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TASK: Letter delivery dilemmas
Today housemates have been tasked with the chance of winning...
| Day -327

Today housemates have been tasked with the chance of winning letters from home.

Over the course of the day, each housemate has been given a dilemma by Big Brother.

If they successfully complete their task, they will win one letter for the house which could belong to any of the housemates.

Big Brother will set the following dilemmas:

Luke S

Must pour the protein powder that is in the house (should be 3 pots) into a vat of stinking gunge which will be in the garden.


Must swap her eviction outfit for the outfit she will find in the diary room and wear it until further notice today (outfit is the Queen).


Must sit in a boat in the swimming pool until further notice today.


Must wear the gag supplied and not talk for 4 hours.


Must talk like a typical resident of Maccelsfield until further notice today.

Luke A

Banned from smoking and sitting in the smoking area until further notice today.


Not allowed to say the listed offensive words or variations of that word until further notice today – 1 swear word and she will lose the chance to get a letter.


Must give up all her make up to Big Brother – hamper delivered to store room for her to collect it in then put it back in store room.


Must keep cycling on an exercise bike for an hour if she stops she loses the chance to get a letter.


Must eat a fish eye.

When the task is complete, a post box will be placed in the house containing all the letters. Only the housemates who passed their dilemma will be able to randomly select one letter.

Who would you like to see receive their letter from home?

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  1. microsis on 7:03pm July 21 '12

    Oh Joseph ,,,does this mean that a hms could pass their part of the task,,but still not get a letter for themselves
    :music: :music: :music:

  2. str-8-edge on 7:04pm July 21 '12

    Caroline is such big drama queen and Bug liar.The show will be better with out her and connor. The rateins keeping dropping as long as you keep leaveing them n there ..ADAM you keep keeping it real …I’m glad luke A got saved …good luck to Adam and Luke A

  3. brokenangel on 10:36pm July 21 '12

    Why is it that every task has Sara plastered all over it? She is not the only one in there !

  4. Why do they even need letters from home?? If they arent strong enough to be on a free jolly without having a letter from home then they shouldnt have been picked to go in there. They arent out fighting a war for goodness sake.

  5. Apparantly Deana was the only one who didnt get her letter, because Ashleigh failed her task. Deana to win.

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