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Scott, Luke S and Sara win nomination immunity
The trio triumphed in the final part of this week's shopping task,...
| Day -332

The trio triumphed in the final part of this week’s shopping task, and will be immune when housemates nominate face-to-face this evening.

In their latest shopping task – The Gold Rush – housemates were split into ‘the good’, ‘the bad’, and ‘the really ugly’ in order to battle for immunity.

After winning today’s ‘Rocky River of Gold’ challenge, the good housemates – Scott, Luke S and Sara – are not eligible for nomination.

All housemates will nominate face-to-face later tonight around the campire with a pack of cards. On each card is the face of a housemate who is eligible for nomination.

Everyone must choose the two housemates they wish to nominate by selecting their cards from the deck and one by one, revealing the person they wish to nominate and giving their reasons why.

Are you pleased with three who have won immunity?

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  1. Joseph on 6:42pm July 16 '12

    Scott looks very much like the Milky Bar kid in that picture :bigsmile:

    • pls it is fix… BBUK just want some entertainment from the public ….it should be everyone one.. but bb is not interested in loosen the entertainment to make some more money….I just can’t stand anymore Caroline… and her band… Conor too..ufffaaa

  2. As long as Conor is up I dont mind. Do us a favour BB and make it a double eviction with a VOTE TO EVICT.

  3. I like the idea.. but it’s a shame we have to wait longer to find out who’s up for eviction! :(

  4. Biddy on 6:52pm July 16 '12

    Caroline is now in the bedroom trying to make sure Sara and Scott nominate Luke A and Lauren…..repulsive woman…..i really hope it all backfires and she is up….
    It will give me great pleasure to see her leave on Friday..
    Nominations are going to happen soon
    :music: :music: :music:

  5. Jules on 6:54pm July 16 '12

    Foregone conclusion eh!! Connor would have wanted to allow Luke S to win, but of course he has now put Ashleigh in jeopardy. I dont really think they will go for her though tbh. It will be the outsiders but who will the outsiders go for…..?

  6. Come on BB cancell nominations and put them all up, give it back to the public with A VOTE TO EVICT, double eviction!!

  7. sammyvan on 6:55pm July 16 '12

    How blatant can it be – face to face nominations when the majority of the HM’s will never be able to stand up to Conor – if I was in there I certainly would not have been brave enough at their age. With Caroline mentioning Lauren and Luke A all day to different HM’s, I think the writing in on the wall.
    If we have 3 up and one happens to be an Insider then there is hope. If all nominated are outsiders then I will be voting with my remote. BB USA is on and quite entertaining!

    • jennyjuniper on 10:52am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sammyvan, yes it was a terrible result. I’ve contacted Schwartzkopf, BB’s biggest sponsor and said that they are not doing themselves any favours being linked to such racist bullying behaviour. Could you, and as many as you can ask, also contact Schwartzkopf. That way they’ll have to take notice. Maybe then, when the advertisers and sponsors complain, Channel 5 MIGHT do the right thing! Although I won’t hold my breath.

  8. hi….how is everyone getting all this footage…i cannot get any…what and where do i go and do??

  9. who whats Sara in there????its not like she is tons of fun!!!!

  10. Biddy on 7:06pm July 16 '12

    They have failed the task so on an economy budget
    this week …..
    :music: :music: :music:

  11. Biddy on 7:08pm July 16 '12

    They are nominating right now,,,

    :music: :music: :music:

  12. Sally on 7:12pm July 16 '12

    Face to face noms now 7:15

  13. cattylou7011 on 7:22pm July 16 '12

    How do i view live fottage?

  14. Biddy on 7:23pm July 16 '12

    Conor first to nominate……………
    :music: :music: :music:

  15. I think that there needs to be a double eviction this weekend, there are still way too many people in the house at this late stage in the game. I want a rather small finale of about 4 maybe 5 people. We also need people to understand that it is a vote to save so if one does not like one person, they should save the other. With the nominations, hopefully Conor and Caroline can be up. Both need to go!!! Thanks!!!

  16. on 8:06pm July 16 '12

    What is the site address for live coverage ?

  17. dragon on 8:16pm July 16 '12

    I think if either Luke A or Lauren are up for eviction, Caroline should take their place, because she was
    trying to influence the other housemates to vote for them.

  18. how do i view live footage!

  19. All hm’s have nominated!

    • - These photos truly take my btareh away. I’ve known Nisa for years, and you have captured her sweet family so perfectly. This is pure photographic magic. I’m all misty.October 15, 2010 5:58 pm

  20. Biddy on 8:30pm July 16 '12

    It is saying there are some unhappy faces in the house..
    Also it is not a house of fun right now,,,so something has happened…
    Wonder if BB has abandoned the nominations and put them all up,,,Hmmm just a thought!!!
    As there must have been alot the same, if the insiders all listened to Caroline….Here’s hoping!!!
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 8:37pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Voting line is open……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

      • Biddy on 8:45pm July 16 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        Who is up jules…On digitalspy it says Lauren and Luke A
        But not sure this is right,,
        Says nothing on BBUKLive as yet…
        Really hope this is not true…
        :music: :music: :music:

        • Jules on 8:47pm July 16 '12
          MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

          Sadly Biddy yes!!! Wasnt going to say in case anyone didnt want to know, I have been watching it all most of the day. If we arent careful they will get all the outsiders out, BB has to do something…..What sort of game is this? If they are going to win let them win fairly!!!!!

      • Jules on 8:45pm July 16 '12
        MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

        The insiders have been bitching all day about the outsiders, at one point the outsiders were chatting about paintballing. Connor has been eavesdropping on outsiders……etc etc. etc. How many grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs can I put. Surely they will be brought up by BB? Questionable because they seem to now be in force. Becky has had a tantrum re Luke A……..hang on a mo my g and r s are stuck.

        Put them all up BB for bitching, let us all decided not just the two who are up.

        • Biddy on 9:00pm July 16 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          I am absolutely disgusted that they can break the rules and get away with it so blatantly…
          These are 2 of my favourites along with Adam and Deana….criminal…
          :music: :music: :music:

          • Fudge on 9:02pm July 16 '12
            MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
            Avatar of

            Biddy, I agree. This is a joke. I’m just praying there is a twist and they add Conor’s and Caroline’s names to those 2 in BOTS later. Everything crossed…….let something just come out of this.

  21. Biddy on 8:56pm July 16 '12

    Think that is correct Luke A and Lauren….
    very angry….this so unfair,,how can they let them get away with this,,,,
    Don’t want to watch anymore…..grrrrrrr !!!
    :music: :music: :music:

  22. Oblivious on 9:03pm July 16 '12

    I’ve just turned the telly over, I can’t face watching it tonight with the abhorrent Conner. I’m not going to watch it again until he’s out. Poor Lauren and Luke A. it just wasnt fair play!

  23. Biddy on 9:05pm July 16 '12

    Oooops Sorry,,,Hope i haven’t spoilt it for anyone..but think it was obvious, when BB have stood back and let Caroline go around and influence all the insiders…
    Hate this series ….Don’t think i will be watching for much longer….
    :music: :music: :music:

  24. Goodbye,final straw for me. If BB can’t run a fair show then I aint hanging around.

  25. brokenangel on 9:10pm July 16 '12

    Well if that is the case that Lauren and Luke A is up then it it time to stop watching , total farce.

  26. on 9:11pm July 16 '12

    This has to be the most unfair & unjust result ever. B.B should put ALL H/ms up & let us decide. Grrrrrrr :angry: :angry: :angry: Feel like I want to stop watching from now on. :angry: :angry: :angry:

  27. Jules on 9:12pm July 16 '12

    My favourites are the same as yours Biddy, they are quite popular on the tweeting circuit and other places.

    I doubt whether bb will do anything now that the eviction numbers have been given out? It would be a bit unfair tbh to the voters. We can but hope though. They should all be taken to task. Beccy Caroline and connor have been the three mostly involved.

  28. Joseph on 9:20pm July 16 '12

    Something rather strange is going on… Voting for Lauren vs Luke A closed not long after it opened, there have been no posts on the official Facebook or Twitter, plus the Ch5 site and Facebook App have – to put it technically – broken…

    Were lines close because of the technical problems, or because something is up regarding the nominations??… :wondering:

    • Jules on 9:25pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Ah Joseph i was going to ask if anyone else was having trouble, I have cleaned my pc and all in case it was that but you are correct, all I am getting is a blank page. We can but hope tbh as they have just gone on and on.

    • Biddy on 9:26pm July 16 '12

      Hope you are right Joseph,, this nominating was so unjust it has to be looked at,,so hopefully BB have decided to do something about the cheating Caroline and Becky…
      Bet they have been bombarded with complaints….
      Justice may prevail…..
      :music: :music: :music:

  29. Caroline has obviously influenced it with her bitching.
    But her up as a punishment BB, and then perhaps I will watch it.

  30. brokenangel on 9:26pm July 16 '12

    I am so fuming, BB are taking us for suckers. They have let the 3 influence noms and got away with it – and expect us to pay for the unfair eviction of either Lauren or Luke A. They knew it would be unfair from the moment Conor and the witch were in charge and would not be given credit for anything in the tasks. How are BB letting them get away with it???? Both Caroline and Conor have been pulled into the diary room and reprimanded – they should have been gone. Totally outraged, i am spitting chips.

  31. microsis on 9:47pm July 16 '12

    What’s going on ? Has someone walked
    I just couldnt face watching bb tonight it makes me so angry :angry: the unfairness of it all ,
    :music: :music: :music:

  32. sorry not watching this s**t anymore – do they think we’re stupid = the most unfair nominations of all

  33. I have to say I’m so angry about the outcome for this week’s nominations!!! They should have had all the housemate’s up to sift out the ones that are just sailing through like Ashley and Caroline. Grrr :devil:

  34. Did anyone notice when conor spoke about nominations again!

    And when Caroline cheated when they had to say who won the immunity task. The bad team got more than what she said. :angry:

    Why is big brother allowing this to happen? They both need to be put up for nomination!!


  35. AmericanCousin on 11:55pm July 16 '12

    BB is fixed!

    • Raykco on 1:02am July 17 '12

      Totally agree. I’m affriad the show is drifting towards the American way of doing things, where its the housemates who get to decide who leaves, and not the public.

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  36. This is getting rellay interesting!!! The timing was perfect for the two of you. I have to agree with you Luke, you and Brock had some life experiences that had to happen in order for you to come together and truly appreciate each other. xx

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