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TASK: Magic potions
Big Brother has set housemates a task were they will have to drink...
Alec | Day -312

Big Brother has set housemates a task were they will have to drink a magic potion and by doing so it will give them special magical powers.

All the housemates have to do to pass the task is to work out what type of potion they has taken. To do this, the other housemates have been told what potions has been drunk and what the effects of the potion are and how they must react to each housemate accordingly when they return to the house.

For example, Luke A is going to drink a Love Potion. When he returns to the house, all housemates will be acting as though they are desperately in love with him (they have been given instructions via a secret PowerPoint while the other housemate are in the diary room).

After 30 minutes, Big Brother will call the housemate back to the diary room and ask them to try and identify what type of potion they drank.

To pass the task the housemate who has drunk the magic potion must guess what the potion is. There will be 5 potions, one at a time and the housemates must get the majority of potions correct to pass today’s task.

These are the potions:

Love Potion – LUKE A

* Housemates must act as if they in completely in love with Luke A.

* Housemates should stare at Luke A constantly.

* Housemates should follow Luke A around the house, and repeatedly tell him how good he looks.

* All housemates must kiss him on the cheek or lips

* Housemates should beg and compete for his attention

Invisibility Potion – ASHLEIGH

* Housemates should completely ignore Ashleigh.

* Housemates should not look at, listen to or communicate with her in any way.

* If she moves an object, housemates should react as if this object is moving by itself.

Youth Potion – DEANA

* Housemates should take care of and mollycoddle Deana.

* Housemates should talk to her as if she were a cute little baby.

* Housemates may wish to sing her a lullaby, burp her, and check to see if she needs a nappy change.

Copycat Potion – LUKE S

* Housemates should copy Luke S’ movements.

* Housemates should copy everything he says and does.

* Housemates should follow him and stay within 6ft of Luke S at all times.

Fear Potion – SARA

* Housemates should try to hide and stay as far away from Sara as they can.

* Housemates should scream whenever they see her.

* Housemates should imagine that she is the scariest thing that they have ever seen.

If the housemates successfully identify the majority of the potions correctly they will be rewarded with cocktails and drinks  this evening.

Let us know how well you believe the housemates will do at this task!


Housemates successfully won the magic potion task and therefore have been rewarded with a party.

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  1. owen0912 on 11:49am August 5 '12

    This sounds like a fun , good task to watch will be looking forward to see how it works out…

  2. Sally on 1:02pm August 5 '12

    Yes this looks like a fun task. Lets hope it gets them out of the doldrums. as Kathreya said in BB9 Happy Happy house.

  3. it sounds borring now conner and becky have gone bb mite as end the show and get on with celebs bb. Dont let adam luke a or deana 2 win

    • Orchid333 on 2:27pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      MARK BB FAN. What a pathetic individual you are thinking that the show is now boring because a cheating bully has left! In the white room he said he could not give a flying f*** about the money and that he was more bothered about getting to the final!! Oh yes. But then he chose to take £50,000 rather than go to the final. He is a liar, a cheat and a bully. :whew:

      LUKE A TO WIN :call: :phone:

      :music: :music: :music:

  4. your just talking about self there as for luke a adam and deama they have bitch and r 2 face and borring at leest all the house mates were entering

    • when you learn English you can insult people, for now stop talking because you’re the only one who sounds idiotic.

    • Orchid333 on 11:40pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      WHAT? Can you translate that rant for me please? :whew: Did you fall asleep in the middle of that text? entering what?????

      • Orchid333 on 12:38pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        BBUSA. I hope you realised that my comment was meant to be for MARK BB FAN. Your comment to MARK BB FAN was very much appreciated. :handshake:

        • microsis on 12:53pm August 6 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Orchid333 ,,,,,,,if you wish to reply to a certain
          comment ,,press reply on that comment ,before commenting
          Your comment will then come directly under that comment

          You probably knows this already :giggle:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • Orchid333 on 1:01pm August 6 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            Thanks Microsis for your help. I think that you know I need help when I questioned you and asked what tbb stood for :giggle: And getting my Lukes mixed up. I think that I need some help or aid with the 2 Lukes – Lucozade. get it Microsis? :giggle:

            LUKE A to win. :call: :phone:

            :music: :music: :music:

  5. you

  6. confused on 3:55pm August 5 '12

    Literally, Becky would have been brilliant in that task. It was mean to force her to eat that candy on BOTS. She wasn’t able to close her mouth to chew and made her answers incoherent, or literally it might have been because she is only 19. Con

  7. sorry but house is borring now lets hope celeb bb is better

  8. MarkSalem on 6:21pm August 5 '12

    The only way the house could possible be any better now that the racist bully and the actress are gone, is if Ashleigh is gone next. Luke S. may have a pass to the end, but there is no way he will win. Adam or Luke A will win, as it should be!!!!!

  9. conor can’t string a sentance together lavine keeps having to answer his quetions for him thats more like
    ian on bots has just asked him a decent question the irish guest hasone nothing but sucked up to conor no suprise there him being irish then.

  10. Orchid333 on 12:10am August 6 '12

    Microsis. It is late. Don’t go locking yourself in the dark room tonight. if you can’t find the red button, You may be late for work in the morning. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    :music: :music: :music:

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