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Reunited in glorious Technicolor
After the explosive twist that saw Conor walk out of the house...
Alec | Day -313

After the explosive twist that saw Conor walk out of the house £50,000 richer, Luke S rejoined the house last night stating that he just feels ‘played’.

Talking to Ashleigh, Luke S admitted that he is feeling ‘played’ as the reunited pair retired to the bedroom. It had been a roller-coaster hour. First the twist, then Conor pressing the most lucrative buzzer in BB history leaving Luke S without, then a reintroduction to the House after four days in The White Room.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. It’s certainly enough to shake Luke S out of his usual ‘man of deeds not words’ persona.

“I feel a million things because I’ve been cooped up in that room… It’s the most surreal experience of my life,” he said, striding around topless.

“I’ll be remembered as the guy who almost won 50 grand.”

Of course, the housemates could talk of nothing but this drama. While Luke S was in the Diary Room voicing his sorrows to Big Brother they discussed what they would have done…to push the buzzer or not to push the buzzer, that was the question…

Deana reckoned she would have pushed the buzzer at 15k, feathering her nest but still leaving a healthy wad for the eventual winner. Adam was adamant that he would have taken the money, while Ashleigh and Sara maintained they were here for the experience, with money meaning sweet f.a.

Luke A made the excellent point that CAC (Caroline, Ashleigh, Conor) is no more, the Insiders are now ‘LA’.

How will LA get on now they are a minority group?

There was immediate aggro between Luke S and Adam when ‘the guy who almost won 50 grand’ caught sight of an untimely smile as he stormed back into the House.

“What are you f**king laughing at?” he asked in the tone of a lager lover at closing time.

His fellow Luke, Luke A, has hit the right sympathy notes while still keeping it light-hearted.

“You were amazing at that milk task bollocks,” he cooed at Luke S, momentarily taking the muscled one’s mind off recent events.

He has also found sympathy coming from the unusual quarters of Deana.

“Luke S has a lot of thing against him but I do feel sorry for him. He openly admits that money is a big thing for him,” she said to her Outsider pals, later announcing to Luke S’s face, “This is a f**ked situation.”

Scott has processed the situation intellectually, fixating on whether Conor played fair while Sara seems characteristically overwhelmed and is bleating; “money doesn’t make you happy,” to anyone who will listen.

A twist this big is going be unravelling for a long time so stay tuned to the website to hear the full fall-out as it happens.

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  1. Minnie on 5:00pm August 4 '12

    Luke S, can be as mad as he wants. He had his chance to win the money but he was too greedy and Conor got to it first. So glad Conor is gone. Luke S is a very poor sport. He deserves Ashleigh. They are both terrible.

  2. jennyjuniper on 5:52pm August 4 '12

    I wish what Luke A said was true, that the insiders only now consist of LA, but Sara jumps about so much from one side to another it’s like being at Wimbledon and Scott is not to be trusted. It was only a day or so ago he was bad mouthing Deana, so while I still hope for Luke A, Deana and Adam to be the last three standing, they have still got to watch their backs in there.

  3. playme2loud on 7:12pm August 4 '12

    I wish sarah would just shut it about I wouldnt take the money over and over :sleepy: Im starting to see a side of her I dont like :no:

  4. Sally on 9:47pm August 4 '12

    Luke S just wasnt quick enough. Conor had his hands near the button .Luke had his hands behind his back not a fair contest, but as Conor said he doesn’t care about anyone in the house.all he cares about is his family and girlfriend. So be it.
    Deana and Adam took it very well

  5. fair play to Conor who won the money, but i dont understand why Luke S is so upset, sound like he is being greedy and it was no need to turn nasty on adam, just hope Luke S will be out next and Luke A, Adam or Deana to win!!

    • Biddy on 9:15am August 5 '12

      He didn’t win the money nor deserve the money.. he was given it on a plate by BB.. biggest fix in history….
      All non nominated HM’s should have had the chance to win it ,,not just 2 and that vile, bully !!!
      Just hope justice is done and is taken off him when ofcom interveins…..

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Sorry Sharon but fair play had nothing to do with Conor appropriating the money. Not only was Luke S. “robbed” by an appalling house mate but so were the rest of the remaining House Mates. i feel there should be an independant enquiry into such a large amount of money being given to someone who should have been removed from the house many weeks ago on a decency issue. Was this a “pay off” ? I know I sound suspicious but the whole Conor issue is weird beyond understanding.

      • Orchid333 on 1:01am August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Margaretrose. Yes you are right. I am waiting to hear that something has been done to right this wrong that a vile cheating abusive individual (I cannot bring myself to call him a man!) has got what he deserves. SHARON “FAIR PLAY” on Conor!!! Pleeeeeeeese. :angry:

  6. poppy44 on 10:58am August 5 '12

    Luke s soooo wanted that money! He”s more gutted about that than getting through to the final. He has no real feelings for ashleigh either he”s just playing along with her, as for sharing the money i dont think he would of if he won. :puke:

  7. noodledoodledoo on 12:42pm August 5 '12

    Absolutely, Luke S was so obviously going for the money and was gutted not to have got his mitts on it. He’d been waiting and waiting, counting with his ‘Mississippis’ – he so desperately wanted the money but was so greedy he didn’t want to press too soon, tried to wait until it had reached the maximum amount, then was pipped at the post. And his last desperate shot, saying half the money would have been Conor’s if he’d won it – he just wanted Conor to say on camera that he’d give Luke S half. And no, he doesn’t give a kipper’s dick for Ashleigh.

  8. saras a bully she shouts her opinions to anyone who’ll listen when anyone else has anything to say she dose’nt want to talk about it and she aint so pretty how she nearly won a beauty contest is beyond me.

  9. noodledoodledoo on 2:01pm August 5 '12

    Never mind about the money, Luke S, at least you’ve got one large swagbag :puke:

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