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Scott and Sara inspect the Big Brother museum
As part of this weeks task, security guards Scott and Sara must...
Alec | Day -310

As part of this weeks task, security guards Scott and Sara must inspect the Big Brother exhibits.

The security guards think that the other housemates have been motionless and silent all day. But what they don’t know is that when the exhibits (housemates in costume) are alone, they sneak off to a treat filled room.

[vimeo id="47101770" caption="Watch security guards Scott and Sara inspect the Big Brother museum to see if all exhibits are as they should be..."]

Do you think Scott and Sara suspect anything? Also is anybody thinking that this task is just the BB7 prison task (with a museum instead) all over again?

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  1. Orchid333 on 9:01pm August 7 '12

    I don’t think that Scott and Sara suspect anything about this task. However, if it had been someone a little older, Like LukeA, who would be able to remember BB7 then they would probably “sus” it out. :smirk:
    Typical of C5 BB pinching ideas from C4 series who did things much better and fairer and did not FIX who is up for the public vote !!!

    Luke A to win :star:

  2. microsis on 10:07pm August 7 '12

    Off topic I have just seen the boxer Anthony Agogo who was in The Big brother celebrity highjack. series
    in the Olympic ,and hes doing great ,looks like he has a good chance of winning a medal :yes: :yes:
    :music: :music: :music:

  3. Bahaha…that’s a crappy totem pole! Looks nothing like one.

  4. oh no it bb thats y

  5. brains on 1:46am August 9 '12

    they again gave scot a major role with plenty of camera time, what an actor,what with his diary room speeches he should be given an oscar

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