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Self-confessed ‘pretty’ Samantha Brick for CBB?
The very self-confident and self-confessed 'pretty' journalist,...
Alec | Day -425

The very self-confident and self-confessed ‘pretty’ journalist, Samantha Brick, apparently has another suitor craving for her attention – Big Brother.

The blond bombshell created a worldwide frenzy when she appeared in a Daily Mail article claiming that every man can’t help fawning all over her.

Her beauty maker her hated by many woman “for no other reason than her lovely looks” claims the ‘pretty’ woman from Birmingham.

The deal, which is estimated at being £50,000 is apparently close to being finalized between Samantha and Big Brother bosses.

But the question is, do you want to see Samantha Brick in the Big Brother house?

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  1. <start_sarcasm>
    Might pull in more male viewers.

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  2. adamlink on 9:11am April 14 '12

    hi i hope she good and entatining as well she nice looking women

  3. Avatar of

    awful. Please dont do this :c5:

  4. microsis on 9:54am April 15 '12

    Samantha Brick is rumoured to be close to agreeing to a £50,000 deal to enter cbb house ! ! Blue singer Lee Ryan is also rumoured to have been approached by producers to enter cbb house wasn’t he suppose to be going in our last cbb. :wait:

  5. Fudge on 10:50am April 15 '12
    Avatar of

    I thought this was meant to be ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother…… :wondering:

  6. BBNut on 4:37am April 17 '12

    I’m fed up of hearing about CBB! BB is upon us and we haven’t heard a thing concerning the new series. I do hope that the producers will put 110% into making this series miles better than last years which in my opinion, for a debut series, was a flop. Hope to see a full house makeover and not just a re-design, a new eye, a likeable and diverse bunch of housemates, toughest tasks yet, live tasks, the return of strict big brother who plays by the rulebook, realistic punishments, the return of the 3 strike rule, plenty of coverage (including some live feed), the psyhology show and Diary Room uncut would also be welcome considering the amount of time we have a chance to get to ‘know’ the housemates!

  7. microsis on 9:19am April 17 '12

    What can I say BBNut except ditto ! The three strike and your out rules is a must love your comments

  8. microsis on 9:48am April 17 '12

    Ok ! Thanks Alec any word that bb13 may be returning now in June , :lipssealed:

  9. microsis on 10:24am April 18 '12

    Should BB bring back the walk of shame ( BB6 and BB10 ) when the evicted hm has to walk alone from the living room to the eviction door. , :blush:

  10. Sally on 4:01pm April 18 '12

    I have been reading an Samatha Brick, about the backlash she received when she said she was loathed for being pretty.Jenny Eclair said: It’s brought out the worst in everybody.’Even some of her friends turned on her.Is she a Celeb I think not.But she could make an interesting housemate.

  11. samantha brick is not attractive at all. she has thin hair a heavy “cro-magnum” brow, and an awful pained smile. I wonder why she thinks she’s do attractive. sure, put her on the show, maybe it will bring her the wake up call that she needs!

  12. microsis on 8:07am April 19 '12

    Another cbb rumour sorry .. It’s being said that. Neil Patrick Harris has shown an interest in doing cbb on twitter he is a huge fan of bb ,and entered the bb7 All Stars usa as a house guest I personally don’t know the name But his face is familiar. , :star:

  13. why is she going in BB .she no one ? :no:

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