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Schwarzkopf sponsor Big Brother in £2million deal
Hair-coloring and beauty brand Schwarzkopf will be this year's...
Alec | Day -395

Hair-coloring and beauty brand Schwarzkopf will be this year’s official Big Brother sponsor.

Although Channel 5 are yet to comment on this year’s sponsor, the official Twitter account (@BBUK) features a background which contains both the new eye logo, plus the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL badge.

You may see the background below:
Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL sponsor Big Brother

The £2 million deal will see Schwarzkopf be the headline sponsor of Channel 5′s Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

The deal will see Schwarzkopf products appear on idents and all marketing around the Big Brother formats. The idents will be created by Signal TV.

Schwarzkopf takes over Freederm, who sponsored last year’s Big Brother, while Plusnet was the sponsor of Celebrity Big Brother in January.

Channel 5, Schwarzkopf and Endemol, the producer, will run a competition offering a viewer and 11 friends the chance to win “the Big Brother experience”, including house voiceovers, challenges and rewards.

Ben Haxworth, the head of marketing at Schwarzkopf and Henkel, said: “The brand is all about having fun and being a bit different, so there is a great fit with Big Brother.”

This is a typical headline sponsorship video played before Glee:

What do you make of the new sponsor?

Thanks to Big Brother 24/7 for alerting us to this story.

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  1. Don’t really care, are you sure this is even news worthy? ahahah

    • The sponsor for Big Brother has always been interesting to a lot of Big Brother fans. Who the sponsor is, is a good indication of how the show is doing as a whole. The bigger the brand, the more popular the show is etc.

      If you’re getting small brands who you don’t recognise then you know Big Brother is in the danger zone.

      I think Schwarzkopf as a sponsor is great. Bigger then last years sponsor for sure.

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
      • Oh fair enough :)

      • Dotcomboy17 on 7:45pm May 14 '12

        Oh My.. I have forgotten the last sponsor.. oh wait… i remember, it was some sort of spot cream company right? they had an annoying trailer before and after every episode which annoyed me because it was badly made.

        Who is this company? Never heard of them…

        • You have never heard of Schwarzkopf? :surprised: Where have you been this last decade hehe.

          Last year was sponsored by Freederm.

          BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
        • Dotcomboy17, it was actually Plus Net who sponsored Big Brother for last year! Freederm (spot cream) was Channel 4 :)

          BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 06/04/2011
          • Dotcomboy17 on 9:06pm May 14 '12
            NEW MEMBER (4 COMMENTS)

            Alec, erm… under a rock maybe? I will google them, maybe I will know who they are if I see a advert or something, I dont pay much attention to ads…

            Ben, It just shows how much of a attention span I have towards the sponsors of BBUK, the only Sponsor I really liked was the carphone warehouse, I liked there promos the best XD

          • Freederm sponsored Channel 4(Big Brother 11, Ultimate Big Brother) and Channel 5(Celebrity Big Brother 8, Big Brother 12)

            Plusnet only sponsored Celebrity Big Brother 9 in January.

            BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
          • Ahh Alec, that show’s how much attention I pay to it then hehe! LOL!

            BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 06/04/2011
      • “I’m not sure why anyone would want to sponsor the least watched reality show on the least watched channel.I tried watching an episode of the first one but the editing is awfull and blatently manipulated to direct voting.Its sad because before channel 4 started messing around with the idea they had a great reality show that millions were glued to all summer and you’d think channel 5 would’ve wanted to return to that but instead they’ve gone even further in the direction that was losing the fans(no live bits atall,manipulating fans through the editing,picking either wierdos or thick eye candy ect).Hopefully a decent channel will buy it and revive it to its former glory cos Channel 5 haven’t got a clue. Schwarzkopf Live :bigsmile: talk about rubbing it in :rofl:”

  2. Sally on 7:17pm May 14 '12

    This is good news a big company as sponsor. Is what BB needs.

  3. coff3e on 9:49pm May 14 '12

    this cd be good i love theire ads clourfull like the new eye :love:

  4. Sally on 9:43am May 15 '12

    ET in the big brother house lol this must be a wind up. Did anyone see him at the auditions. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  5. microsis on 9:55am May 15 '12

    Gosh Schwarzkopf ,,,they are quite an established manufacturer of hair products ,been on the market for a very long time ,I can remember their hair colour sprays pinks ,blues ,greens, Great quality but was expensive !!!!!!

  6. Tombolian on 3:52pm May 15 '12

    What’s a sponser? When I watch, it’s commercial-free… uh… I mean… um… (shut up you idiot before they find out how you watch in the states!)… Um nevermind. I love Schwarzkopf. He was an excellent general in the military, right?

  7. microsis on 4:13pm May 15 '12

    Hey Tombolian,,, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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