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Rhian and Jasmine complete Morrisons trolly dash
Late last night, this week's nominated duo left the house in the...
Alec | Day -295

Late last night, this week’s nominated duo left the house in the final part of this week’s shopping task.

The celebrity housemates were this week set a ‘Big Spenders’ shopping task. Over the course of two days they spent a total of £725 on items and activities provided by Big Brother. They therefore accumulated £725 out of a possible £1000 towards the shopping budget.

Late on Tuesday evening, Rhian and Jasmine, both of whom face eviction from the house tonight, left the compound for a local Morrisons to carry out a trolly dash.

The girls had four minutes to fill their trolly within budget. If they exceeded the £725 limit, the house would instead have to live off an economy buget for the next week.

They successfully came in under budget at £438.65, although a few essential items had been forgotten such as tea bags and butter.

A first used a trolly dash during the August 2011 series when Jedward paid a visit to Lidl. Do you mind Big Brother repeating tasks like this?

Catch highlights of the conclusion of ‘Big Spenders’ during tonight’s live show.

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  1. I think they did quite well really, Julie wasn’t pleased that they forgot the butter!!!

    Julie needs to cut down on that butter!

  2. jennyjuniper on 4:24pm August 23 '12

    I must admit that I love butter too, but to say it was two of the least domesticated housemates, I think they did well too.

  3. Confused on 6:18pm August 23 '12

    Considering the fact that Jasmine is not an eater, they did well. Hope she gets help for the eating disorder, anger management and anti-social behavious now that she has been released from captivity.

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