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Rhian third to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother
Model Rhian Sugden, was the third celebrity housemate to be voted...
Alec | Day -287

Model Rhian Sugden, was the third celebrity housemate to be voted out of Celebrity Big Brother summer 2012.

Rhian faced the public ‘vote to save,’ after being nominated by her fellow housemates Julie, Samantha and Ashley on Sunday.

Upon leaving the Big Brother house Rhian told host Brian Dowling: “I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to…I’m one of the quietest housemates.” She revealed that the situation with Ashley ruined her time in the house and that she tried to stay out of the love triangle.

The model would like Danica to go on to win the show and hopes that Julie will be the next housemate to be evicted on Friday.

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  1. JaniceR on 6:44pm August 30 '12


  2. Sally on 7:13pm August 30 '12

    I dont think Rhian will be missed.
    The last few days she was in the house she was keeping a very low profile, pitty she got involved with ash who is so immature.
    I wish her good luck and hope she can patch things up with her boy friend,it didnt look good him not being at her eviction shame. :sadsmile:

  3. Louiza on 9:27pm August 30 '12

    Sally,, ON BOTS, Emma told Rhian that her boyfriend was too shy to appear on tv….but was just across the road in a hotel waiting for her.

  4. ha ha ha glad she out

  5. Rhian U R a beautiful person both inside and out.
    U did nothing wrong in CBB – it was Harvey and his shadow encouraged by Julie and her shadow. You’re eviction was the collective end- product of their personal hypocrisy, immaturity and bitterness.
    I hope U leave all your ‘mistakes’ behind and your soul shine’s brightly in the future.
    Good Luck in everything U do girrrl…

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