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TASK: Choccy Chops for a TV Dinner
Today's task was, well, a bit of a mouthful. Big Brother called...
Alec | Day -312

Today’s task was, well, a bit of a mouthful. Big Brother called the housemates to the Diary Room, where they were presented with a pile of chocolate fingers, and told that the housemate who could balance the most chocolate fingers on their face, in the most inventive way, would win a treat.

Luke S was up first, and took a good long look at the chocolate tower before diving right in, utilising his ears, nose and mouth, and even trying to hold them in place on his eyelids. An attempt to transplant the tower onto his head like a hat was unsuccessful, because of the unavoidable law of gravity.

Sara, Scott and Ashleigh had similar techniques, going for the mouth-ears-nose classic. Luke A and Adam, on the other hand, opted for a horizontal approach, figuring that would be the best way to effectively pile the fingers on their faces.

Deana’s technique was to stuff the fingers in her mouth in a manner reminiscent of a pelican, and then pile the remainder on her face, with the obligatory ear and nose insertion favoured by all the other housemates, apart from Adam, who pronounced “hell no!” when invited to put biscuits up his nostrils.

The winner of the task was Deana for their innovative sideways technique. She won the right to choose dinner, drink and dessert for the housemates tonight. The housemates will be receiving a “TV dinner” later on tonight.

Needless to say, they are very excited about what the TV dinner will entail…

As well as testing the biscuit-balancing brilliance of the housemates, this task has made us more than a little bit peckish. Biscuit, anyone…?

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  1. She may have won this task but I hope she doesn’t win BB. Over the last 2 weeks she has become argumentative and IMO is deliberately trying to antagonise the others. Even Luke A and Adam have been on the receiving end of it. Apart from her and of course Luke S and Ashleigh I don’t mind who wins. I certainly won’t be voting as I think who ever C5 want to win will regardless of the votes!

  2. At last, something has gone Deana’s way! I really cannot agree that she has become argumentative or antagonistic Janice R. If being tolerant, reasonable, rational and calm were an Olympic event, Deana would definitely have won another Gold!

    Go Deana! You are the best housemate by far :love: :love:

    • Orchid333 on 11:35pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

      Hi Fudge. I like Deanna and I like the way she has been since that bully, Conman, has gone. She feels that she can be more herself now and relax a little. She was just a little tipsy on the show tonight and there is nothing wrong with that. Look as Sara’s behaviour when she has had a drink. However, I am routing for Luke A but if Deanna or Adam win, I will not be too upset. :love:

      Talking of the Olympics Fudge, I am so pleased with GB and the amount of Gold medals they have won. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Of course, I am assuming you’re British :bigsmile:

      • I agree, Orchid333, give Deana a break. For the past two months she has been bullied, ostrasized, victimized, nominated on at least 4 occasions and bitched about by pretty well all of the other housemates. She now feels free that the end is near and that vile bastard from Derry and his chunky accomplice have left the building. She got tipsy and had a bit of fun at the expense of Luke S…good! Sara is far worse when she has had a few and far more argumentative than Deana even when sober. I hope Deana, LukeA. or Adam (although he is becoming more of a fence-sitter lately) win on Monday. Trashleigh out as soon as poss. and I hope we never hear about her again. She does give Essex a bad name and I resent her depiction as I also live in Essex and know no one like her.

    • Sally on 8:06am August 6 '12
      MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Fudge I agree 100% Deana has kept her cool throughout BB. Yes on occasions she has stood up for herself in a Calm way.Whilst others defend themselves by shouting swearing throwing things.Win or not she will walk out of there with a great deal of respect from most people.
      Last night she had a fit off the giggles at Luke S expense, good for her. :drink: Cheers Deana.

  3. 5169paul on 12:22am August 6 '12

    i have begun to really dislike deana she has a real nasty side to her which is beginning to annoy me. i havent watched any big brother oR the other crap bbbots since last friday when the sight of connor with the case of money and becky eating sweets all through the interview made me wretch i just turned it off. am i glad i did ive seen all those athletics and the cream on top of all those six medals watching andy murray win the gold medal this afternoon . i dont know whats going on in the house and frankly would rather watch sport than the shambles that has been bb this summer. it has been fixed from the very begining had i too fell for it voting several times,i fortell that deana luke a and adam will be up this week and bb will just love THIS. the whole program has really had its tole on me and at times upset me but not any more. i dont care who the hell wins and really am sick of four faces on the tv ALICE BRIAN JAMIE AND MOST OF ALL THE SIGHT OF EMMA WILLIS I REALLY LOVED HER WHEN SHE STARTED BUT HAS KILLED THE BBBOTS BY FAVOURING HOUSEMATES I REST MY CASE

    • Orchid333 on 12:35am August 6 '12
      MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

      Hello 5169PAUL. Other than your dislike of Deanna. I agree with you – especially about the despicable production team and particularly BBBOTS and Emma Willis; Brian and Jamie who I used to love.

      Anyway on a happier side – well done GB on all the gold medals to date. Espcially Andy Murry today who I previously did not like because of his comment about England sometime ago. But at long last after him showing his softer side at Wimbledon this year and winning his gold medal today and SMILING, I have forgiven him. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Come on Farrer in the 5,000. Oh dear, This is a BB site. I got a bit carried away with my patriotic side. :party:

      • Sally on 8:34am August 6 '12
        MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Orchid333 its good to be reminded about the more positive things in life. I too have enjoyed the olympics and am so proud of our athletes.
        Its was nice to see the way you defended Deana .Yes she was tipsy but still dignified very funny lol

    • microsis on 12:49am August 6 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Your not alone 5169PAUL ,,alot of us are really upset at the treatment some of the hms are getting this year ,,,from inside and outside of the house

      Please continue to come on tbb and express your views

      :music: :music: :music:

    • I agree with some of what you say 5169 Paul. A lot of this series has been unpleasant to watch with the excess of bitching and so many ghastly, unlikable people in the house. Agree also about BOTS , especially Alice Levine and Emma Willis. Am sick of their attempt at light-hearted banter and foolishness as well as their smugness. That programme needs a complete overhaul, it is so pointless in the present format that they should just cancel it.

  4. rionablue on 1:17am August 6 '12

    Deana is really beginning to grate on me!

  5. Confused on 3:27am August 6 '12

    I remember once (yes only once) when I was drunk and said some disgusting, insensative things, but Conor has taught us that a drunk Deana should never be forgiven. Now Conor is laughing all the way to the bank and there are still people defending him. Now I understand why BB wouldn’t allow Adam or Deana in the WHITE room.

  6. BBFANDEBS on 6:55am August 6 '12

    The magic potions task was amusing to say the least.

    As for comments about the house being boring now, I wonder if those people are the same sort of people who rubber neck car crashes. Watching some of the housemates has been cringeworthy and embarrassing to say the least.

    I have read so many different Deana threads and comments elsewhere on the internet in the past 48 hours. Deana had a big target on her back from Day 1 when she was tasked with the job of choosing the first housemates to go up for eviction.

    Two differing opinions as well, Conor said she was a zombie and Becky said she;d lived with the Deana seen on the HL for the past 8 weeks. Who do you believe? The man that thought so little of her he made vile threats that no man should make towards a woman, drunk or otherwise. Or Becky who was never far away from something edible, who stopped eating long enough to bitch about anyone and anything before going to back to her favourite hobby – eating.

    Deana has a right to finally enjoy her time in the house without 2 people who disliked her making her life extremely uncomfortable. She has sat with Luke A and Adam and said alot of things, I am under no illusion that shes not exactly perfect herself. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to live with that kind of hatred day in and day out from Conor. Imagine yourself having to live with someone you dislike for days with nowhere to escape, except for an outside smoking area. Knowing that the person dislikes you, but you don’t know why, and oblivious to his vile rant, that others were privy to.

    No amount of potions will be able to resolve the explosions that will happen once the remaining housemates leave the house one by one.

    This season by far will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, and it will take more than a few bottles of potions to convince BB fans that next year will be different.

    • Biddy on 9:42am August 6 '12

      So well written….I agree with everything you say,,albeit my favourite HM was Lauren, and Now Luke A,,,but i respect Deana , also Adam and as long as one of them is the winner i will be happy….

      :music: :music: :music:

  7. i agree that was the true deana in 2nites show not the drink get her out. I just hope celeb bb is better.

  8. Sally on 8:53am August 6 '12

    Last night showed that the housemates can have fun. I loved the tasks with the potions and the way they all played along. This should be a good week.What about a happy ending? It depends on who you want to win.
    Enjoy the rest of the show. and keep those comments coming. :handshake: :happy:

  9. Deana is just letting herself go, now that those two monsters have gone, Luke S doesn’t have monsters to back him up.

    Did you see Sara on the ‘Live from the House’ show, when she said ‘I wouldn’t have pressed the button, I wouldn’t have pressed the button, I wouldn’t have pressed the button, I wouldn’t have pressed the button’ (starring into space, in deep thought) ‘I wouldn’t have pressed the button, I wouldn’t have pressed the button’ She can convince herself as much as she likes, the lying little toad, of course she’d press the button, they all would, any one would, 50k come on. They’re on that show to better their lives.

  10. It makes me laugh that a couple of people have said that Deana has shown a nastier side. Yes, she had a giggle at Luke S’ expense. So what? 90% of the others have spent the last 2 months being downright bitchy at her expense both to her face and behind her back. She spoke directly to Luke and basically said what all the others were thinking….you should have pressed the buzzer quicker. That is why he didn’t like it, because it was the truth. Also, when he went quiet, Deana did apologise to him. Don’t recall her receiving many apologies in the House.
    What did make me laugh was the sight of Sara squirming on the stool, looking like a rabbit in headlights…..thinking ‘who do I side with, what do I do, do I laugh too, or feel sorry for Luke’. Awkward!!!!!

    Don’t give Deana a hard time. She is allowed an ounce of fun you know. At least they can no longer say that she is sneaky :giggle: :giggle:

    Go Deana! :love:

    PS: Orchid333 – yes I am British and a HUGE fan of Team GB! Off to London now in fact, Union Jack in hand!

    • Orchid333 on 4:05pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

      Have a great time FUDGE and don’t worry about Deanna. :party:

      LUKE A to win :star:

      Hope you’re back in time to see Ashleigh and Sara evicted :giggle:

    • I agree Fudge, both about Sara and your comments about Deana. It seems she can’t win with some people, either she is too boring or she’s being nasty. They should just admit that they probably didn’t like her anyway. Deana to win. :clapping:

  11. MarkSalem on 10:13am August 6 '12

    Cant stand the whole”soldiers”bit,but when Deana was saying to Luke s,”just a bit faster”I was doing some wee in my pants,its all he desrves.Im starting to think she deserves to win.
    So funny I had to watch it again….

  12. sorry i dont agree wot conner was wrong but deana has bin playing gamesfrom the start last nite that was the true deana. Sara 2 win. .ps enjoy the games

    • Uurrr !!!

    • sammyvan on 5:22pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      They have all been playing games – just some play them better, some play fair and some are just plain sly and nasty.
      Deana plays it well, she has fun now that she is actually able to speak her mind, and her poking fun at Lukeass……she only spoke the truth? He was going to press the button, he told Ash he was going to but Conor did it first! As for Sara – surely you can see that she is also playing “the game”…just not so well.

  13. brains on 10:41am August 6 '12

    agree with what you say fudge,for once deana can have a laugh without being put down and bullied. luke s isnt so flash without his backup. for a long time she has had to hold herself together and be quiet let her relax and enjoy the last of bb

  14. Did anyone else LOL when Deana said Luke S will need counseling? Glad she also called him out for pressing the button. She did take it a bit too far after her drinks, though, that was surprising.

    Agree that Sara seems like she’s trying hard to make everyone happy with her.

  15. Orchid333 on 11:25am August 6 '12

    KATYCARROT. I agree with you about Sara continually saying in the live feed – “I wouldn’t have pressed the button” but she also said – “If i had pressed the button, I would have done it at £15,000″ !!! :thinking:

    • Yes but then she said something like ‘I would have gone all the way, not just stopped at half’ or something. Contradicting herself, bet she wished she had stayed in The White Room now :rock:

      • brokenangel on 12:24pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        Sara said she wouldn’t have pressed the button, but if she had she would of took the lot. So where is the loyalty to the others there, she would have taken all the prize money and nothing for the winner.
        Ok her saying now she wouldn’t have done it- she losrt her chance

        Deana said she would have stopped it at 15.000 i do believe? .

  16. Orchid333 on 11:44am August 6 '12

    OMG. BOTS last night (which I watched this morning). Iain Lee was brilliant. Mark, the psychologist, said of Conor – “You are the real winner of BB. Anybody else is gonna come second to that because you played a blinder” OMG. However, Iain was fantastic in his comments about the psychologist. Iain said – “I disagree with Mark. I don’t think Conor’s the winner of BB because Saturday night I was flicking between BB and the Olympics and watching triumphs of human spirit, dedication, valour and flicked over and then I see someone stabbing his mate in the back” :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

    Conor replied to Iain – “If luke S was sitting here, you would have said the same to him”. Iain said – “No, because Luke S didn’t say the money wasn’t the important thing to him”. :wink: :wink: :wink: Well done, Iain Lee. A man who clearly has good morals. I have always loved him on BOTS :love: :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  17. Orchid333 on 11:48am August 6 '12

    :whew: I am back again. I forgot to mention that when Iain was referring to the housemates watching the profiles of their VT’s, Iain said – “Mark, the psychologist, hasn’t got a clue. Have you checked his papers?” Very funny. :clapping: :giggle: :giggle:

    • microsis on 12:01pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Iain Lee has tweeted this morning ,
      Well that was uncomfortable ,not as awkward as the green room before though

      He didn’t agree with Dr Fulke comment that Conor was the overall winner of this years BB ,and rightly so

      When he tried to express his opinion he was slapped down by Alice ” will get back to that later ” but of course later never came

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 12:27pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

        Morning Microsis. I have just watched a clip on the Channel 5 BB site where Ashleigh, Sara and Luke A are clearly breaching the rules about talking about nominations. Come on BB they need punishing and not just by turning off the water. Put them up for the public vote and don’t let Luke S, Sara and Ashleigh nominate!! I await in anticipation. :mmm:

        :music: :music: :music:

        Oh Microsis, it is not morning anymore – time does fly when you are having fun. :giggle:

        LUKE A TO WIN. :star:

        • microsis on 12:40pm August 6 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Afternoon orchid 333 are you getting your A and S mixed up again :giggle:

          I did see the title NomsTalk Video but I couldn’t access the video
          Because I can only access you tube video on my IPad
          Underneath the title it said Ashleigh / Sara /Luke S. talks noms ,, :giggle:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • Orchid333 on 12:52pm August 6 '12
            MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

            Microsis. What am I doing? I am sure that you know that I meant Luke S but not everyone might!!! – “I promise to do my duty to God and the Queen ” – whoops there goes a senior moment again. I thought that I was at a Brownie meeting. :giggle: I promise I will try harder when referring to the Lukes and not get them mixed up again. It would have been easier for me if Luke S had gone. :whew:

            :music: :music: :music:

            LUKE A to win :star: :phone:

          • microsis on 1:01pm August 6 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            Your only allowed one senior moment a day ok
            Was it a bad breech of the rules ,,,,,,,the fact they have put the video out there for all to see must mean something I would of thought

            :music: :music: :music:

      • Noticed that when we went back to the group on the sofa Ian had been removed!
        Was it my imagination or did Jamie show a hint of backbone last night? During telephone calls segment I thought he hinted implied he wasn’t pleased with Conner getting 50 K. Anyone else pick up on that?

        Also in reply to Deana lovers, as I said in my previous post IMO. Thats it my opinion. She has changed over last 2 weeks not since Friday. I was not referring to her drunken antics.
        I feel that she has been snappy at others and it makes me questions what is the true Deana.
        The fact that she had been excluded from school on a number of occasions also makes me question
        what I am seeing.

  18. reading whot some of u guys have said make me think we’r not watching the same show. Sara or scott 2 win

  19. Ps just 2 let i met conner and becky on sunday bb bos they r so nice,. Bye

  20. Orchid333 on 12:45pm August 6 '12

    5169PAUL. This is only meant as a joke, but I think that your user name sounds iike you are a prisoner or maybe a soldier!! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    LUKE A to win :phone:

  21. to 5169paul haha thats right im a soldier.

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