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Scott and Deana discuss nominations
Last night, housemates were punished following the discussion of...
| Day -348

Last night, housemates were punished following the discussion of nominations between Scott and Deana.

Following Lydia’s exit, Big Brother told housemates that it is against the rules to talk about nominations, to which a guilty Scott quickly shouted: “We didn’t!” Regardless, Big Brother recited the offending conversation.

“Deana said, ‘Don’t let other people influence you, you’re not a sheep’. Scott said, ‘I always have my own reasons. The thing is, I really did like Lydia, but you’ve got to….someone’.

“Deana replied, ‘No, I’m talking about me. I thought we had a good relationship’. Scott replied, ‘I can’t say, but I didn’t’.”

Scott was adamant this was not a breach of the rules because he avoided using the word ‘nominate’, and Big Brother was asuming this was what the pair were discussing.

However, Big Brother showed no sympathy, and informed hosuemates that the table football set purchased from the shopping list was to be removed, and that the music due as a reward for yesterday’s cleaning task would no longer be played into the house.

Scott was unhappy with the reaction of his fellow hosuemates to the news, and said they were “ridiculous” for getting upset over a table.

This is the third punishment housemates have received since the discussion of nominations was banned. Their access to hot water was revoked on the previous two occasions.

[vimeo id="44992935" caption="Watch Big Brother drop Scott in the hot water (Yes the hot water is still on...)"]

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  1. BB has been weak on their punishments. They need to take their food away.

  2. microsis on 7:03pm June 30 '12

    After Lydia had been evicted ,you could just about hear Caroline say to Conor “they were chanting get Deana out ” to which he replied ” I know can’t wait for Monday ”
    This must surely be classed as talking about nominations as well
    :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 5:12pm July 1 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      You can see it – I can see it and surely every ***** viewer can see the nomination chat going on between Conor [ the chosen one] and either Arron or Caroline, sometimes even one of the lesser species in the house. Why is it that BB can’t see him blatantly picking off his targets for Monday? I am fast loosing patience with these cretins running BB – and that BB employee who keeps popping up in the ‘sweaty box’ on BBOts. He really is a supercilious twit. If Conor is not up this week then he will be there till the end……….but I wont.

  3. Yeah I liked the rich and poor sides with the house divided in two. That was Jade Goody’s year. BB needs something like that to really piss them off..

  4. i sooooo hope caroline is up on monday, she is a lazy 2 faced snob

  5. microsis on 11:10am July 1 '12

    Caroline ,always laughs out loud like a hyena at the most inappropriate moments ,,no wonder teacher Benedict was annoyed by her
    :music: :music: :music:

  6. jennyjuniper on 3:38pm July 1 '12

    Caroline is vacuous, stupid and should be on the eviction list, along with Conor and that drip Ashleigh. It didn’t take them long to start plotting to gang up on Becka did it. They stupidly target someone who the British public voted in!! I’m not saying that Becka will never be up, but as far as I can see she hasn’t done anything to warrant it. Last night Becka said she felt like a kid in the playground and I could see what she meant. Carolines spite is aimed at her because she feels Becka has ‘stolen’ her friend Scott. How childish can a grown woman be?

    • AmericanCousin on 10:50pm July 1 '12

      I have no words, because you’ve said it all. Well done, as always.
      I like Scott, even though he is friends with the loathesome Caroline. I hope he opens up more to other people, like it seems he is with Deana.

  7. i want luke s and conner up monday they are annoying me now

  8. jennyjuniper on 5:37pm July 1 '12

    I liked Scott to start with, but last night when he refused to apologise for discussing nominations made me realise how petty and spoilt he could be. Or it could be that he’s been spending too much time with that other spoilt brat Caroline.

  9. I’ll be upset if it’s Deana vs Lauren.

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