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Scott wins party after secret task
Scott won a party for the house last night, but Ashleigh, Luke S...
Alec | Day -310

Scott won a party for the house last night, but Ashleigh, Luke S and Deana were banned following an earlier rule break.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott was called to the diary where he was congratulated by Big Brother for completing his secret mission. However, his mission – ‘The Final Act’ – was only just beginning.

In order to win a VIP party for the group, he had to convince them that he has been working for Big Brother since day one on the show’s biggest ever secret mission.

The housemates had to believe that Scott has been controlled by Big Brother from Day 1, being given instructions to fail tasks, start arguments and generally do whatever Big Brother wanted him to do. Housemates must accept that his aim was to get to the final week.

Shortly after informing the group of his series-long mission, Scott said: “Luke A and Adam are furious with me. They’re just sat there almost close to tears.

“I think they feel betrayed. They’re just sat there and they can’t really speak to me.”

The mood in the house was lifted however when Big Brother informed everyone that Scott’s task had only started that day and not on day 1, and for successfully convincing them he had won a party.

As a result of discussing nominations, Ashleigh, Luke S and Deana were locked in the garden for the duration of the party, which included music, drinks and butlers in the buff.

Are you satisfied with the trio’s punishment?

Catch highlights of Scott’s task tonight on Channel 5 from 10PM.

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  1. jennyjuniper on 5:09pm August 7 '12

    I would have thought this was an easy win for Scott. He has been sitting on the fence for so long, with a foot in both camps,which I imagine is what a mole would do. So that scenerio is entirely believable.

  2. dont like fake scott :devil:

  3. AmericanCousin on 4:24am August 8 '12

    I am not sure why Deana was so upset when she had a task @ the start of the game. She needs to humble herself a bit. Just because you were bullied and mistreated doesn’t give you the right to sit upon some high horse. I really think she is digging her own grave.
    I truly want Ashleigh, Sara, and Scott out over Deana but she is making it hard to like her acting the way Conor once acted.
    Uhh and Sara voice is like a car horn. She is really grating on my nerves.

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