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Samantha evicted from Celebrity Big Brother
Samantha Brick is the latest celebrity housemate to be evicted...
Alec | Day -286

Samantha Brick is the latest celebrity housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2012 during a double eviction.

The journalist was next in line for the chop as she battled it out between Coleen and Danica, but received the fewest votes.

Samantha is an ex-television executive, TV consultant, journalist, writer, yogi and French housewife and most famous for her controversially honest account of her own beauty. After seventeen days in the Celebrity Big Brother house she left to boo’s from the crowds.

Samantha’s famous article from the Daily Mail on 3rd April 2012 made headlines for being self-indulgent and too self-gratifying. The title of the article was ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty. Why women hate me for being beautiful’.

During her interview with Brian Dowling after being evicted, she said: “I expected it to be honest, I went with people having a certain perception of me.”

It has been confirmed that next week’s eviction will be another double eviction night.

Leave your remarks on the first eviction of the night below.

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  1. I’m glad she’s gone as didn’t really like her! But the house is going to be lost without someone to cook them all food now! Hehe :party:

    BACKING TO WIN: Dan JOINED: 05/04/2011
    • Orchid333 on 11:30pm August 31 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      BEN; Still backing Julie? :bigsmile: :party:

    • From the little I have seen, I find Julie extremely entertaining, one of the best BB housemates they have had for ages!

      • I must agree with you Fudge. re Julie being entertaining.

        She has ruled the roost. She has made good TV.
        I hope she stays untill the end.

        Will she and Coleen have a big row?
        Or Will they become bosom pals? :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

        • I hope they dont have a row for both their sakes tbh also for the sake of everyone else. They need to be able to relax and enjoy the last few days.

          Julie will have a lasting memory of those boos, not good at her age. She should be able to be at peace with life.

        • Really? I find Julie a crude, rude, nasty piece of work. Does she find the gum chewing braless look attractive? Now she is suggesting Lorenzo is gay as if that disgusts her while being while being a self confessed faghag.

      • The first episode with Cheryl was entertaining Fudge but never ever would I say she is the best HM. There have been so many over the years many memorable and many forgettable LOL. On the outside though some are totally different and lovable.

  2. But that was her problem, that’s all she did.

  3. Besides sucking up to the younger men and shit stirring with Jimmy Savile against all the women she (or they both) were jealous of

    • Jimmy Saville :rofl:

      • Yes, I wondered about that but when I checked I found it spelt both ways!?

        • lol not the spelling. The fact you called Julie – J Saville :rofl:

          • Why is it that all the young girls who enter the BB house are so flirty and shallow? Surely this is not a true representation of young females today is it? If it is, then that is extremely depressing. Glad that one of them has left tonight anyway…

            BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
          • Jules on 2:52pm September 1 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Trouble is Fudge, the powers that be think the public want and need all of the bedroom talk and action. This time it didnt work because I genuinely believe that the girls were telling the truth. They just wanted friendships and tbh a girl and a fellow should be able to have just that.

            Their over flirting was seen as something other than it was meant to be. Questionable I agree but the lads knew that that was all it was.

            If we think about it Lorenzo has been The Bachelor and Mike’s shows are sexual I believe. Mike especially is not used to not getting his own way. The Prince is different though, he may try and woo D on the outside of the house and yet, he must have had many women in his hands? It will be interesting to see.

  4. Orchid333 on 11:31pm August 31 '12

    Going to watch live feed now and get a bit more wound up LOL :whew: :giggle: :drink:

  5. rionablue on 11:40pm August 31 '12

    Glad she and Danika are gone Waste of space. but then again this years celeb bb is the worst yet

    • Totally disagree, at last they put a few well known celebs in and it has been better to watch than the last few.

      • Aw Skye it would have been better had we been able to see more of the well known HMs. They have moreorless taken a back seat really.

        • 5 well-known housemates Cheryl put herself at the forefront and was evicted shame.
          Julie has been significant in her role as a house-mate and is now proving unpopular.

          Julian and Martin have kept a very low profile.
          Coleen noticed for all the wrong reason.

          Last night Martin insinuated that Coleen only had 2 more days. He did the same to Rhien.Me thinks he thinks he is untouchable a bit big-headed I don’t like this trait in him.

          Yes I know I am backing him but he is not with out his faults .
          Nor am I

          • Jules on 3:27pm September 1 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            I agree Sal, it was a shame that Cheryl was evicted and we never ever saw the things which would have had us laughing. The same thing could have happened with Julian and Martin, I bet we will see some laughable things when they are out. I loved their ballet performance and Julian taking the ladies around the floor.

            Now Coleen, there is a lovely clip on C5 with Coleen talking with Julian. Her sincerity shines through tbh. She is talking about Julie. It is a very considerate and kind chat. She definitely has been downtrodden by Julie, even the lads are now realising how genuine Coleen is. There is another video of them chatting.

            There is one of Martin chatting about the reasons Danica left, I disagree but many would agree with his solution.

            Hopefully things will just be fun now, who cant tell eh!!!

        • I have said it many times It is all in the editing. When we had live feed it was easier to see what the house-mates are really like.

          Half the things we see on bots are not shown untill the evicted has left the house.

          The editors have had their monies worth out of Danica and Julie.

  6. why the hell couldnt sam see the sly side of julie,and ash he cant see it either,she is very SLY and come on julien colleen makes a much better friend and confidante,martin and colleen last two standing please :party: :love: :cool: :beer: :wink:

    • ‘cos ‘birds of a feather…’
      Yay :music: , Shallow Sam has gone back to Elmer Fudd. By the way Shallow S before U start pouring out more poison towards your sisters from your keyboard, U should return all your mirrors and demand an instant refund. Then apply to theatres for Panto. season. Just keep practising ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall’…’cos D or R (NO not U) will be cast as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ …

      • Agreed , found it more of a revelation that more naive people were taken in by how “nice” she seems, suckers! Sam is most definitely insecure of other women, resents younger women because she is past her sell by on every capacity. Is delusional of any women being unable to resist her husband as if he were an adonis. She is a female misogynist . She is not very articulate and appears to have a limited vocabulary for a “journalist” perhaps explains why its freelance work only offered to this amateur .

        • Orchid333 on 6:10pm September 1 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          NOLLAIG: Did you notice on BOTS and in the sweaty box that Sam had loads of “bottle” and had her say, but we saw none of that in the house? :wink:

          Also, she had a right downer on Rhian and Danica and saying that she was on the side of the boys!!!! Mike is the biggest player and Sam approves of that?????

          • Yes ,she was like a stepford wife in the house, saved her bile till she was out , and i did see her put the boot into Julian on BOTS last night and had the audacity to call him a misogynist after he defended women against the sexist tirades delivered from the meathead “occasional table”.

        • Please see my (many) posts on this site about Samantha! She is vile! You are right ~ she is a female misogynist and a truly awful person ~ I read a lot of her stupid articles before she ever went into the house about how some women are too ugly for television, how she thinks women should be ‘perfect’ for their men…oh my God! And people hate Danica! I really think Brick believes what she writes

          • Agreed , i was being fair to her at the start of this season, as i assumed she just wrote those stupid articles as the act of desperation(to create some controversial publicity) of an unemployed quasi amateur journalist, but now find she actually does believe all that rubbish.

    • The trouble is Muriel Julian is obviously a loyal person, him and Julie have been friends from the beginning. Julie caught him in her web with her immortal words “I always like a bit of Gay”. They have sat and chatted together, he hasnt realised what has gone on with Julie and the youngsters.

      I would think he is a person who wont go by another’s views until he really knows. Dont forget Julie has warned him off of Coleen, he must feel very muddled about that as to all intents and purposes the Gods saw everything.

      By the sound of it they also saw the DR where everyone goes to let off steam. This is what they have been on about with Coleen I am sure. She hasnt done anything different than Julie has but Julie has done it with venom. Julian just hasnt seen it.

      All will be revealed when they are out, I wonder if he will still keep a friendship going?

      JULIAN or COLEEN to win.

  7. The HMs ere justified in their mistrust of this journalist. Last week she said not writing anything about HMs becaue we are all too vulnerable in here. Last night to Brian yes she is definitely writing about them . Well what a surprise. Sweet and innocent NOT . She has the nerve to moralise about the girls so I hope she is not accepting payment for her tale telling.

  8. I think Sam was brilliant on BBBots last night very articulate. Yes I have read some of her articles take it all with a pinch of salt. Loved her description of Martin and Julian like volcano’s dormant untill they get into the diary room lol.
    In defence of Julie she said when the boys talk about people behind their backs Its cool but when julie does it she’s a b**ch (double standards)

    • sammyvan on 12:54pm September 2 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Knew it had to happen at some stage, Sally. We don’t agree on Sam.! :worried:
      Really have changed my mind [again] about Sam, and I disliked her comments last night. Why did she not come out of her shell in the house and say all these nasty things to people’s faces? She really has been aggressively nasty about Coleen – in my opinion without foundation. Every single HM in there talked about their fellow internees, with varying degrees of ‘bitchyness’, and I cannot see that Coleen was any worse than the others? Not a soul comes close to Julie!
      Guess we have to agree to disagree on Sam!! :handshake:

      • Hi Sammyvan yes you are right that Sam should have been more forthcoming in the house about her opinions.And so should they all. They are all at it behind each others backs.
        I don’t remember Sam being b****y in the house?
        In truth I am not a fan of Sam but I did think she gave a good account of herself on BBBots.

        I have just watched a clip of Coleen Prince and Martin having a bitch about Julie. I have to agree what they said and what I have heard is true.
        So I don’t think we disagree only that we express our selves diferently. :happy: :handshake:

        • sammyvan on 7:56pm September 2 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Hi Sally. I dont think I would have had a problem with Sam if she HAD been as outspoken inside the house. I get mad when she comes out and says it all…..not to the person’s face.
          Trying to express myself diplomatically here!! :blush:

          Keep the :phone: ringing for Martin

          • Orchid333 on 8:10pm September 2 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            SAMMYVAN: Exactly. Before Sam went into the house, I did not like her comments about her being beautiful; saying that someone who she did not know paid for a taxi fare for her in Paris and paid a train ticket for on the station (smacks of “rinsing” what she said she thought was morally wrong of Danica!!!) – then when she went into the house I thought that she was okay.

            However, Sam said nothing to anyone’s face whilst in the house. What a fool was I then being gullible enough to think that this was her real character!!!

            Yes I will :phone: to save Martin :music:

          • Sally on 8:43pm September 2 '12
            MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

            :bigsmile: :kiss: Sammyvan Thats for you not Martin

            Save Martin :call: :cool:

      • Orchid333 on 6:52pm September 2 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        SAMMYVAN Ditto :love:

    • Trouble is Sal, Julie mixed so well that the lads do not know where they are. Just look back over her chats within the triangle and Rhian. Now the lads have come to their senses. I cannot personally see that there has been a lot of bitching in the house, Martin and Coleen have put their views forward in a good way. Julian stood by Danica and he said as much (psst if he hated women he wouldnt have stood by her :rofl: ).

      No double standards imo Julie has let herself down good time especially for a 70 year old disabled woman. She took over the house and her reign has now come to an end thank goodness. Not a good example at all to the young.

    • I agree with you Sally and well done you for having the guts to say it too! The little bits I have seen have shown Julie as the most entertaining housemate and I thought Sam’s exit interview was honest and articulate, quite rare for BB! If Julie was male she would not receive the same criticism. A lot of what she says is tongue in cheek, people really don’t get her. Please, this is just my opinion. Also, I have never watched Corrie!!!

      Not enjoying this year’s CBB but if Julie and Martin left then my TV would be switched off completely.

      • Thanks Fudge tongue in cheek is a good description of some of julies remarks. some people just don’t get her.
        It is the same with Sam her work is as a journalist.She like most of us wear two hats one for work. The other for ones true self.

        • The trouble is Sal, they hurt other people and to me that is not on.

          Julie’s so called tongue in cheek expressions are complete with looks of total distaste. She meant what she said in the Gods thingy and she egged Samantha on. Samantha in turn is now using her profession to make use of the information she gleaned.

          Sorry me darlings, no tongue in cheek for me just rotten apples.

          Some get it, some got it, good.

          • :giggle: :giggle: Julian Clary built a whole career on looks of total distaste and one liners!!! I used to really enjoy his humour though! I love Julie as a Housemate, find her very amusing. You need strong characters in there for the others to hang off, bounce off, laugh at, criticise, whatever. I think Martin will stay though as it is a double and, if that is the case, then he should definitely win. Sorry Jules, just my opinion! :handshake:

            BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
          • Jules on 7:23pm September 3 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Fudge, we are each entitled to our opinion as we know. Now with Julian I cant say I was ever keen on him but in the house I love him. Smutty humour isnt really my cup of tea!!! :rofl:

            I think what it all means is that we cannot always go by our first impressions. They all have their supporters no matter what and that is how it should be eh :love: :love:

          • Sally on 7:42pm September 3 '12
            MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

            Oh come on jules I said some of her remarks and some people. If I was a fan I would be backing them both as it is I prefer martin and julian.
            As for hurting people some of the comments on here about julie are far far worse than anything she has said in the house.
            Being sent to Coventry and being excluded is hurtful and that’s not on but some of us have to deal with it
            .The people in that house will suffer the consequences for any wrong doing. personally I think they are all in it to be noticed.They have all managed to do that and as Martin said Julie will go back to her farm-house and soon forget it all. She is a tough old bird. :nod:

          • Jules on 8:01pm September 3 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Sal i am really generalising you know and tbh if you were a fan of Julie’s it wouldnt matter at all. She has a following and she is entitled to that as we know. We all have a right to put our views forward.

            I have stood up for Coleen but my favourite is Julian and that is who I have backed from day one. I just think that Coleen has had a raw deal from Julie. :hi:

  9. sally she has,nt watched a lot of whats been going on yet she may well change her mind about julie when she see,s her cal her an f”"”" tart her remarks about martin and julian are fair but then she herself never set the house alight

    • :hi: Brains yes you are right none of them know what is being said about them whilst they are in the house. Sam was very dull in the house.
      I am sure she will make her feelings public when she looks back at the episodes. Then we will see what she has to say about Julie. :nod:

    • I think Brains, this is what she was expected to say, Julie, instead of which she went into a negative chat about Julian. I didnt see her remarks re Julian fair at all, I mean the ones which she ascertained through Wikedia, she overstepped the mark there and should have just commented on the house imo.

      The men havent really had a chance to come forward with what has been going on, ie the triangle, Jasmine and then her mother, Julie, the Gods etc. etc. Look at all the players in that, not Julian though………hope he gets a chance to shine this week.

      I say go for it Julian, no need to hold back now you will be in the final. :love:

  10. Basically Samantha Brick is just horrible.

    Says women don’t like women, actually SHE doesn’t like women, that’s what her problem is and she envies women really, not the other way round. Who would want to look like that, she reminds me of Posh Spice, but Posh Spice is much better looking. Even her voice is similar.

    :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    • I was ok with her in the house until she aligned herself totally with Julie and now her interview…….her ego is too great and she thinks she is perfection. She isnt, I am so there :rofl: :rofl: aw ok only joking :giggle:

  11. We need to look at some of the words used about Julie.
    Repulsive,Bitchy, Two Faced,Vile, Evil,Catty, Nasty, Crude
    Some ones dirty old relative.

    We dont have to like Julie or back her to win .but the above not nice not nice at all. :shake:

    • Sal I havent seen all those expressions, two faced is obviously what she is but it is a game.

      If someone has used the last one then that is totally out of order. She had to be brave to go in there at her age but she should have kept herself aware of her age and not let herself down with certain things. Maybe that is just how she is who knows eh but certain escapades have definitely repulsed viewers.

      When she comes out she will wend her weary way through life, she will either be upset at her own actions or she will just go on and not realise that she caused offence to some, she may see it as her right. Each to their own. Watch the gameshow, 80 per cent of viewers think she is the most manipulative person in the house.

      I think it is harder to watch the soap celebrities because we love some in the soaps but in the house their true colours come out. I was very disillusioned with Natalie and Denise, cant stand them now and yet I loved them in their programmes. :love:

  12. Yes Sam is in the news today writing more ill judged nonsense.She reminds me of a spiteful child who runs home to mummy to be told that others are jealous of her because she is beautiful. She really needs to grow up and lose the paranoia. She is so rigid in her judgement of others expounding her 50′s values. Well I’m afraid relationships with men or women are about give and take. She has even signed up to servitude and deference to her husband to try to avoid a second divorce.Me thinks someone is slightly adrift so to speak. Her looks are a complete irrelevance but failure to make lasting friendships with her own gender and not take any responsibility in this social ineptitude needs looking at.

  13. I have been married for 42 years and we are equals. I fought along with others for equality in the sixties and to listen to this womans immature pronouncements on the female sex is insulting

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