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Task: Never a rose without a prick
Today the celebrities have been sending bouquets of flowers to...
Alec | Day -294

Today the celebrities have been sending bouquets of flowers to each other anonymously in Big Brother’s latest task.

The twelve housemates were called to the diary room one by one to be presented with a hand-tied bouquet of flowers. They were then told they could give this bouquet to any housemate of their choice as a thank you or even as a romantic gesture if they wish.

The sender must give a reason for choosing that housemate and were told that when they leave the diary room they must not tell anyone – it must remain a secret.

Later on in the day a door bell sound played into the house and Big Brother instructed one housemate to collect the big delivery of flowers from the top of the stairway and the rest of the housemates to gather on the sofas.

Attached to each bouquet was an envelope with a celebrity’s name on. Everyone who received flowers must stand up and read their note out loud.

The housemate was then asked to guess who the bouquet of flowers was from. Big Brother informed them if they were correct or not, however, if incorrect, Big Brother will not reveal who the flowers were actually from.

Because the group correctly guessed at least 9 out of the 12 senders correctly, they have won luxury high tea served in the undercover area. However, the main talking point to come from the task was Mike decision to give his flowers to Julie over Danica.

The American housemate was upset the girl he likes failed to comfort him in the wake of being nominated whereas Julie sat in the garden with him.

Which housemate would you send flowers to?

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 8:59pm August 23 '12

    Mike’s wised up that Danica is not interested so now he’s gonna start slating her…that didn’t take long. :doh:

  2. Hate people who do that :speechless:

  3. jennyjuniper on 7:45am August 24 '12

    I don’t particularly care for Mike, but he seems a bit immature and that is the reaction of a hurt child. I believe he ‘thinks’ he has fallen for Danica and her not comforting him seems like rejection, because let’s face it, she has been giving him the come on BIG time.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 4:05pm August 24 '12

      I completely disagree. She was upfront to him from the beginning about the fact that she had a boyfriend. She also said though that she did really like him as a friend and felt a connection. Just because a girl is being friendly with a man DOES NOT mean she is leading him on. His persistence in the matter is completely his own failure and seeing what he wants to see rather than the truth. :fubar:

      • Hello yeahyeahyeah, I completely agree with you. Even though I want Mike to make it far in the show, he has responsibility as well. I’m afraid it’s how society is though, remember all this Lauren thing with Adam? You had the controversy of her ‘leading’ him on when she clearly had that type of personality as she grew up with boys. I’m not saying it’s solely his responsibility as Danica is playing a part in this. We’ll just wait and see on what happens. :wondering:

      • jennyjuniper on 6:00pm August 24 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        I agree that she was upfront about the boyfriend, but then why snuggle up to and generally give Mike the impression that she liked him a lot. As for that flirtatious behaviour with Lorenzo, that was out and out seduction technique. Not exactly the behaviour of someone who’s already spoken for.

  4. I would send mine to coleen.she is ace and doen to earth and i also think she is right about jjulie. Being friends with rhian and jas. Sitting on the fence. So neither would nominate her

    • Orchid333 on 1:09pm August 24 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      PAT People are being fooled by Julie and I can’t understand how they cannot see her sucking up and pawing the youngsters – It is sickening. I love Coleen :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

      • jennyjuniper on 5:57pm August 24 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        So in your world, being nice to people is sucking up is it? As for being friends to two people, why is that not possible? I’ve had friends who didn’t like each other and still got on great with them. In the outside world you can keep the friendships seperate, but not in the house.

        • Orchid333 on 6:11pm August 24 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          lets take Julie’s cigs off her and see the diva for what she is!!

          I can’t remember what item it was but Sam told Julie that a particular item she wanted to take into the house was confiscated and Julie admitted she was allowed it after she played up!! DIVA OR WHAT? Someone else might remember what the item was.

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