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Sara leaves The White Room
Sara has become the first housemate to leave The White Room after...
| Day -316

Sara has become the first housemate to leave The White Room after today’s ‘Push The Button’ challenge.

This afternoon, three red buzzers in The White Room became active, and Sara, Luke S an Conor were given three minutes to decide who would press their button to forfeit their place in the room, and in doing so lose the chance to win a pass to the final.

If none of the housemates voluntarily pressed their red button at the end of the three minutes, then Big Brother would ask them to make a majority decision as to who should go. If the White Room housemates did not come to a majority decision, then the housemates in the main house would be given one minute to decide who will be eliminated from The White Room task.

As it turned out, Sara was more than happy to press her buzzer after admitting she no longer wanted to stay in the room through boredom.

This means that Luke S and Conor are the last two housemates standing, and will remain in The White Room until Friday.

Would you have liked to have seen Sara last longer in the task?

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  1. This

    Luke S better win this now.
    I think he can, but somehow it will get rigged in favour of Conor..

    • Well according to conner’s brother he will win the white room and the show is he as deluded as conner’s girlfriend, won’t look good for our country if he wins considering its been mentioned on the news in india about him and deana GET HIM OUT A.S.A.P

  2. I only wish that your desire for luke to win this task happens, but with the amount of time left it must be a double eviction this weekend…..Conor I give up on as BB are doing all they can to protect him, so hopefully if not him it will be Trollop and Dollop….aka Ashleigh and Rebecca

  3. on 10:37pm August 1 '12

    I hope it is a double this week one from the main house
    ( ASLEIGH or BEKKY ) & the loser of the white room task . That would bring a smile on a lot of viewers faces I’m sure.

    • BB support bigots, racists and bullies so i doubt they will do anything to remove conor , who will inevitably bring down the whole show. How stupid are production management at BB to allow this to happen.

  4. cattylass on 10:53pm August 1 '12

    Anybody else notice that sara did not stop checking herself out in the mirrors surrounding the white room…????????

  5. michelle79 on 10:53pm August 1 '12

    omg i knew sara would go cos she doesnt want it as bad as the other 2 but i wanted her 2 get the ticket,hate them other 2 idiots

    • Michelle, I don’t think Sara needs a pass to the final as she will probably get there on her own merit.Fear not!

      • sammyvan on 2:24pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Have a look on DS – if Sara carries on as she has since she supposedly was the first to be saved last week, then her chances are slim. Unfortunately Sara seems to be bonding with Becky!!!
        See if you can watch a video ” Becky and Sara distance Deana”. Not good viewing.

        • Sammy, at least Becky should be out tomorrow night thereby depriving Sara of more bonding time! Sara blows with the wind to whichever side she thinks is popular. She was definitely an Insider early in the series and started to gravitate to Deana when she won the most votes to stay a couple of weeks ago. The votes last week were read out in “no particular order” and if you listen they were really read out in the reverse order with Sara first and Deana last. She can’t possibly think she has leapt to first place, can she?? :wondering:

        • Fudge on 4:41pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
          Avatar of

          Really don’t want to view that video Sammyvan. I don’t think I can stomach anyone else who has been a so-called ‘friend’ turning on Deana. Sara has changed since her name was called out first on Friday. She needs to be reminded that last week it was in no particular order and that she is therefore not necessarily the most popular.
          I have really tried to like both Sara and Scott but they are not consistent nor loyal. Sometimes it is justified I grant you, such as Scott being cross with Caroline as she could really be quite obnoxious. But very often it is not and just shows up a weakness of character. I think Deana has sussed Sara and won’t be too bothered about nurtering their friendship anymore. I hope not anyway. She has suffered enough sadness in that house.

          Please vote to save Deana. Don’t assume she is safe. And to lose out to 2 such awful HMs as Becky and Ashleigh would be upsetting to say the least.

          As for the White Room, I give up. I don’t want either of those idiots in the final and to know that one of them will be there makes my blood boil.

  6. Of course Sara went – how could it have been any other way? She went before the pressure could be exerted by either of the boys – what a pity she could not have been a bit stronger. What a dreary exit – the Australian White Room was far better (it was designed to let the person who stayed the longest into the house). The contestants put the pressure on themselves, they were not manipulated by some rule that was all of a sudden introduced to get a result. The expected impact has fallen flat – let’s hope it does again when either Luke S or Conor is forced out by some new rule.

  7. What a shocker Sara left first nobody predicted that did they :puke: Just Conthug and Puke S to battle it out, what a cock fight, literally! It couldn’t be more fixed if they tried…oh hang on. And what’s this? 75 mins of Bitch On The Side? A totally Conor-centric show and an extra 15 mins to discuss Conor and how great he is? Pathetic. Fix. Rigged. Hurry up and finish may as well give the deluded idiot his crown robe and 100k now you spineless imeciles C5. :puke:

    • NOBODY WANTS CONOR TO WIN SO HE BLOODY WONT WIN AND HE CAN put his bloody big rotten ego away for good. He may get to the final. He may even get a few votes but WIN???/ Not a hope in Hell no matter how many plugs he gets or favouritism is there

  8. on 11:09pm August 1 '12

    B.B have made a mess of this task as well didn’t they watch the task on B.B.australia? Min you we shouldn’t be surprised they’ve made a mess of the whole series this year.

  9. Evict the two in the white room and give us all a laugh !! 2 big headed good for nothing little boys

  10. yeahyeahyeah on 11:46pm August 1 '12

    Okay…did I miss something? I thought there was going to be a White Room special highlights show tonight, as well as a White Room special BOTS. It looked like a regular highlights show and a really lame BOTS where we didn’t even see the outcome of the White Room task? Is there another White Room highlights show that I’ve missed here? Or is this it? How many more disappointments do we have to suffer with this series?

    • Too right,YeahYeah…a real letdown. More boring than usual ‘highlights’ and a dull, even more vacuous BBBOTS with the shrieking Emma Willis giving constant plugs to a Police Academy film which followed. Total crap. The only interesting highlight was the sight of Moby Beck and Ashtray having a bitch-fest in the smoker about Deana and they said tht she made THEM want to ‘vomit’ she was so devious!!!! If only you could see yourselves as others see you pair of lags. I shall be happy to see the end of this awful series and will not be bothering with CBB.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 12:33am August 2 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        I was expecting an exciting show, maybe even a live show with Brian hosting or something…tell me what is so special about this “special”?????

        • It was the most boring non-eventful show of the series so far and what was a drastically improved BOTS show has also descended into farce. The only highlight has been watching Lauren take chunks out of vile Caroline! Used to like Emma but she’s grating bad now and Jamie is close behind. What is the point of his silly phone-in?! I really do think C5 should have held back and will make a huge mistake by airing a second series of CBB this year. Whopping humungous giant great big clangers are their forte now, C5 and Endemol are a class act! :fubar:

  11. brokenangel on 1:46am August 2 '12

    All said and done, if one of the fellas had left Sara would be stuck with one of them for the duration, she has done nothing wrong to warrant that. LOL. Do admire her though for coming out and taking her chances.

  12. TunTnuT on 4:05am August 2 '12

    If BB has any sense of commitment to the public and to acceptable behaviour, then one can only hope that they are setting up ConHer for the biggest fall…

    By allowing him to make it to the end, and letting him think he has a chance to win is a beautiful way to make him fall from the highest point of his BB experience !

    The longer he is allowed in… the more the public will hate him and display that hatred !

    A finale of a ConHer hate campaign, whilst he firmly believes that he is a “winner” will be the ultimate humility… especially while he has to stand by and watch Deana win and recieve the accolades !

    Keeping him to the end is easier for BB to keep him in the background ! If he gets kicked out now, the public will have to put up with his tirade and give him more airtime than what he deserves ! !

  13. Very predictable, Pity sara didnt stick it out and make the other two sweat, I would say shes safe for the final anyway, I like the way BB did that though, hope the next step is as swift, will the housemates get to choose who gets the money if there is a stalemate??? They think that the sun shines out of Conors ar*e so he will win whatever. absolutely disgusted with every single person who works for BB for allowing this vile man to even have a chance to get to the final, it makes every single one of them as bad as him.

  14. jennyjuniper on 7:36am August 2 '12

    BOTS last night was very odd. The audience seemed to have been told, ‘If you can’t say anything positive about Conor, don’t say anything.’ Then she asked the audience something and the expected answer didn’t appear, there was just a stony silence. Mind you I don’t know why I say odd, protecting the conman has become the norm on that show hasn’t it.

    • Orchid333 on 8:20am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      FIX FIX FIX – Disgraceful BB this year. Bring back channel 4 to BB. One would think that Brian Dowling (who I love) Emma Willis (who I did love but don’t anymore) and the rest of the production team that they would be ashamed of working on such an obviously biased and cheating show. Davina was 100% right in her decision not to return to Channel 5 BB :angry:

    • Orchid333 on 1:41pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Jenny – spot on :yes:

  15. jennyjuniper on 8:26am August 2 '12

    I’ve just read a disturbing post on another site, which said that calls to save Deana were being diverted to Becky!! If this is so, please complain to Ofcom who apparently reccomend a site called
    Regarding Scott, who has been warned AGAIN about racial slurs about Deana; I thought he recieved his FINAL warning days ago. Why doesn’t BB just say ‘Abuse and intimidate at will, because we don’t give a shit’.

    • microsis on 9:39am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi jennyjuniper :love: ,this is very disturbing isn’t it
      I read that it is both Deana and Luke A voting lines that are getting ” thanks for calling you have voted for Becky

      The problem is as well ,,you can’t check to see if it ok because once you have phoned the call count as a vote for Becky
      Alot of fans of deana and luke A can not even get through at all
      :music: :music: :music:

      • brokenangel on 1:18pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        I have tried both numbers for Luke A and Deana and can confirm I got through to the right name on each.Every year there is a hoax message go roud about numbers people changing numbers so you vote for their housemate. I got the official numbers and not took any chance on one supplied by link lol

        To save Deana -
        Call from a landline: 0901 616 1708
        Call from a mobile: 650 58 08

        To save Luke A -
        Call from a landline: 0901 616 1710
        Call from a mobile: 650 58 10

    • microsis on 9:44am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Oh I forgot ,, I thought Scott warning was because he threatened to slap her face I might be wrong though

      We will see later ,or will we

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Hi jenny and Microsis,,,,I put a comment on Deana’s page earlier about this ,,,it is disgusting what channel 5/BB are doing…
      I have also looked at the betting odds on the eviction
      Becky is Favourite to go,,,then Ashleigh….it shows Deana and Luke A safe…but the betting odds have been wrong for the past few weeks , when Arron went …Conor was odds on to go…Arron was 7/1 to stay
      almost impossible for Conor to stay but once again he did….
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Whay weren’t his comments broadcast to the house far worse than BMI jibe.

      • microsis on 12:59pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Becky comment a while back ,that she felt physically sick
        seeing lukeA in the pool with his top off

        Was the most nasty vile comment of the series IMO
        after Conor’s of course that goes without saying

        Why oh why wasn’t that shown to the hms
        Or repeated on Bbbots

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 1:49pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Microsis BB know who they want to win and Luke A is obviously not one of them. Did you notice on BB last in the white room that Conor said to Sara – ” you only received one nomination from an indivual after you had an argument with them” – implying that is was Deanna. Deanna did not actually vote for her last week did she? :wondering: Can’t this be construed as discussing nominations AGAIN?

        • Exactly and Trashleigh called her a whale which is worse in my eyes, I think Trashleigh should go it will be fun to see becky change into her many personalities, and I bet Luke S starts flirting with sara cause its obvious he fancys her

          • sammyvan on 2:16pm August 2 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            I have just been watching a video “Becky and Sara distance Deana” – seems Becky is up to her nasty ways again. She has told Sara a shovel load of **** that apparently Deana has said [ most of the conversation distorted, made up and completely ‘Beckied’, and Sara is falling for it! What is it with Sara – she blows hot and cold with Deana every day. Does she now think that as she was the first to be announced as “safe”, she is the most popular and can now ditch her friendship with Deana? Loosing patience with this girl. For me its Deana, Luke A and Adam. I hope Becky goes on Friday, if not then Ash.

          • microsis on 2:28pm August 2 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            I know sammyvan ,,,did you see Sara telling Becky that Deana is not a nice person

            Sara mum said that Becky spread poison though out the house ,,,you would have thought Sara would have learnt from that
            wouldn’t you
            :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 2:33pm August 2 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Yup, would have thought so, Microsis. Shame she thinks she is now invincible – what is the saying….something about pride coming before the fall!

          • Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Oh yes, it does.

  16. yeahyeahyeah on 8:41am August 2 '12

    The “inaudible” part of Conor’s rant about Deana actually isn’t inaudible at all, and it’s probably the worst bit of it. Here it is in full (with what was previously stated as in “inaudible” in CAPS for emphasis).


    Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


    Nice piece of work that boy is. mmmhmm

    • OMG you are sooooooo right that is the 1st time i have heard the inaudible part, he is a disgrace big brother should be ashamed, if he had said that about a family member of mine he would need a miricle to help him cause i would seriously do damage to that guy, hes got no respect for women at all, how can hes family say bad things about deana over fbook/twitter when ther scum of a kid said this GET HIM OUT A.S.A.P

      • jennyjuniper on 9:29pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        The truly awful thing is that Conor wasn’t called into the diary room after this disgusting outburst until many of us had complained to Ofcom and Schwartzkopf. That fact disgusts me almost as much as his sick ravings.

  17. Scott Mason has been given yet another warning by Big Brother after more comments made about fellow housemate Deana Uppal.

    Scott had been given a “formal” and final warning after mocking Deana’s Indian culture.

    Big Brother told him in the Diary Room at the time: “Big Brother has no option other than to issue you with a formal warning; if you use this type of language again we may have to consider removing you from the Big Brother house. ”

    However BB were forced to call Scott into the Diary Room again this week to remind him of the rules.

    It followed a bitching session between him, Ashleigh and Becky about Deana where Scott referred to the former Miss India champ as an “it” and said she had the “slapability” factor.

    “There’s no model about her, it’s just absolutely ridiculous, there’s no spark in her eyes,” Becky spat in the chat.

    Scott replied: “Oh my God, I just wanted to throw a glass of water at her.

  18. Just watched Emma on BBBOTS?????????????????/ was she on commission for Police Academy what a waste of time that show is becoming. Bring back Davina and channel 4.
    Channel :c5: why are you wasting air time with Caroline who seems to have become more vile since she left, her nose was so far up in the air, and she still looks down her nose at everyone even the presenters who sit and laugh at her?????. She says it herself i dont care, i really dont care, and she doesnt she is a spoilt little rich kid, who doesnt care about anyone or anything.
    I am really losing patience with BB, the voting seems to be rigged and you are allowing a Racist Bully to stay in there and for his vile family an friends to post comments on other sites. Sort yourselves out before your ratings disappear. :angry:

  19. microsis on 10:16am August 2 '12

    Coming to your screens soon
    The most spectacular twist in the history of big brother

    “THE WHITEROOM ” Live tonight on BBBOTS

    I was really excited ,I was hoping to see one of the hms in the W/R being tempted to take the £25. 000 and leaving the bb house with no crowd to greet them on the outside. Not Sara though
    What a let down once again :no:

    :music: :music: :music:

  20. BBFanDebs on 10:36am August 2 '12

    Oh my gosh…what is this show becoming! I stopped watching after it left channe 4, and I have been hooked on the USA version but gave the UK version a go…but wish I hadnt bothered. The USA version is so much better than this pile of tosh they are passing off as a show. Proper tasks that are hard like if they had gotten the box task, in the US they would have been bombarded with artificial rain, wind etc. What has happened to this once brilliant show?? When did it become ok for a housemate to spew out that vile rant towards another housemate and get away with it?? Having also seen the homophobic, racist denigrading stuff on the fanpage who supported Conor, his family think that way/. They found all that stuff funny until they were rumbled and they tried to backtrack and tell people to stop. Nice family eh!

    I hope that Deana has the sense to do something about this man when she leaves. No one should ever be subject to that, It may have been said in the hea of the moment but his behaviour since then has done nothing to allay any of my fears that he didn’t mean what he said.

    • Belladonna on 1:18pm August 2 '12

      Conor claimed it was the heat of the moment, and the comments said in anger, but if you watch the clip you will see that he’s laughing throughout. No excuse either way.

      • its a disgrace if I was sat round that table when he was saying that I would have said summit told him he was out of order yet not ONE person said anything so in my eyes there are as bad as him, haven’t seen what the family and friends have been writing but heard that there were putting pictures up and saying bad things about deana, its been on the indian news about conner god what are ppl guna think of our country this is the 2nd time now but least channel 4 handled it in the right manner by removing the housemate, what have channel 5 done NOTHING protected him by threatening to sexually attack her and punch her in the face thats a threat to hurt her this should have been dealt with, then scott has been called to the diary room AGAIN over comments about deana big brother stated that if this happened again there would look into removing him from the house, so he does it again and there give him yet another warning WTF I liked scott but now hes getting like Conner, Ashleigh, Becky and Luke S

        • And this all stemed for the BMI comment well there in for a shock as the two ugly sisters are up for the chop I CNT WAIT bring it on

        • yeahyeahyeah on 3:05pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

          The “inaudible” part of Conor’s rant about Deana actually isn’t inaudible at all, and it’s probably the worst bit of it. Here it is in full (with what was previously stated as in “inaudible” in CAPS for emphasis).


          Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

          Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

          Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

          Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

        • jennyjuniper on 9:32pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Yes they apparently drew Deana’s face on a poppadom and made disgusting comments about Deana and equally disgusting ones about Luke A’s sexuality. They called the English c…s and other vile expletives. As I said, it’s easy to see where Conor gets his nastiness from.

  21. microsis on 10:45am August 2 '12

    Conor and Luke S has just been given some white dumb bells to exercise with
    I thought this was an endurance task ,,,,not you can have what you want but the hard part is its white

    :music: :music: :music:

  22. the white room winner goes into final and the loser will be evicted.

  23. I thought winner goes to final and loser gets 25,000.
    White room is a yawn fest.

    • Orchid333 on 1:52pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      I think that if Luke S or Conor get £25,000 the rest of the housemates will not like it. However, they won’t admit to it unless it is in a bitch session. :wink:

    • Orchid333 on 1:55pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      I have just had a thought, if it is correct that either Luke S or Conor get £25,000, Sara will not be a happy lassie !!! :giggle:

      • sammyvan on 2:20pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

      • Biddy on 3:05pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        She certainly won’t….Have not liked Sara for a while now, she flits from one side to the other, but always seems to take more notice of the insiders….
        I think all HM’S that are not up for eviction should have had the chance to win the £25,000…maybe i missed the reason why they didn’t …
        :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 4:58pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Biddy have you noticed the change in Sara since she came out of the white room after spending time with those 2 tossers? She has become so argumentative and slagging Deanna off with Becky. :speechless:

          • BJKUK on 11:11am August 3 '12
            MEMBER (35 COMMENTS)

            Yes, Orchid, she has become a Jekyll and Hyde character. When she was expounding her political views and Deana , in an effort to partake in a discussion instead of the usual bitch-fests in there, tried to ask an intelligent question Sara flipped, got all defensive and attacked Deana. This, after Sara had told BB in the diary room how she longed for some conversation which required thought! After Deana left what was turning into an argument the three poisonous gossips, Trashleigh, BMI and Scott started sticking the knife into her telling Sara they would never have humiliated her by asking her a question!!!! She admitted she knows nothing in depth about politics so she sounds off about subjects she knows nothing about. It is obvious that Deana can say nothing to that lot without it being deliberately misinterpreted. If she keeps her opinions to herself they accuse her of being boring or lazy. She is head and shoulders above them in character and dignity.

      • Sara wont mind in the least. Its not about the money or the pass to the final for her. She said she will take her chances and knew she was giving up something big when she left the room. It only proves she DOES not think she will win and DOES not have a gameplan. I love Sara

        • you’ll be able to check her out in full detail on Nuts wef. sept. or shortly thereafter i’ll guarantee.

          ps. Lauren – I kinda kidded myself that you were smarter than that…

  24. Wouldn’t it be good if BB did the biggest twist and said on friday night so one of the nominees went and then on that night Luke S and Conor had to decide which one leaves the white room and say it was Luke S then Conor won the white room task but however Conor would win the £25,000, But it was the first person to LEAVE the white room which was Sara.. gets a pass to the final and Conor is automatically evicted… I would acctually love that to happen…. :bigsmile:

  25. Sally on 3:22pm August 2 '12

    IF any one is interested. you can still see the video of Conors rant about Deana.
    On Twitter Deana Uppal 1st August.

  26. Just read on another site. Ash and Becks had to take part in a quiz and then a competition to drink milk the fastest in support of their men!
    Result was Conner won a reward and Luke was punished.
    Seems to me that Ash never stood a chance.
    Come on BB come up with some decent tasks.

  27. agressive bully and only bullies women connor out.

  28. bb gr8t job. conner 2 get free pass and win and luke a 2 get 50k

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