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Sergeant Adam leads house clean up
Big Brother has made Adam house drill sergeant, meaning he is in...
| Day -349

Big Brother has made Adam house drill sergeant, meaning he is in charge of his fellow housemates in their clean up operation.

This afternoon, Big Brother ordered a thorough clean of the house, and put Adam in charge of ensuring the housemates aren’t lazing around.

The group were initially excited when he emerged from the diary room dressed in full drill sergeant costume, but were disappointed to discover they would be cleaning.

Adam has the power to order any housemate he deems to be slacking or who gives him back chat to do 20 press ups. If they do a good job, Big Brother will reward them with drinks and music after tonight’s eviction.

Do you think the housemates will mind being told what to do by Adam?

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  1. Jules on 7:30pm June 29 '12

    There are one or two who will object, perhaps not a good thing with nominations looming again but am looking forward to watching him. I think his main objectors will be Scott, Shievonne and definitely Caroline if he comes down hard on them……He look good but I see that Caroiline is spreading her poison with her remarks, especially the gorilla one which some deem as racist but……I just think she is trying to manipulate noms as she did last week and Scott followed like a lamb.

    She only apologised after being called into the DR I doubt whether Adam knew what she had called him or what she had said about him.

    Caroline and Connor to go please………..

  2. Sally on 7:41pm June 29 '12

    I’m sure some housemates will resist and moan about Adam behind his back. I must admit he looks good in his uniform I love the big smile hope it’s still there at the end of the task. :cool:

  3. AmericanCousin on 10:32pm July 1 '12

    Caroline is quite loathesome. I mean, how old is? She walks around running everything back to Conor, Arron, and Luke S. with her electrified, dry, desert winded hair. I want that brat out! She is so nasty and unpleasant because she is unhappy with herself.

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