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‘Rules are for fools’ task – Day 2 details
Here are all the details of Big Brother's special task to teach...
| Day -336

Here are all the details of Big Brother’s special task to teach the housemates the importance of obeying the rules.

Yesterday the group began day 1 of the ‘Rules are for fools’ task, and here are the challenges that  wardens Adam, Luke A and Luke S must oversee during day 2.

Safe zone wake up

The housemates are woken up by the dreaded sound of the safe zone alarm. All housemates must all jump out of bed and get to the safe zone immediately!

Do not break this rule

One housemate is called to the Diary Room and given the word ‘RULE’ on a sheet of sugar glass, they must carry this rule at all times until further notice. If they break the rule they must go straight to the punishment zone.

Remain silent / Warning: Falling objects

Big Brother calls one housemate and one warden to the diary room. Inside they find signs reading ‘housemates must remain silent’ and ‘warning falling objects’. Big Brother then proceeds to have a conversation with the warden about the housemate, how they are getting on with the task, and what the warden thinks of them etc. As the housemate attempts to remain silent, Big Brother will drop things down from the trap door onto the housemates head in a bid to get a reaction out of them.

No crying

Sara is called to the diary room where Big Brother says that he needs to conduct a short sound test of the speakers. A message from Sara’s mum is then played into the Diary Room. She must try not to cry while she listens to the message.

Large display sign rules

The large sign in the garden can be updated to display new rules at any time. Big Brother will choose which ones are suitable based on what’s happening in the house at the time. For example, if all the housemates are lying around and slobbing about on the sofa’s the sign will say ‘HOUSEMATES MUST NOT STOP MOVING’ or ‘HOUSEMATES MUST NOT SIT DOWN’.

Here are some more examples:

  • Shievonne must not talk with her hands
  • Stand one leg until further notice
  • No Dancing – then play in selection of songs with the word dance in the title.
  • Housemates must not annoy each other
  • Housemates must stand up until further notice – no sitting down.
  • No swearing
  • No bitching
  • No being fake
  • Boys must obey girls
  • Housemates must obey the wardens
  • Scott must not talk with a posh accent
  • No swearing
  • Housemates must talk in rhyme
  • Housemates must be entertaining
  • Housemates must smile at all times
  • No unattractive housemates in the garden.
  • Do not disrespect the wardens.
  • Housemates must walk backwards at all times.
  • No talking – animal noises only
  • Housemates must not stop moving

What do you make of these latest challenges?

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  1. skippy1996 on 6:04pm July 12 '12

    Scott must not talk with a posh accent lol

  2. Recker on 7:01pm July 12 '12

    Hilarious!! I just want to see Caroline moo :rofl:

  3. Thanks for getting this online Joseph. I’m currently away until tomorrow and don’t have access to the email system (I can’t remember the password, which is autosaved at home). Doh. :nerd:

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