering:

    ASHLEIGH- UGLY – Farts and farts and keep farting :party:

    CAROLINE – SPOILT – Spoilt brat…no words to describe her personality…. :envy:

    CONOR – Bully – Acts like he is the one and all for everyone and thinks tht bb house only made for him …biggest nightmare :rofl:

    DEANA – CHARISMATIC-leader of the lad team…lol…. she is fine in there :love:

    LUKE A – BRAVE – Confronted becky face to face ..lovin it…want him be the same way :yes:

    LUKE S – Stinky – pickled onion play infront of the cameras for fake relationship – :fubar:

    REBECCA – ACTRESS – Cheater who cheated the loyal lauren :devil:

    SARA – CARING- Stood up for all ….nice human being :inlove:

    SCOTT – POSH- Tryin to fit in ..but outdated :talking:

  3. becky is a disgrace….

  4. AmericanCousin on 12:54pm July 27 '12

    Becky hasn’t a loyal bone in her body. Has she forgotten that it was Deana and only Deana that kept her in the house? I would def stick by someone who helped me out or was kind to me. When Deana was going through so much with the boys in the house, where was Becky? Somewhere trying to get in their good graces, kissing butt, making a mockery of herself. Becky is nothing but an oppurtunist. Deana was upset at the secret task Becky was sent on because in her wisdom she knew Becky was mole rat pretending to be a kind friend just to stay. What a nasty girl.
    One thing these children need to learn is loyalty. Being two-faced is not reason for strategy. Those under Conor are so stupid, they’re going to sail him through to the end and that’s not loyal, that’s just stupidity.
    BB if you can read this, please give Ashleigh some Vitamin supplements. She doesn’t look so well to start with and with this weeks choco fest…
    I really hope caroline gains another 20 lbs/stone :bigsmile: :wink:

  5. Did you all see Luke S face the other day when Ashley said she’d split prize 50/50 with Conner.
    BB will need to step in after2/ 3 days or face being accused of maltreating housemates. Sure it will be in their contracts some where that they will be supplied with nutritious food. The “gruel” of previous show
    might not have been appetising but it contained everything people needed to live .

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