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Rebecca set secret mission for nomination immunity
Wildcard housemate Rebecca has been set a secret mission by Big...
Nick | Day -370

Wildcard housemate Rebecca has been set a secret mission by Big Brother to win immunity from the next round of nominations.

The bubbly personality has only been in the house for less than 30-minutes, after winning the wildcard place, and has already been set a challenge.

She has to make as many friends as possible if she wants to remain in the house, between now and Monday. In previous series, new housemates do not always get the best welcome reception.

If one or more housemates chooses Rebecca as their favorite housemate of the house, she will win immunity from the public vote. If no housemates choose her, then she will face automatic eviction.

As part of her mission set by Big Brother, not one housemate must find out about the secret task set, if they do she will immediately fail and will be put up for eviction.

Pressure is on for the fun loving 19-year-old as she attempts to make 15 new friends.

Let us know your thoughts on the secret mission and if Rebecca has a good chance of winning immunity. Leave your comments below…

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  1. Avatar of

    Oh dear. :speechless: Is this the best C5 could do? Everyone was speculating around what the “twist” could be, even Emma said it was “huge”. Seriously?! How can this even be called a twist?!

  2. I think the task is pretty brilliant. As they point out, new comers are not welcomed according to the historical stats, so Rebecca is forced to get in their faces which makes the whole thing awkward and entertaining.

  3. aamile95 on 12:50am June 9 '12

    As i said in chat. It would be much better for her to be the most hated housemate! Create some tension!

  4. i think rebecca will cause friction in the house because of her eating too much

  5. Jules on 3:53pm June 9 '12

    I think she will pass easily….

  6. Jamie Pugh on 5:48pm June 9 '12

    This could be a good task

  7. Tombolian on 9:29pm June 9 '12

    I think it’s going to be very tough for Rebecca to find a person who’s not tied to another HM already, the rest of them having a 3 day head start to form bonds/frienships… I hope she passes, but don’t think she will :sadsmile:
    Even if she does fail, as long as her attitude stays the way it was when she entered, I think she’d be easily saved by the public vote.
    Go Becky!

  8. Sally on 5:11pm June 10 '12

    Rebecca is so bubbly she has to be some ones favourite. If she is up for eviction I am sure the public will keep her in.

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