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Shievonne is sixth to be evicted from Big Brother 2012
Shievonne has become the sixth housemate to be evicted from Big...
Nick | Day -335

Shievonne has become the sixth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012, while Conor has been saved by the public.

29-year-old Shievonne last year worked at the Playboy Casino in Mayfair as a hostess as well as being a ‘Jet bunny’ travelling on the Playboy jet. She met Hugh Hefner twice on her travels.

Her party trick is to smoke a cigarette with her boobs and she can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds.

During the lead-up to eviction night, Shievonne became the bookies favourite to leave, while Total Big Brother’s online poll predicted that Conor was the most popular housemate to leave this week with 44% of the vote.

She survived a total of 39 days in the house. During this time she had become a mother figure to the rest of the housemates, celebrated her birthday, and recently became hot topic for most gossip and bitching in the house.

When Brian Dowling revealed the sixth housemate to be evicted, the crowds cheered the result. Shievonne reacted by saying: “Big Brother can you just let me out please!”.

Upon leaving Shievonne told Brian “I’m happy! It was so intense.’

Are we all looking forward to the next Big Brother
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Let us know your reactions to this week’s eviction by dropping a comment below. Was Shievonne the right housemate to leave tonight?

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  1. arvintaylor on 9:58pm July 13 '12

    The worst result ever!! I have lost faith on the British public, they actually saved Conor, no worst big brother result in history! Because Conor is Irish, thats why!?

  2. so happy that shievonne left!!!

  3. on 10:01pm July 13 '12

    Damn what a terrible result as much as I hated Shievonne we needed to get rid off Connor this week why we had the opportunity. It could well be weeks now before his up again

  4. :sadsmile: Shiv was fun and made the house with her hamds ahaha, didn’t want her to leave to be honest:(

  5. Conor 2 win wooooo
    Luke a Lauren and Adam out next the three 2faced snakes watch them lick Conor’s ass now
    Deanas smug look has been wiped clean off her face yesssss

    • Very well said Abs.

    • Now, you’re either his mate, family or unhinged. Desperate Dan from Derry is an arrogant slimeball who has a face only a mother could love.

      I think if anyone licked the thickos ass then they’d have to go to the clap clinic and fast :evilgrin:

      He is being tactile, oh no he mean’t tactical, is the lad educated? I think not..

    • paulbad on 9:34am July 14 '12

      Winnings a big ask, may well see the last three tho.

    • Jules on 11:42am July 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      They have no intention of licking anyones posterior they never have, it is more the other way around and Connor has already begun his quest in trying to get Becky and Scot on side. That was so obvious. I havent seen the others do anything like that. Am glad to say that I think Deanna is definitely with the outsiders but unfortunately Becky has gone on side with the insiders. Wont do her any good though as she will be voted out as soon as poss after Caroline and Connor. She is to gullible if she thinks that Connor will like her, he is a slimeball. Sorry.

  6. brokenangel on 10:28pm July 13 '12

    Did I hear right on 5 live – did Conor say after hesaid he had been saved 3 times, keep putting me up you fookers addressing the housemates with a smile ?

    I couldn’t quite catch it

    • playme2loud on 10:38pm July 13 '12

      Connor said ” keep putting me up F***ers cause I aint going nowhere” so cockey! starting to hate this guy :no:

      • BBNut on 11:00pm July 13 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Starting????!!!!?? :speechless: He is like a bad smell or a rotten old penny! He’ll be up against Caroline next for a guess and will be saved a fourth time as the British don’t know right from wrong :sleepy: :devil:

        • paulbad on 9:29am July 14 '12
          MEMBER (39 COMMENTS)

          As caroline is vile it will be easy to see her off, any housemate up against her will be saved.

          • AcerEntwistle on 9:45am July 14 '12
            MEMBER (11 COMMENTS)

            God Caroline is the most two faced housemate in the history of BB. She’s really nice to peoples faces and says that she really likes and respects them and behind their backs she’s awful. She needs to realise she’s still young and should stop using the word ‘ludicrous’ to describe every little thing. And then stop excusing herself from being a b***h because she thinks she’s fat….everyone has a complex about something but that doesn’t mean your allowed to be nasty to people to make you feel better…..Caroline NEEDS to go!!!

  7. BBNut on 10:37pm July 13 '12

    Hmm, insiders are depleted and way outnumbered compared with the outsiders, if they still stick together Conor won’t last long. We may as well all back him to win the farce it’s turning into. :sleepy:

  8. Biddy on 11:26pm July 13 '12

    Conor will be thinking he is infallable now…..
    Oh no,,, cannot stand him,,,should not even be in the house,,,,
    Need to get him out next week !!!

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. Jules on 11:29pm July 13 '12

    Not sure about the outsiders being safe from noms, I see Connor is chatting to Becky and Scott getting them on side!! He is already thinking about noms! Hope they arent fooled.

    • i know jules, its sickening watching him trying to butter up scott and becky, dont think becky fell for it tho, and did u see him warily eyeing up the kitchen incase he was overheard? fecking hate the sleazeball

      • Jules on 12:49am July 14 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        There is a video and I think it sounds as though she has. They are all buddy buddies. Caroline has begun her snarling again saying that it is almost as though they want to isolate themselves. I guess she is talking about Adam, Luke A and Lauren. Becky is listening. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. It will be interesting noms this week as there are 4 on the insiders 3 definite on the outsiders, not sure about Deanna, and then 4 floaters with Deanna.

        Shievonne was definitely jealous of Lauren but I do think Lauren is being a bit of a minx with Adam, I hope he keeps his cool. Not 100 per cent sure of Scott.

    • microsis on 12:26am July 14 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I hope Becky and Scott won’t be fooled by this sudden show of friendship
      :music: :music: :music:

  10. audrey1649 on 11:47pm July 13 '12

    :love: Good result, now its Conner’s turn to go against Caroline and that will rid the house of the rats :devil:

  11. hootmum on 2:04am July 14 '12

    i love connor shivonne was a nagging pain in the ass ,scott to win. :bigsmile:

  12. It’s going to be hard to watch Conor for another week. Wish I could vote.

  13. He thinks he’s popular but he’s not just slightly less disliked than those he’s been up against

  14. I try not to let Conor get under my epilator but he is so arrogant and sleazy he makes my skin crawl.

    When he was pretending to make up with Becks and Scott, he would say the words but not wait for a reply. It was like he was reciting from a book and so obviously insincere it was painful!

    He now thinks he is loved by the public and that he will actually win the show. The look on his face as he waited for HIS public to vote Shevvie out, said it all.

    Trouble is, his mummy, sister and girlfriend probably feed his ego and his mates will make him feel he’s the MAN when he gets out.

    He’s a slimy little gutter rat who needs a lesson in dignity and respect, so let’s hope Derry and stupid young girls stop voting for him!

  15. paulbad on 9:28am July 14 '12

    Yay, the big fella survives again, and hes slowly growing on people, hes obviously got good irish support from home, and theres a good chance he wont be up this week, he did handle the deana issue badly, but hes got time to redeem himself, you lot of Conor haters better get used to him being around, the genuine british public obviously aint feeling your hatred.

    • Jules on 11:31am July 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Sorry Paul, it was the lesser of two evils, it would be interesting to see what percentage he stayed by as it seemed 50 50 to me. The boos were equally shared. One of them had to stay and as was said there has never been a BB when two people have been disliked so much.

      Listen to them in one of the vds, Caroline, Connor and Becky, she has obviously gone on side with them and is moaning about Deanna and Luke A.

      No, get Connor out when possible. Trouble is when he is up with Caroline I would like her to go as well. Let the others have some airtime apart from the slushy moves from Ashleigh and Luke S.

    • BBNut on 3:19pm July 14 '12

      The only way Conor can possibly redeem himself (and even then he would have a way to go) is if he made a shred of effort with Deana. Firstly, he needs to man up and appologise to her for the disgusting comments he made about her. Never mind hiding behind weak tv execs, admit it, say sorry to Deana, then attempt to move on and regain some of the very little respect he had in the first place. Conor is no man. He singles out, bullies and tittle tattles about a single female he is sharing a house with, as he hasn’t got the balls to approach her and discuss or even begin to explain why he dislikes her. His excuses are pathetic and he has nothing with which to back them up. He also has no respect for any of the other people he is sharing a house with or infact the viewers, who all have to endure his childish behaviour and sit through the atmosphere he creates. By remaining in the house he has become the biggest single joke of a contestant BB has ever seen. Believing the public adore him when it’s very much the opposite, predictably apart from his natives. Boy is this idiot in for a reality check when he finally gets the boot, he is the housemate that just will not go away. Anything bad said about him already is far too much of a compliment. He’s done a really good job of nearly wrecking this otherwise impressive series and BB have let him and all for a lot of bad publicity, shocking :angry:

  16. paulbad on 9:45am July 14 '12

    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: : For all the Conor haters

  17. lillian on 10:33am July 14 '12

    dislike caroline even more than connor she really does think people are listening to her.I think her Luke A is just awful speech was lost on Ashleigh and resorting to he doesnt like you is a bit transparent you can only do that one a few times even with thickos.

  18. jennyjuniper on 11:03am July 14 '12

    Please join me in a protest that that thug Conor is still in the house, by NOT watching BB and BOTS tonight. Let Chanel 5 and their advertisers see how disgusted we are. It’s the only way to get through to them, by hurting their viewing figures and therefore their pockets. Hope you’ll be with me.

    • Jules on 11:34am July 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      They wont take any notice Jenny, it had to be one or the other of them as they were both as bad as each other. Lets hope that one of the insiders is up next week and that it isnt all outsiders. I think Deanna will stay with them but Becky has gone over to the Insiders side and she will be listening to Connor and Caroline.

      • jennyjuniper on 2:27pm July 14 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Jules and Sue123, please would you put this protest idea out on Facebook and Twitter, if you have those, as I don’t, and we need to get as many people involved as possible to make this effective. Thankyou :handshake:

    • Sue123 on 11:42am July 14 '12

      im with you.this is makeing it seem as the way conor acted is ok .cant understand why he is still in there.arron and shivonne were both annoying.but that dosnt come near the way conor has with you jenny juniper

  19. northernmonkey on 12:45pm July 14 '12

    I am glad she got booted, a total fake idiot.

    Good riddance.

  20. I have lost faith in the British public. How can anybody forget what Connor said about Deana and what hes continuing to say about her. Hes now plotting to get Deana nominated by trying to get Scott and Becky on his side to save his backside from nomination. i hope Scott doesn’t fall for is Becky is just not bright enough.
    Anyways the British public are so fickle keeping a nasty bully thug in.

    i hope next week its Deana vs connor just so I can see the look on his face when he gets evicted by soemone he despises the most and Ihope deana makes his kiss her butt, but sadly I can’t see that happening and I can see that thug who likes to punch a woman and stick an epilator up her virgina being in the final how sad.

    Shame on you the British public by voting that scum to stay you support his bullying threatening behaviour to punch Deana on the face and also his obsession and hatred towards Deana. Its because of people like you why this country is so messed up.

    Shievonne would have gone next week Conor I’m not so sure so nice one the British public you’ve done your coountry proud.

  21. PLEASE BB put them all up for eviction this week, Conor is so obviously trying to manipulate nominations, do what you should have done in the first week and get him out, by keeping him there BB you are supporting violence towards women. Shame on you.

  22. I have lost faith in the British public. How can anybody forget what Connor said about Deana and what hes continuing to say about her. Hes now plotting to get Deana nominated by trying to get Scott and Becky on his side to save his backside from nomination. I hope Scott doesn’t fall for it Becky is just not bright enough and aready talking about Deana behind her back what a 2 faced fickle.

    Anyways the British public are so fickle keeping a nasty bully thug in.

    I hope next week its Deana vs conor just so I can see the look on his face when he gets evicted by someone he despises the most and I hope deana makes him kiss her butt, but sadly I can’t see that happening and I can see that thug who likes to punch a woman in the face and stick an epilator up her virgina being in the final how sad.

    Shame on you the British public by voting that scum to stay you support his bullying threatening behaviour to punch Deana on the face and also his obsession and hatred towards Deana. Its because of people like you why this country is so messed up.

    Shievonne would have gone next week Conor I’m not so sure so nice one the British public you’ve done your country proud.

    Axe Big Brother now before this country is torn to bits.
    Shame on you Channel 5 for not removing that nasty vicious vile thug Conor when he threatened to punch a woman, he has not changed one bit his ego is so huge.

  23. Jules on 1:43pm July 14 '12

    Anonymous for goodness sake, it is only a game. They were both as bad as one another and I doubt very much whether Connor would have won by much. As I have said the boos were for both of them, havent really known that before.

    I agree with your last paragraph, he should have been removed earlier on but sometimes the powers that be of BB do not study the public, this was said by one of them last year, I will never forget that remark. I disagree, if they want to keep their audience then they need to listen.

    Get Connor out, without a doubt.

    • Jules I know I probably went over the top with my remarks I’m glad you agree with me. I just fear if theres more people like this in this country what does that tell us about our youth today. I know not everyone is like him maybe its his his Irish thing and his obviuosly had a very bad upbringing, where he wouldn’t even let a woman sit on the chair what type of sicko does that to a woman hes no gentleman.

      I’m just saying yeah Shievonne was bad but she wasn’t bad all the time just this last 2 weeks and she would have been most likely been evicted next week, but with Conor I think the British public have missed a massive opportunity to get rid of this nasty scum once and for all, He will most likely be in the final how pathetic.

      What happens in the Big Brother house does sometimes affect the outside world just look at the Shilpa Shetty situation, and now with the ofcom investigation and sponsors maybe pulling out, channel 5 haven’t done themselves any favours and they’ve got nobody to blame but themselves for not removing that nutter once and for all, he hardly even got a warning what a joke. The BB lady was smirking the whole way through when she was telling Conor off about his remarks and I saw no formal warning given to him so biased. Atleast Caroline got a formal warning in a serious tone. With Conor it was like a clown telling a naughty kid off.

      I just don’t think its good for this country to continue broadcasting this garbage reality show which is so biased in favour of Conor. How Ironic for the BB producers to give Shievonne bad edits and showing Connor naked just so he gets more votes from chavvy girls this week probably the only time he wasn’t bitching about Deana.

      Bullying is nasty and it should not be condoned by Channel 5 and BB. Shilpa Shetty only had to deal with it for like 3 weeks. While Deana with the Conor situation has dealt with it for 6 weeks now anybody else in her shoes would have already cracked by now how shes manage cope with it is amazing.

      • jennyjuniper on 2:30pm July 14 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Very well said.Join the protest by NOT watching BB and BOTS tonight. Let’s bring their viewing figures crashing down. It’s the only kind of message those morons at Channel 5 understand.

      • Jules on 3:32pm July 14 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        For me I wanted Shievonne to go because she was so against Adam, this out of pure jealousy I would think. I do definitely think though that Connor should have been taken out!! There are a lot who will like him though, they will have forgotten the words he said, look at Arran trying to block the other one on BOTs when he said it was disgusting. Connor isnt liked by the whole so hopefully he will be out along with Caroline. :love:

        We need to have more editing on the others, it has been moreorless on the argumentative ones and the silly little romance which looking at Luke S face when Ashleigh asked him to marry him….very debateable LOL…

        • He won’t be out if hes against Caroline as much as I don’t like her. The only way that thug idiot scumbag will be out if hes up against Luke A, Adam, Deana, Lauren, Scott, and possibly Luke S in a 2 way most likely. if hes up against Ashleigh, Caroline or Becky now hes safe again unfortunitely.

          The difference between the Deana Conor situation and Adam Shievonne situation is Adam is a man he does not get intimidated by Shievonne. And she couldn’t turn the whole house against him and Shievonnes days were already numbered in the BB house had Conor been evicted. Thats why Shievonne turned on Deana because she knew Adam was to strong for her.

          With Conor Deana situation he has had it in for her since day one and hes basicaly turned the whole house against her. He refuses to be civil to her he refuses to even talk to her but has no problem talking about her behind her back. He says some horrible nasty dispicable things about her which is so uncomfortable to watch hes 9 lives are already up.

          If he doesn’t like her why doesn’t he just stop talking about her every 2 seconds its just bullying and pathetic, he should have already been removed plain and simple for what he said about her.

          Anyways Conor will be the demise of BB so Channel 5 will be very lucky if BB is even on the air nex year.

          With Arron on BBOTS I didn’t like Luke marsden in BB in 2008 but atleats he has some morals and knew what Conor said about the epilator thing is wrong and how the British public have forgotten about it. Arrons reactions and immaturity makes me question about todays youth. pathetic isn’t it his 5 mins of fame is up why is he allowed on television and make a complete fool of himself. No wonder why Dermot O Leary and George Lamb left BB and want nothing to do with it.

  24. Jules on 1:45pm July 14 '12

    If Connor is up against Adam, Luke A, Lauren or Deanna I will definitely be voting for them. I havent done so yet for anyone. I think this last time around, many didnt bother to vote as neither of them were liked by the public.

  25. Sally on 2:19pm July 14 '12

    When someone is up for eviction whom we want out. Then we need to vote to save their opponent. I know it goes against the grain to vote to save some one you don’t particularly like.But if we don’t vote then we can’t complain at the results.
    Get Conor out at the nearest possible opportunity. :angry: :angry:

  26. Starcrusher on 4:31pm July 14 '12

    Conor is a D**k and has made the public forget about his outrageous comments about Deena, by acting chilled out and cool this week. When Deena is out of the house and see’s what he really said about her I think she could sue BB or Conor for defamation of character. Thank god she stepped it up and confronted her haters this past week so that the public could see that she was worth saving and is in fact a very decent person by living in that house with such narcissistic personalities and airheads like Ashleigh. I find Ashleigh quite entertaining but her relationship with Luke is pathetic and neither of them will be getting any acting careers out of their lame attempt at a Showmance.

  27. paulbad on 4:50pm July 14 '12

    Conors stance on Deana is only a reflection of his education, he doesnt know better or how to handle the situation with her, that doesnt make him a bad bloke and a hate target, it means he has to grow up and learn to deal with his anger better, the childish rants are not real, he doesnt want to punch her hes just venting his anger in a testosterone filled macho way, hes a nice guy under that and certainly undeserving of you lots bile.

    • sammyvan on 5:17pm July 14 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Then may I suggest he toddles off into the sunset and learns to ” deal with his anger” somewhere else. What has he to be angry at? His treatment has been no different to any other HM – in fact he has come off lightly! Sorry….dont buy the ‘nice guy’, even last night he gestured at the cameras and said something to the effect “you f****** can put me up again and again – I aint going nowhere” In his deluded head he has already won BB. My pity is for the HM’s who now have to live with him in that small house, never knowing when he will :angry: get angry :angry: again.

      • this ahole better be put up again, im fecking fuming that hes still there, wtf were ppl thinking to let him stay in? believe me im irish n not everyone from here is supporting that knob, and where hes from is not big enough to garner enough votes to save him, so its obv deluded ppl from all over the uk voting, am i missing something good about him that others can see?, i doubt it, so i can only assume that ppl voting for him are psychopaths :angry:

  28. microsis on 5:12pm July 14 '12

    Conor and Deana have been punished by BB for talking about nominations

    :music: :music: :music:

  29. yeahyeahyeah on 3:36am July 15 '12

    Is it just me, or did anyone else think Shievonne’s exit outfit looked ridiculous. It looked like something a four-year-old would wear while playing dress-up.
    Definitely not something a 28 (or older) year old would wear. Shame, she’s a beautiful woman, but she looked ridiculous in that dress with the stupid bow in her hair.

  30. yeahyeahyeah on 4:17am July 15 '12

    The dress was way too short, and the waist was too high. If it had been longer and a little lower in the torso, it would have looked ok, but it just made her look stunted and ridiculous. The bow just added fuel to the fire.

  31. this just shows when brouhgt up around aggrestion
    people like connor and shitvon and carolvile are drawn to each it.s the only way they know how to comunicate
    thats why they don’t se anything wrong in what they are doing.

  32. So Conor now gets to decide which teams win in this farce of a task. Where nominations will be face to face. How blatantly biased can Channel 5 be for Conor they’ll stoop any lenghs to keep this vile excuse of a human being in the house. They might aswell just give him the 100 grand now, how fix can BB be.

    This is why this thug should have been evicted on Friday but no the British public and chavy girls had to keep him in. i hope they saw yet another rant he had against Deana yesterday which they deleted afterwards but its on Dailymotion. This is the scumbag you lot are voting to keep him. How can anyone nominate him now that its a face to face nomination and hes intimidating everyone not to nominate him how pathetic. How low can Channel 5 get. What do they see in this horrible man.

    Do something Ofcom I hope the sponsors pull out.

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