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Rebecca wins ‘wildcard’ Housemate status
This year the public have been able to choose one of three...
Nick | Day -370

This year the public have been able to choose one of three wildcard housemates to enter the Big Brother house, in an attempt to revive the show, creating it fresh and innovative. The winner of this is, wildcard, Rebecca.

The voting was open to all Twitter users, from launch night until last night, with fans being able to vote completely free. It was Big Brother’s Bit On The Side presenter Jamie East who was left to choose three wildcard housemates to compete against each other.

During the first live eviction show, Big Brother revealed that Rebecca had received the most votes. She entered the house screaming through the living room, shouting: “Get in there you ba***rds”.

She jumped straight in to the pool and started to talk to Caroline about the rest of the housemates.

Video courtesy of Channel 5

Caroline said: “I can’t believe that on your first night you jumped in to the pool”.

Bubbly larger than life Rebecca replied with: “Isn’t that what you do?”

The 19-year-old is currently in her first year of drama college and has previously been an extra on Shameless.

In the Big Brother House she says she’d like to be a leader “I’d get them all ship shaped, I’m a bit of bossy boots, I’m so strong willed, but don’t take things too seriously”.

Let us know your opinions on Rebecca winning the ‘wildcard’ competition and how the rest of the housemates will react to her personality…

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  1. Poor choice people :/
    Turning off now, before I start shouting!!

  2. I’m really happy that Rebecca has entered the house – think she will bring a lot of bubble and fun! :bigsmile:

  3. Avatar of

    Loved her! So glad she’s in! Caroline is so funny! Caroline is by far my fave! :love:

  4. coxyy on 12:20am June 9 '12

    Seriously love her!!!

  5. BigBrotherLover on 12:20am June 9 '12

    Good choice. Keep in mind BB always keeps th food and wine flowing the first few days to keep all the rats full of energy and bubbly so they can talk, socialize and form their little clicks and circles — then BB will kick in with the torture and cut back on the food so the fighting and moods will begin. Rebecca will likely lose a lot of weight over the next few weeks, let’s see if she keeps up the chipper attitude.

  6. rionablue on 12:28am June 9 '12

    Oh my GOD. She is seriously gona drive me mad with her screaming like a fishwife. And IM NOT even sharing a house with her. Of the thousands of people who could have got a wildcard Jamie picked three tulips thats for sure. Sorry anyone who likes her but she is way way too in your face sorry

  7. microsis on 12:41am June 9 '12

    Becca will be sneaking and hiding all the food
    She loves her food just like MO bb9
    :music: :music: :music:

  8. BruvFan on 1:04am June 9 '12

    Good choice! Glad she’s in. Anthony would have been a solid choice too. From the little bit I saw of Bhavesh I thought he was a one dimensional character, in his VT he was just laughing and saying he was gay. As a gay person I love to support my fellow gays in everything but he was just a bore.

  9. Biddy on 9:34am June 9 '12

    If BB stop the food, we could see a not so bubbly Becca,,,,then there maybe fireworks….
    Can’t wait !!!!
    :music: :music: :music:

  10. Jules on 3:57pm June 9 '12

    She will play the game well, we will possibly see her turning the HMs against each other, not sure tbh, but she wants to win. After all this is what it is about but I would have liked Anthony to have gone in, perhaps later….

  11. jayzay crayzay on 8:43pm June 9 '12

    :cool: couldnt live with her but fun 2 watch in small doses :drink:

  12. Sally on 5:01pm June 10 '12

    I am so pleased that Rebecca.Got in to the house. and what an entrance.

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