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Task: Lies on the prize
As its Conor’s birthday today, Big Brother is giving him the...
Alec | Day -321

As its Conor’s birthday today, Big Brother is giving him the chance to win himself a birthday party. To win this, all he has to do is tell porky-pies for one hour and lie to all his housemates.

Big Brother has provided some suggestions for lies which Conor must slip into conversation as well as making up some of his own.

These lies are:

  • I once won a talent show with my comedy version of Riverdance.
  • I plan to move to Hollywood to be an action hero.
  • I once spent a summer working as a male escort.
  • I once beat Bono from U2 at arm wrestling.
  • The song Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, was written about my auntie Eileen.

If Big Brother is suitably impressed with his tall tales, Conor will be rewarded with a football themed birthday party in the garden. Housemates will be provided with a mini football pitch and football strips for a five-a-side game.

You can watch this task unfold on Saturday 28th July at 9pm on Channel 5.

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  1. Fudge on 2:30pm July 27 '12
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    Tell porky pies for an hour and lie to all his housemates? Hmmm, situation normal then. Not exactly a testing task eh? Could have thrown in ‘also be obnoxious, aggressive and a big girl’s blouse by shaving your armpits’. That should do the job.

    Pathetic BB.

  2. BBNut on 2:41pm July 27 '12

    Shievonne didn’t get much and he deserves way less than that, nothing infact. Wonder what party games he’ll want to play, hide the epilator maybe? That is not a disrespectful comment towards Deana either, I am in full support of her and her having to put up with this t***** for eight unbareable weeks. If anyone deserves a gold medal, she does! He is the bane of this series he should never have been allowed to stay full stop :angry:

    • disgraceful attempt by BB to present him as cuddly and sweet; and give him max. air time to influence voting in his favour today.

      • planting subliminal messages in viewers brains that he is just a big teddy – harmless and innocent – with those diary room props.
        and then people ask what’s wrong with society today. The producers are supposedly well educated people. But I guess most of the production team must have themselves always been in the bully bunch crowds throughout their lives, so will never understand the damage done when promoting/condoning/excusing conman’s behaviour.

      • Joseph on 3:51pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (176 COMMENTS)

        The picture of Conor with the bears is actually from the Turf Wars task… when we get one of him from today’s task we’ll update it :)

        • Fudge on 4:05pm July 27 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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          Could you not use one that was more representative of his character? Kicking the sofas maybe????…..

          • AmericanCousin on 8:18pm July 27 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            or him @ the table looking at and playing with the brush. You know the one he was contemplating “shoving up” Deana @$$.
            BB we don’t and won’t ever like loaf of bread head, end of.

        • noted – delete first comment therefore.
          my preceding comment remains in tact, as the teddy props were provided to conman post his excessive aggressive attack on Deanna to rehabilitate his image with viewers.
          as fudge states you really should be posting character appropriate pics on this site too, or you are also helping bullies to get longer air time which in turn is therefore seen by more impressionable people (esp. kids), and encourages them to behave likewise – sorry i know this all sounds very heavy, but its true

        • Update the site and let people know that Facebook voting has closed…… and dont bother replacing Conors picture thanks , we know what a bully looks llke.

      • Fudge on 4:06pm July 27 '12
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        Absolutely. I’m not even surprised any more.

  3. Didn’t AliceLevine idea this task!

    • jennyjuniper on 4:54pm July 27 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      No her task for BB’s blue eyed boy is to talk in rhyme to each housemate, which is to be shown on Saturday night, thus confirming that BB KNOW he’s not going tonight.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 6:28pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        No this was the task she proposed and the task team approved it because the title rhymed. Alice gets final say on whether he has passed this task. Maybe Alice is an “outsider” and Conor won’t get a birthday party. Here’s hoping!

        • on 7:41pm July 27 '12
          MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

          No your wrong he was pathetic at the task but B.B said he had passed & gave him a party in the garden. BEKKY didn’t stop eating ( no change there ) & could someone Plsssssssss pull Adams trousers up I’m sick of seeing his arse

  4. benno on 2:53pm July 27 '12

    Poor Teddy bears being held by that vile man!!

  5. on 4:46pm July 27 '12

    Just when you think the show couldn’t get any worse B.B managed to do just that . A party for a foul mouthed biggot, there suppose to be on basic rations so keep to it. No parties, no takeaways & no treats.

    Talking off treats I can’t believe what I’ve just read on the :c5: site, B.B has bought Caroline in a dress from outside because none of her eviction outfits fit her anymore! So what tell the ladrdy arse that if she’d put more effort into the tasks & hadn’t been only eating crap they would have fit her. Honestly who’s running the show B.B or the housemates ? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  6. jennyjuniper on 4:57pm July 27 '12

    Although the teddies are misleading in this picture of Conman, I like the expression on his ugly mug, sort of brain dead neandertal man.

  7. Sally on 6:59pm July 27 '12

    Yes Jenny his face says everything.
    But as Joseph says above,the picture will change as soon as there is one from the task.
    It will probably be one of him punching the air, he does that every time they win a task.
    He thinks he is a champion. Lets hope he is not BB winner. :angry:

  8. Just take one look at this mans face, keep how you feel about him in your mind and vote to save all of the others….I know we dont like most of the others…. but he has to go tonight, lets give him a birthday present. This is our last chance to get him out before the final, unless Bb make it a vote to evict next time he will be in the final, do we want that???? NO

  9. If you havent allready voted FACEBOOK VOTING CLOSED AT 6pm tonight because of technical reasons……I expect Conor wasnt getting enough votes to save…. so dont miss your chance to vote.

  10. AmericanCousin on 8:29pm July 27 '12

    A football themed party? No one wants to see this @$$hole have a party. He’s a jerk and deserves far less. BB producers are a bunch of wussies. How about giving him a task he has a chance of losing at.

  11. brokenangel on 8:49pm July 27 '12

    How does he deserve a party? Shiev got sweet FA for hers.

  12. :devil: hi I think he should have been out as soon as he started his bullying! And what is Sara playing at even she doesn’t no whos side she’s on !

  13. :devil: hi I think he should have been out as soon as he started his bullying! And what is Sara playing at even she doesn’t no whos side she’s on ! No not me

  14. Sue123 on 2:04am July 28 '12

    i wonder if he had fairy cakes.after all he is a big fairy.that angry face of his is always aimed at the women.

  15. AmericanCousin on 11:02am July 28 '12

    I’m sorry but you could prop Conor up with a bushel of wildflowers and some in his hair and he will still look like the nefarious air head that he is. :puke: :puke: :puke:

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