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Sara, Deana and Luke A discuss nominations
All housemates have been punished as a result of the trio...
| Day -331

All housemates have been punished as a result of the trio discussing nominations last night.

Following a round of face-to-face nominations in which Luke A and Lauren were put up for eviction, housemates broke the rule regarding the discussion of nomination, again.

Talking about ‘the insiders’, Deana told Luke A: “It’s always going to be a certain group who’ll nominate me until I go. The same four will keep doing it. Let’s not talk about it, we’ll get in to trouble.”

Luke A replied: “What bugs me is that they’ve got their own issues with each other, but they’ll never do it. There is probably more reasons for them to nominate each other.”

“They don’t want to go against what they’ve already pre-determined. That’s where we f**ked up,” Deana added. “Next week, it’s going to be me. The week after that, it’s going to be Adam.”

Later on, Luke said to Sara he was trying to be a good person in the house.

Sara responded: “You are a good person. The only reason I nominated you was just because I thought sometimes you are a bit moody, but that might just be my interpretation of it.”

Big Brother repeated the offending conversations to all housemates, and removed access to hot water as punishment.

Conor warned the group that if their disregard for the rules continued, everyone would be put up for eviction. Now there’s an idea!…

Do you think Big Brother’s punishment was harsh enough?

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  1. bbs punishment is a complete joke. what about conor, caroline and becky in the bathroom last night bb?becky said that she felt guilty for influencing nominations. thats just a taster of what was said. watch it on youtube. wheres their punishment. ?????channel :c5: dont give a damn about what the public thinks. all you want to do is line your pockets. hang your head in shame. you have turned what was a nrilliant show into a house full of hatred. R.I.P. big brother

  2. I am very disappointed with the Big Brother producers and the show. This is the worst season yet. I can not believe all the crazy things that they have let slide. The housemates (INSIDERS) behaviour has been horrible yet they have not been put up for eviction and Big Brother has not allowed the public to voice their distaste towards their actions by evicting them. I really hope that the Big Brother team wise up and listen to the viewing public.

  3. Jillie on 4:27pm July 17 '12

    How pathetic is the punishment ??? Is it any wonder viewers are getting peed off the this load of cr**.

  4. i say scrap whos up this week and put them all up next week 4 a double eviction, let the public decide !!!

  5. Agree totally.. none of the nice housemate have had a chance to have fun.. the Clique
    are too busy spreading hate… funny that when they get involved in tasks they actually enjoy doing it .. everyone is reacting to how they are getting treated and so they treat them the same way … vicious circle..

  6. Joseph on 4:32pm July 17 '12

    If Channel 5 weren’t so quick to open the voting lines each week, they could make changes to the eviction line up as punishment! They should wait until the Tuesday night highlights show when the noms are shown… Sara and Deana could have been put up alongside Luke and Lauren.

    Banning hot water again is pathetic :tongueout:

    • Raykco on 4:39pm July 17 '12

      Take your point Joseph and agree.

      The only thing I don’t understand with BB and Ch5, is why they wait until Monday to have the nominations. They are greed merchants and try to bleed every penny they can from the viewers. Its a wonder they don’t have noms on Saturday so they would have an extra 2 days to wring out even more money.

      • BBNut on 6:27pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Raykco, I’m in complete agreement with all of your posts and I have also been a fan since day one. I am also appalled and outraged over what this series has become thanks to C5. I’m lost for words. Never watching BB have I felt so uncomfortable to the point I have had to switch off in anger and disgust. The plug should be pulled on this series, the complaints must be rolling in to Ofcom, C5,Swarzkopf and goodness knows who else by now, I expect they will be deluged already. I am so so disappointed, I think the show is in great jeopardy and deservedly so. I hope CBB is a massive flop and signals the end. The ‘celebrities’ involved have blackened their names and CV’s before it’s even begun and they won’t have a hope in hell of reviving their careers – unless it’s a house full of TOWIE and other reality show rejects as they will be the only fame-starved ones desperate enough to go on. For a second time BB is on it’s last legs, only this time it won’t get back up again. Aside from all the scandal C5 have murdered it by broadcast overkill and treated it and the viewers like dirt. I suspect a permanent axing isn’[t far away now sadly.

    • Jules on 4:41pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      and the rest should be up as well for talking before the face to face noms. They each knew who to nominate. If it were Sara as well, i think she would go. Deanna is favourite to win at the moment.

      • Joseph on 5:13pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (176 COMMENTS)

        I think it would be Sara to go as well, she brings nothing to the house…

        • rionablue on 7:06pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (3792 COMMENTS)

          Sara is and has been herself throughout the whole show. I cant BELIEVE how anyone could say she brings nothing to the show. Aside from the fact she is stunning, she is so funny when she has had a few drinks. If you look at the housemates as a whole Sara is ACTUALLY the one of them who has BITCHED the least!!!!!! If anyone disagrees with me name your housemate who has bitched less. Definitely not SAINT lauren.

    • paulbad on 8:13pm July 17 '12

      And your trying to manipulate the nomination proceedure, just because the public dont agree with you lotof snivelling liberals the whole shows doomed in your eyes, get a life, Go conor.

  7. no body vote this week and see how big bro like that
    rubbish this year ,would not waste my money on any one of them

  8. Jules on 4:43pm July 17 '12

    Am waiting for the discussion on behalf of the Insiders, have we had that yet, am getting lost with it all. It was before Deanna though so I guess BB are overlooking that, typical eh!!!

  9. MacinTyler95 on 4:47pm July 17 '12

    Removing the hot water is RIDICULOUS! They need bigger punishments, like losing access to the bedroom for 2 nights, or them all being put up for eviction! Big Brother is far too soft.

  10. on 5:19pm July 17 '12

    ” Do I think the punishements harsh enough” Mmmmmm let me think is the pope Jewish? Grrrrrrr B.B & :c5: make me so mad with there biased attitude to some off the housemates :angry: how can they allow Connor & Caroline to get away with there racist comments & only given a slight telling off , but when DEANNA says something that could be deemed racist its said over the speakers.
    B.B & :c5: have ruined the show & completely missed the whole context off the show. It is suppose to be a social experiment where ALL HOUSEMATES MUST FOLLOW THE SAME RULES, THE SAME PUNISHEMENTS . What’s happened here is the complete opposite of what big brother was suppose to be. :angry: :angry:

    R.I.P. R.I.P. R.I.P.

  11. Unbelievable!!
    Felt sorry for preenters on BOTS last night they did not look at ease. and Emma said more than once that she felt sorry for Luke A. No wonder she putty that horrid woman in the audience in her place! Tell the producers what you feel Emma or are you scared of losing a plum job?

  12. you dont have to phone to get rid of becky… stop the food going in shell be at big macks before you can say telly tubbies

  13. karen g on 5:50pm July 17 '12

    in the next week or two wont be worth watching at all, as the house will totally be unbalanced. and i wont care who :yawn: wins

  14. zeppelin on 6:04pm July 17 '12

    :angry: Can someone please explain to me how Caroline is still in that house when she clearly made a racist remark about Adam . She called him a gorilla which is just one step up from a monkey . A couple of years ago a housemate was thrown out in the early hours of the morning for using the `N`word but she didnt say it in a derogetary manner. This is the worst BB ive ever seen . Well done channel 5 , you`re going to get the second winner to out to a chorus of boo`s.

    • paulbad on 1:51pm July 18 '12

      Gorillas not racist at all its a big animal, i always call doormen gorillas, black or white, stop making it a racist issue which it aint, now if you said get her out shes a complete bitch i would totally agree with you :bigsmile:

  15. Who is Big Brother channel 5 or a certain section of housemates who can bend the rules without any meaningful consequences

  16. put the lot up and get the bitches out becky and caroline

  17. So why are the Insiders never punished, they always seem to single it out when when it is Deana, they are as bad as Conor. Just put them ALL up anyway, then they wont be able to discuss it, oh no of course BB wont do that they might lose precious Conor and clan.

  18. sma on 6:30pm July 17 '12

    last time for me here this programme this year is a joke..bye bye

  19. What a cheek Conor has, he has been one of the worst offenders discussing nominations. Like everyone else I think BB chooses who to punish to influence the show, bad tactics, people will get fed up with it and stop watching if they deem it unfair. They are a shower of miserable backstabbing whingers this year and not much fun to watch, which is a shame.

  20. AmericanCousin on 6:47pm July 17 '12

    This is the worst season ever. BB is a joke.

  21. was really enjoying big brother till now those nastie bully insiders are getting away with everything they are telling each other who they are voting for just by comfirming to each other who they dont like and all the good people will be kicked out one by one i wont vote or watch because i like both of them who are nominated and i will not watch the show any more because i cant stand the bullying. put them all up and let us vote who to kick out and i will watch again and vote

  22. rionablue on 7:12pm July 17 '12

    Im actually quite enjoying BB this year. After some snorefest years specially the year Cameron won there is plenty of back stabbing, bitching, rule breaking etc. Everyone who has been a fan of big brother should know that this is what the show is all about. We are MEANT to hate some of the housmates ( remember Charley and a few more vile ex housemates) We are meant to LIKe one of two of the housemates ( In my case I really only like Sara) We are meant to give out about the way its run but still we will probably watch it again next year. Come on people. If you dont like watching it DONT WATCH it. But its nothing new to have cliques, bitching, rule breaking, and mud slinging

  23. What a great idea scrap nominations this week and put the whole house up for nominations (double eviction next week) let the public decide I think the whole dynamics of the house will change – come on BB make some decent decisions and let us decide I don’t think Connor or Caroline would be around for very long – I hope Luke A doen’t go

  24. I sincerely hope that everyone disgusted by the way this programme is being manipulated in favour of the ignorant,obnoxious housemates,decide to abstain from voting this week.We the viewers are the reason this programme survives yet our complaints and concerns are being completely ignored,so let us unite and refuse to vote for the decent nominees up this week.POWER TO THE VIEWERS.

  25. jellzbean on 7:58pm July 17 '12

    I´m with you on that!!!

  26. Celie on 8:14pm July 17 '12

    I think it s horrible how the housemates are bullying Deana and Lauren. I dont understand how the producers dont do anything about it. The girls are so jealous of Lauren, Deana is too clever for them, Conor is an immature bully with no personality. you can not like someone but the wise dont go on about it like this. gggrrrr. rant over! :rofl:

    • jennyjuniper on 8:26pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Don’t get mad, get even. If BB won’t listen to our complaints about racist and sexist comments and the unrelenting bullying, then please contact SCHWARTZKOPF, BB’s biggest sponsor and tell them that if they don’t intervene then we will boycott their products. If enough of us do it, surely they will have to listen.

      • Your soo sad …… Clearly have no life.

        • Tombolian on 9:56pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

          C’mon Jay, stop trolling and take your own advice. I may not agree with Jenny, but degrading somebody’s character is no way to get on in life…
          Cheers there buddy! :drink: :beer:

      • paulbad on 12:24pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (39 COMMENTS)

        Jenny you are so sad, just because housemates you dont personally like arent up you wanna boycott the show lol, grow up your such a whinging leftie its untrue, people like real people and conor lauren etc are real your fake hms are no match, and remember you can always turn off, we wont miss you.

        • sammyvan on 12:45pm July 18 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          We try not to get personal on this site, PAULBAD.
          Support who you like and have the courtesy to allow us to do the same.
          I think you will find there are many of us on TBB who WOULD miss Jenny….she aint going nowhere!
          Try to understand that it’s not always a case of ‘who’ you support that is being discussed – it is the blatant bias being shown by BB and :c5: .
          in my opinion.

          • paulbad on 1:57pm July 18 '12
            MEMBER (39 COMMENTS)

            What bias is that then, you lot hate conor, hes been up regular the public vote to keep him in, get over it, as for bullying where, its just life, you need to get one, someone disagreeing with someone else isnt bullying, gorilla isnt a racist term either so get over that too, most seem up deanas backside a fake brit who cant take the least bit of criticism without whinging and you can see she is longing to throw the race card too, they are plotting against me blah blah, while she talks about conor constantly, what a hippocrite. :kiss:

      • I agree , i won’t buy products from a company that sponsers a show that allows a threat of sexual assault against a woman. Conor should be taken out for police investigation.

  27. The HM’s don’t care if they’ve got no hot water. For a week some of them were showering from a strange old contraption in the garden. They should’ve stuck with the either can’t nominate or automatically up, for noms talk. Even better, if the same HM does it again the week they are up, then BB pick from a hat someone to join them etc. But I suppose that would involve some effort and BB don’t seem to want to bother with such technicalities which actually was the point of BB in the first place.

  28. Put them all up for eviction, most are just nasty, spiteful people. Let the public sort out the worst culprits and get rid of them. BB should stop them bitching and talking about each other and dish out more seve punishments

  29. what a joke i dont think i can watch anymore how can bb not realise that it was a setup in voting if we can see it how is it bb cant and their the ones that are watching the house 24/7 :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  30. Jules on 10:59pm July 17 '12

    I feel so upset for Deanna, BB how brilliant you are you are hurting the wrong ones. Sadistic young producers and staff who think that this is what the public want to see.

    Now that you have done that to Adam, Lauren, Luke A and Deanna, how about playing fair and showing Luke S remarks on Ashleigh. You did it to Adam. How about sorting Caroline, Becky and Connor out for their abusive talk and the unfair game in the hands of Connor and Caroline……how about doing something to even the score instead of taking it out on the ones who care. The others dont care……

    • paulbad on 12:26pm July 18 '12

      Deannas as manipulative as the rest of the house, and sneaky too, and woe betide if she isnt liked lol, like luke a they are now falling apart, bring it on and the real fakes will fall.

  31. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 11:06pm July 17 '12

    It’s a game show that’s all!

    Yet again it’s not BB or the housemates who are the culprits, it’s the voting public.

    A) You should have got rid of Conor in the first week.

    B) You should have saved Squeaks in the second week.

    C) You should have saved Benedict.

    D) You should have saved Lydia.

    E) You should have saved Slim Shady Shiv and for the third chance you had, got rid of Desperate Dan from Derry.

    If you had followed my simple formula then BB would be so exciting instead of boring and full of bullies!

    The voting public haven’t changed since 2000 because you ALWAYS get rid of the interesting people.

    PLEASE don’t moan now as it’s all your bloomin’ fault..

    • The thing with big brother is that every week you see a different color on each of the housemates. Here’s the reason why people voted that way.

      1) Conor is not as arrogant as he is now during the first week.
      2) Squeaks is really annoying and Arron shows potential as he is (at the time) is really funny.
      3) Lauren is the “victim” of the house thus people like her.
      4) Lydia much as Caroline plays both sides of the house.
      5) Slim Shady Shiv destroys herself with her condescending and pointless argument with Deanna.

      As for the reason why people are complaining right now is that it is unfair that BB stated that influencing people for nominations is forbidden yet the insiders continues to bitch about specific outsiders prompting them to nominate the person yet they are not reprimanded while Deanna’s comments about how “a random group” is going to nominate continues to be aired around the house. The rule is a prevention so that there will be no cliques targeting a single housemate and if there is a “group” they will have a hard time pinpointing who their next target is. As shown the insiders just “bitch” about who their target is which is Lauren and Luke A. Their bitching clearly shows that they are influencing people on how to vote and will continue on as long as the outsiders are out. Deanna on the contrary is just stating a fact is being called out.

      Anyhow, people always wanted to see the underdogs winning and reaching the finals (as do I) yet due to BB unfairness I doubt if it can happen. By next week another two of the outsiders will be up, until the point that there is only a single one of them pitted against the insiders every week. Hopefully that outsider will get all the support that he/she will need to win it all.

      Deanna, Luke A, Lauren and Adam were called boring yet the continuing antics and bitchiness of the insiders get to the nerves of the viewers. As for me, I prefer a “dull” housemate rather than those that annoys me. Also, the continuing showmance of Luke and Ashleigh which is now being highlighted is just cringe to watch. Luke S is obviously playing to the camera while Ash is just pathetic for not being able to see that she is being played.

      • Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 2:07am July 18 '12
        MEMBER (23 COMMENTS)

        You and the majority of the voting public seem to like dull housemates. Do you like cricket or Songs of Praise by any chance?

        Well I don’t like bores and I’d prefer to see some arguments, action, entertaining characters, people who are adults and not children, stirring and people on the edge!

        Instead I had to see a pig faced boy gizz over a girl who has no self respect, people smoking, a grotesque bully, a stuck up, spoilt little racist, people smoking, people sleeping, stupid and very childish pranks and people smoking.

        Unfortunately there are too many Virgoans in the house and they are one of the dullest signs of the zodiac. I wanted all those who were evicted to stay, except stupid Arron. I know why people saved who they did because they vote who they like over those who are the most entertaining.

        I think Deana or Adam will win, possibly zzzzz Lauren. With the likes of Cameron, Anthony and winning past shows, you can tell that Britain loves a bore!

        Anyway, Conor is my little bitch and I’ll have him in a leather thong and tied to a dog lead when he gets out, wooooof

    • rionablue on 1:02am July 18 '12
      MEMBER (3792 COMMENTS)

      Absolutely agree with you :yes: :yes: :yes: Conor is gwennies little bitch

  32. Nobody deserves to be bullied but as far as I can see they r all as bad as each other,,every single one of them has been trying to influence noms, Deana has showed it on more than one occasion, Deana supporters if u think it’s so awful for her then y doesn’t she walk??? She has been up for nom a few times so then y do u not rescue her n vote her out n save her frm the baddies she chooses to remain with?? Plz ppl every single HM knows wot they signed up for, each one is in it to win it or wot they can get out of it, Conor Caroline Deana luke s…they all hav their ugly sides n I really think we all need a reality check, this is a game show n ppl r in there of their own free will n can leave whenever they wish, no crimes hav been committed except against intelligence.

  33. Legend, crime agains’t intelligence, that sums it all up :bigsmile:

    Mind you, I think that might go for a lot of the voting public too!

    Hang on, my little bitch Conor is dry humping my leg again.


    He’s such a naughty little doggie :wondering:

  34. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 4:42am July 18 '12

    OMG does my bitch Conor know the pope is Catholic?!

  35. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 10:11am July 19 '12

    In what way?

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