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TASK: Drama Queens
Tonight, thirteen brand new celebrity housemates moved into the...
Alec | Day -302

Tonight, thirteen brand new celebrity housemates moved into the Big Brother House, two soap star heavyweights are on a secret mission to turn launch night into a 90 minute soap opera.


Big Brother called the first two housemates, Julie and Cheryl, into the diary room as soon as they both entered. Inside they found secret earpieces to be worn until further notice.

As soap Royalty, their mission tonight is to turn the Big Brother House into a 90-minute drama of soap opera proportions.

Throughout the night, every time they hear their respective theme tunes, Big Brother will give them an instruction or direction to follow via the earpiece.

If they successfully manage to complete the secret mission to Big Brother’s satisfaction, all Housemates will be rewarded later this evening with a special soap-themed party.


During the launch show, Big Brother instructed Cheryl and Julie to have a verbal fight regarding an affair that Julie had with Cheryl’s ex-boyfriend.

The argument got off to a steamy start as Cheryl opted for the mega soap line and confronted Julie about her past actions. The rest of the housemates stood in shock and disbelief as they watched the two actors battle it out. Swear words flung across the house along with a glass of champagne, which Julie spilt over Cheryl.


Big Brother sat all housemates in the living area to reveal the secret task. The housemates were shocked and surprised. Julie and Cheryl completed the task to Big Brother’s satisfaction and therefore will receive the soap-themed party.

Let us know your thoughts on the immediate task set by Big Brother this evening and how Cheryl and Julie got on.


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  1. That was one of the funniest BB moments ever, i was crying! :rofl: They did a great job with the argument, especially as on BOTS they said the producers were counting them down to the end of the show via the earpieces :yes:

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    • Orchid333 on 11:54am August 16 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      :hi: I agree with you Joseph and was even more impressed after watching BOTS and there being a countdown to the end. :bigsmile:

      Too early to back a winner. I am impressed with the amount of good celebs this year. :yes:

  2. All that was missing was the doof-doof! :rofl: :music:

  3. So sad dogs not there not the same without him! :no: :sadsmile:

  4. funnys task ever it going to be great show at last.

  5. funnys task ever it going to be great show at last..

  6. microsis on 8:53am August 16 '12

    What did you make of Emma’s Vivianne Westwood ( i think ) Austrian milkmaid type dress last night on Bbbots
    I thought she looked lovely ,
    Oh ,,I don’t believe I’m saying this but I thought that Brian did an ok job last night ,I just wish he would shut up about the naked butler ,
    Give it a rest Brian he prefers Sara anyway
    Can’t wait to see how the hms are settling into the bb house :yes:
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. And what exactly is a soap themed party?

  8. brill task two great actresesthis is the best celeb one yet

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