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Sara finishes in 4th place
Sara is the second evictee of tonight's series finale, and has...
Alec | Day -304

Sara is the second evictee of tonight’s series finale, and has left the Big Brother house in fourth place

The Scottish student started the series as a quieter member of the house, but staying on the right side of her fellow contestants meant she only faced eviction once before the final.

One of Sara’s most memorable moments was a drunken rendition of ‘God Save The Queen’, and on a personal level a highlight was receiving a 2:1 in her university results while in the house.

Did you want Sara to win?

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  1. str-8-edge on 9:45pm August 13 '12

    ———–GO ADAM —————-

  2. Sally on 10:01pm August 13 '12

    Well done sara 4th good luck.

  3. pure fix hope celeb bb is better big let down :c5:

  4. rhero on 10:30am August 14 '12

    damn she was my pick.. but glad she was in the final
    what a sweetheart and an all around good girl :yes:

  5. wish sara had won

  6. well done sara deserved her place in the final :bigsmile:

  7. Aasha on 11:21pm August 15 '12

    OMG i love sara soo much iwish she wud hav won she is soo pretty too id love 2 meet her x

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