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Shopping task: Big Spenders (Day 1)
For this week's shopping task, housemates are being encouraged to...
Alec | Day -296

For this week’s shopping task, housemates are being encouraged to splash the cash as what they spend will be what that earn towards the shopping budget.

Yesterday, Big Brother gave the celebrities £1000 to spend on items throughout the task. However, if they want to keep the money, they will have to spend it first.

Each Housemate is given a personal cheque book which they can use to buy items throughout the day. Their cheques are deposited in a giant piggy bank. The total amount spent by housemates during the task will equate to the amount they have to spend on their shopping tomorrow.

Here’s what they had to spend their money on on day 1 of the task:


Housemates will begin the task by buying their breakfast.

Big Brother’s clothing emporium

Big Brother will call one Housemate to the Diary Room and offer them the chance to buy a colourful zentai suit. Once they have purchased it, they’ll be offered another, and another and another. The Housemate must wear all suits purchased.

Fun fare

All Housemates are offered a chance to spend their pocket money in Big Brother’s Fun Fare. All of the items at the fair have a price attached to them. They can pay to use a child’s coin operated ride, a coin pusher machine, and a spinning Waltzer ride. There is also a stall in the garden where a housemate can pay to ‘pie’ a celebrity.

Trash for cash

One celebrity Housemate is offered a brief stay at Big Brother’s Boutique Hotel. They are told that they will have to pay for any damage caused to their suite. The Housemate will have 3 minutes to trash the room as vigorously as possible.


Two Housemates will be offered the chance to pay to spend an hour in a swan pedalo.

On your head

This task will test that celebrity’s knowledge on the price of everyday items. In the Diary Room, Big Brother will ask housemates how much they think various items cost. If they guess correctly, they will spend the money. However, if they guess incorrectly the item will be dropped on their head instead.

Day 1 result

On the first day of ‘Big Spenders’, the celebrities spent a total of £485. Therefore, if they want to earn the full £1000 shopping budget, they will have to spend the remaining £515 during day 2.

What do you make of this week’s shopping task? Is the format good or should BB award a straight pass/fail? Let us know below!

Details of day 2 will be published later today!

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  1. skippy1996 on 1:45pm August 21 '12

    Interesting but it kinda confuses me at the same time!!

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