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Shievonne is bookies favourite for eviction
Despite fansite polls favouring Shievonne, the bookies are tipping...
| Day -335

Despite fansite polls favouring Shievonne, the bookies are tipping the 28-year-old for eviction.

Shievonne and Conor go head-to-head in tonight’s eviction, and the housemate who receives the fewest votes will leave the house.

Conor was the favourite to get the boot last week, but survived after a tigh public vote which saw Arron evicted. Online polls would suggest that on he won’t be so lucky on Friday 13th though.

As things stand on Total Big Brother, 43% are showing support for the Irishman whereas 57% want Shievonne to stay.

Who is your choice to evict this week
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However, the bookies disagree. Bet365 have odds of 8/11 for Shievonne to go, and Conor is the outsider at 1/1.

Details of how to vote to save can be found on the Channel 5 website by clicking here. Lines close during this evening’s eviction, live on Channel 5 from 9PM.

It looks like it could be a close call tonight. Who do you want to stay? Let us know below!

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  1. BBNut on 5:22pm July 13 '12

    We appear to be headed for yet another disastrous result this week. If Conor isn’t evicted tonight I think I will completely lose faith in the show. It has been increasingly frustrating having to watch Conor remain in the house, his actions are irredeemable and haven’t been forgotten. He wasn’t ejected, an opportunity, astonishingly, has already been missed and this is possibly the last chance to get rid of him. It is obvious producers are doing everything in their power to keep the most odious housemate the house has ever seen. :angry:

  2. arvintaylor on 5:38pm July 13 '12

    KMT! Dont chat shit to me, if Shievonne gets evicted this week then I will faith in the British public. CONOR BETTER LEAVE! Because Conor is Irish that’s why there are doing this!

  3. telegramsam on 5:51pm July 13 '12

    Though I think I’d like it better if Conor left, I’m pretty sure it will be Shievonne this week. If you’ve watched the poll on TBB over the past couple of days you’ll notice that the gap between Shiev and Conor has been closing which means favor is gaining towards Conor. My guess is that the majority of the votes happen on Thursday and Friday so whoever has the momentum going into Friday is most likely to stay.

  4. Conor is an awsome house m8 he didnt mean that thing he said about deana and if he is evicted big brother will be so boring he is the last entertaining house m8 the public keep on voting to save the boring ones with any luck of the irish lol shivone will be gone tonight

  5. adamlink on 6:31pm July 13 '12

    connor is rubishe and horrible and egnorunt i ever seen should shut him out get conor out conour conour out

  6. EVERY1 VOTE FOR CONOR! GET SHIEV OUTT!!!!!!!!! :yes: 0901 616 17 07 or 650 58 07 (for mobiles) call it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:

  7. i couldnt care less who goes,by now i have a winner but this yr not so much

  8. sheivonne didnt do herself any favours this wk

  9. and whats been Irish have to do with anything?????

  10. Jen on 7:34pm July 13 '12

    Shievonne needs to go home and take care of herself since she’s obviously not mentally stable, Conor has already lost the race anyway and will leave soon enough :yes:

  11. Get Shiev OUT, she is another Charlie character, unstable sometimes and can be scary to be around!!!. GET SHEV OUT!!!!

  12. brokenangel on 9:15pm July 13 '12

    In tonights show- the talk with Sara – did you notice the sly glancing at the cameras as she spoke about Adam with crocodile tear ! Adam is right, she can switch them on and off.

  13. BBNut on 9:44pm July 13 '12

    Preparing for yet another farce result – Conor to go PLEASE.

  14. Brian dowling to go before he drives us nuts

  15. brokenangel on 11:05pm July 13 '12

    surely not —–Think I heard some boos for Shev lol, lol

  16. I could not understand what Conor’s sister was saying? Was she saying my brother is an absolute arse but we in Derry will support him even though he is an ugly piece of trash? Not sure..

  17. I can’t wait to see the look on Conor’s face when he gets evicted!! The best result would be Conor up against Dina! :giggle: If he was to go then it would be a massive smack in the face. Caroline up against Luke A too would be funny!
    To everyone that thinks Conor is entertaining….I’m slightly concerned as to what you find entertaining…don’t get a job as a stand up comic!

  18. The housemates are starting to like Conor, we have no chance of getting rid of him now, BB are cowards for not chucking him out after this threat to Deana. BRING BACK THE VOTE TO EVICT.

  19. ingrid on 9:29am July 14 '12

    Shievonne is gone, never liked her, can’t stand Conor either, so he’s next….then Caroline can really stir things !

  20. jennyjuniper on 11:08am July 14 '12

    Well after seeing Conor picking his nose and EATING it :puke: :puke: on last nights show, hopefully he has lost a lot of deluded, brain dead female fans. Too late for last nights result I know, but next week…….

  21. sammyvan on 1:29pm July 14 '12

    Oh Dear Jenny – we live in hope!! After seeing him last night – once Shiv had left, sitting there on the sofa and making ‘shooting’ signs with his hands, saying “put me up again and again – I aint going nowhere!” , I feel we may have lost any chance of removing this oaf from the house. The HM’s think he has been saved 3 times, that he is popular :puke: and may not nominate him again? I dont know if I will be able to watch with him still there? Really cannot understand who would vote for this ‘man’ – unless family?

    • jennyjuniper on 2:34pm July 14 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sammyvan, it was the worst result, and while it won’t get Conor out of the house this week I’m protesting that he’s still there by NOT watching BB and BOTS tonight. Hope you are with me?
      If you could possibly drum up support for this strike action on Facebook or Twitter that would be great too. Thanks :handshake:

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