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Task: Housemates become party animals
This week’s shopping task is one long party. To pass this...
Alec | Day -324

This week’s shopping task is one long party. To pass this week’s shopping task, the Housemates must party hard for the next two days, attending a number of parties and taking part in all the party games provided.

Throughout the day, Big Brother will deliver invitations requiring a certain number of Housemates to attend each party. During each party they must pass a party game. They will pass the shopping task if they attend the parties and win the party games. They will fail by losing the games or failing to attend the parties they are invited to. They are permitted up to three fails over the whole task.


The first party is a children’s party to which all Housemates are invited. To pass this task, five of them will take part in a children’s party themed assault course. During the assault course each Housemate must fill a party bag, collecting the contents as they go. The assault course starts with them eating a bowl of jelly and ice cream, before bouncing on a bouncy castle, then riding a tricycle between coned party hats, having their face painted with a painting roller, clambering through a ball pond, and pinning the now-full party bag on the donkey. All five must complete the assault course within a limited amount of time in order to pass.

Result: Pass - The five most childish Housemates – Ashleigh, Becky, Caroline, Conor and Scott, took part in the party game. Between them they completed the assault course in 12 minutes and 35 seconds.


The girls are invited to a girly slumber party in the Large Task Room. On a giant plush bed, they have a series of pillow fights, attempting to knock one another off the bed. The boys, meanwhile, watch the pillow fight from the TV in the Living Area. They must accurately guess which girl will be the last one standing.

Result: Fail - The boys predicted that Sara would win the pillow fight. Although Sara made it through to the final, Becky won the fight.


The table is set with a lavish dinner for all ten Housemates. During dinner, they must also take it in turns to choose conversation starters from a hat and initiate intellectual discussions on the subjects chosen e.g. fame or fortune?, looks or personality? Should the BB prize money be split?

Result: Pass – Housemates conducted their conversations to Big Brother’s satisfaction.


Three Housemates will ‘enjoy’ an all night endurance party in the Small Task Room. With a light up dance floor and glitter ball, this is the rave that never ends. They must dance enthusiastically until the club closes, with at least two people on the dance floor at all times.

Result: Pass - The three biggest party animals were deemed to be Ashleigh, Conor and Deana. They attended Big Brother’s late night rave and managed to keep dancing till the club closed.


Throughout the task, Housemates must respond to a countdown for midnight 10, 9, 8… Whenever the countdown begins, they must gather before the clock strikes midnight at the New Year’s Eve party, permanently set up in a corner of the Living Area. When the trigger sounds, they must all gather, hold hands and sing Auld Lang Sine and see in the new year.

Result: See our round-up of day 2 of this week’s shopping task.

The task will continue tomorrow. More updates about the party including videos will be posted throughout the day.

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  1. on 11:54am July 24 '12

    Can’t believe that 1st thing that Connor said was ” it’s for my birthday” how deluded this guy is.

  2. Jillie on 12:10pm July 24 '12

    O.K. we all must vote furiously to save all housemates up for eviction except Conor and Caroline. This is the only chance we will have to get these pair of out so lets make the most of it. We have GOT to get them out as rumour has it it going to be a 90 minute show on Friday so hopefully a double eviction …. yay

  3. microsis on 1:03pm July 24 '12

    I have just watched a video ‘friends forever ”
    with Adam and Luke A ,,
    It was really sweet ,,,,,two people with nothing really in
    common with each other ,getting support and courage from each other words.
    I would like to see them both in the final
    :music: :music: :music:

  4. Jules on 1:14pm July 24 '12

    It was lovely Micro wasnt it, I loved the one of Luke A, Deanna and Adam praying together. They do have a bond and it is lovely to see because they are genuine. Was wondering whether Adam and Deanna may hit it off together? :bigsmile:

  5. Jules on 2:00pm July 24 '12

    This bloomin task, all i can see and read is what the Insiders are doing. They were quick enough to choose who was to do what and they are having fun. Lets hope that the outsiders have their choice as well because if it is left to the others they wont get a chance. Time will tell.

    It definitely seems as though Connor and Luke S are running the show, with their little lambs. Get em out!!! :rofl:

  6. microsis on 2:13pm July 24 '12

    I bet that Adam Deana Luke A will be the hms doing the party animals all nighter task ,, ,,,,,can’t see any other hm volunteering to stay up all night can you
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. thats more like it bb why dont u put jedward in2 the house for a nite to stir theym up have some of the hm8s tht loose these tasks or dont takepart sleep in tents in the garden and make sure tht it be conor coroline and beckycant stand theym

  8. when they are at these partys play into the house what luke s had said about being a bacholer wen he leaves the house he saw pound signs in front of him and lets c ashleighs face

  9. jennyjuniper on 5:58pm July 24 '12

    Well the childrens party should be right up Carolines street, the immature little twit. Please vote for Deana, Luke A and Adam and if possible Ashleigh and Sara and Luke S. I know it hurts to say save Ashleigh and Luke S, but once Conor and Caroline go, then is the time to get the other weevils out.

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