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Revealing facts exposed in new task
Revealing facts are exposed about the celebrities when two...
Alec | Day -301

Revealing facts are exposed about the celebrities when two housemates have to decide which statements correctly match which members of the group.

How It Works

JULIAN and THE SITUATION are called to the diary room and set today’s ‘getting to know you’ task.

In the diary room next to them are two boards featuring speech bubbles which contain statements about each housemate.

To see how well they know their new housemates already, Big Brother wants them to match the statements to the corresponding housemate by sticking a picture of their face next to each fact.

What they don’t know is that while they’re playing the game in the diary room, Big Brother is playing out the results in the garden with the rest of the housemates on a much larger scale.

The garden has been set with podiums. Each podium is numbered and displays a speech bubble that contains one of the celebrity statements.

As the housemates in the diary room match each celebrity face to each statement, Big Brother will gather the housemates in the garden to stand behind the corresponding podiums.

Once all housemates have been placed, the two housemates in the diary room will make their way to the garden and place themselves into the line up. One by one Big Brother will get each housemate to reveal the correct answer by peeling off a square on their podium. If the housemate matches the name on the podium they will win one point.

JULIAN and THE SITUATION must match every housemate to the correct statement to pass the task.

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  1. JaniceR on 8:06pm August 16 '12

    Could be interesting this! Hope they reveal some interesting facts especially about the ones who are unknown to us( by which I really mean me!)

  2. AmericanCousin on 9:45pm August 17 '12

    I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing the house is makinf me miss Luke A. and Adam.

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