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Shopping task: Big Spenders (Day 2)
It's day 2 of the celebrities first shopping task, which will...
Alec | Day -295

It’s day 2 of the celebrities first shopping task, which will finish with two leaving the house tonight for a trolly dash.

On Monday, the latest crop of celebrity housemates were set their first shopping task of the series – Big Spenders.

In a break from the usual pass/fail outcome, the group will earn money towards the shopping budget as they spend money in a series of chalenges. On day 1, the celebrities spent £485.

Here are the challenges set by Big Brother on day 2:

Shot ’til you drop

Up to six Housemates will be invited into an exclusive VIP area. Once there, they are offered the opportunity to buy rounds of shots, including Risky Sours, Bloody Scary and Sam-puker. However if they buy a round but fail to all finish a round of drinks, they will be reimbursed.

Loose change

Coleen, Julian, Julie and Sam will enter the garden with their cheque books. On the table in front of them are two piles of cards – one containing cards of the housemates’ faces and the other containing a number of ‘Home Truths’.  The home truths are incomplete statements. For example, one of them reads “Your worst habit is…”

Housemates will go in alphabetical order to pick up the top card from each pile, holding up the housemate’s face and reading out the incomplete sentence written on the card. For each truth told, Housemates will spend a crucial ten pounds. If Big Brother doesn’t deem a Home Truth to be truthful enough then Housemates’ cheques will bounce and will not be counted towards the group’s efforts.

Day 2 result

Over the two days, housemates spent a total of £725 out of a possible £1000. They will therefore receive a shopping budget worth £725. Nominated housemates Jasmine and Rhian will leave the house tonight to embark on a trolly dash at Morrison’s, in a repeat of a twist first seen last summer with Jedward.

Trolly dash

Jasmine and Rhian had four minutes each to complete their trolley dash. However, they were told that if at the end of the dash they had accumulated more than £725 worth of goods in their trolleys then they would leave the store with NOTHING and receive an economy budget for this week’s shopping.

Fortunately Jasmine and Rhian’s trolley dash came to a total of £438.65 and so returned with laden bags!

Let us know what you make of this week’s shopping task below!

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 3:47am August 22 '12

    How come they keep recycling things from previous series. The shopping spree was interesting and fun when Jedward did it, but who wants to see it again? :yawn:

  2. jennyjuniper on 7:55am August 22 '12

    BB are even using two housemates (like Jedward) who know next to nothing about food preparation or even cooking. How can Jasmine say she never cooks when she has a child? Even if she chooses not to eat, a child has to be given decent food.

    • hi, where does it say jasmine says she never cooks? I want to read that bit!

      • jennyjuniper on 3:22pm August 22 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        It was on last night’s BOTS (I think) It shows Jasmine and Rhian picked to do the shopping trolley dash and in the bedroom they are both complaining because they don’t know what kind of food to choose as neither cooks. Jasmine says when she’s at home she orders food in or she goes out to eat!!

        • sammyvan on 5:17pm August 22 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Jasmine also wanted to know how tomato managed to become part of the sauce on pasta? Do these celebs never cook/clean/wash? Before they became celebs were they not normal everyday ‘folk’? Is basic domestic science no longer taught in our schools? What a shame – can imagine other nations watching this and wondering….!

  3. OMG how funny was julie danceing to hay big spender. I just love this task one of the funnest tack ever cant wate to see the trolly dash jasmine mit have do somethink for ones.

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