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Shopping task: The Big Brother Museum
The Big Brother house will become a museum for the final shopping...
Alec | Day -310

The Big Brother house will become a museum for the final shopping task of Big Brother 2012 as housemates are split into exhibits and security guards.

The housemates must select five people to become exhibits with the remaining two becomming security guards.

Initially, the housemates will be told that to pass the task, the exhibits must stand still like statues and not talk for the duration of the task and security guards must carry out their inspection to Big Brother’s satisfaction.

However, the exhibits will be informed that they do not have to stand in the museum and not talk or move throughout the day. They will merely have to stand still and not talk for the first hour only and then convince the security guards that they have been standing still and not talking.

The exhibits will be sneaking off through a pyramid into a secret chamber packed with treats, while the guards watch the hour-long footage of the exhibits standing still on a loop.

When the exhibits see the pyramid door open, they must take their outfits off, leave them in the museum and crawl through the pyramid into the secret chamber. A flashing red light in the chamber means the guards will shortly be returning for an inspection.

Housemates must crawl back and get into their costumes and positions in the museum, leaving no trace that they have moved. If they are too slow getting back or rouse the suspicion of the security guards they will fail.

What do you make of this week’s shopping task?

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  1. microsis on 3:22pm August 7 '12

    BB recycling tasks
    This task is like the Prison Task from series 7

    The only difference i can see so far ,,is that they have changed the prison guards and the prisoners in cells ,,
    to museum guards and exhibits

    It was a really great fun task back then ,,,,,,brilliant to watch Oh memories :giggle:

    :music: :music: :music:

  2. on 3:48pm August 7 '12

    Sara & Scott have been made up as the guards , so the h/ms should be able to fool them 2 . This could be quite an entertaining & funny task as long as they don’t take it too seriously & B.B don’t f**k it up like previous tasks.

  3. microsis on 4:19pm August 7 '12

    Sara and Scott are watching a recording of the museum exhibits
    Not realising that the hms are in the secret chamber having a great time :surprised: :giggle:

    :music: :music: :music:

  4. Wish Luke S and Ashleigh had been the guards!

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