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Rebecca is ninth evictee of Big Brother 2012
Rebecca has become the ninth housemate to be evicted after Luke A,...
Alec | Day -313

Rebecca has become the ninth housemate to be evicted after Luke A, Ashleigh and Deana were saved in the public vote.

The 19-year-old was chosen by the public as Jamie East’s wildcard housemate, and entered in dramatic style by immediately jumping in the swimming pool fully-clothed.

Bit On The Side’s Jamie tipped his wildcard to reach the final, but Rebecca found herself up for her second eviction on Monday when friends and family members nominated on the housemates’ behalf.

Before entering the house, Rebecca said: “I’m a bit of a bossy boots. I’m so strong willed but don’t take things too seriously. I’m a nosey bitch! But I can keep a secret.”

The college drama student was evicted just 10 days before the series finale.

Was Rebecca the right housemate to leave? Let us know below!

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  1. Thank you everyone who didn’t vote for her!

  2. Orchid333 on 10:16am August 4 '12

    Becky was the right person to go. How vile was she on BOTS. Geoff pulled a bag of maltesers from his undies and threw them to Becky and she proceded to eat them all through the interview with Emma. Talking with her mouth full and talking over Emma and interupting her. And can someone tell her it is not “I could OF”, – It is -”I could HAVE”. She kept saying she is only a 19 year old girl and using that as an excuse for her behaviour!!! That is an insult to all decent teenagers isn’t it?

  3. microsis on 10:25am August 4 '12

    Oh dear ,,,,handling a bag of sweets that had been in someone’s underpants / knickers is bad enough
    But to open the bag and start eating the sweets is sickening :puke:
    Thoughout her interview with Emma I thought she was practicing her Gurning ( I think that is what face pulling is called ) technique
    :music: :music: :music:

  4. BBFanDebs on 10:26am August 4 '12

    Just caught up with all the drama from last night, my word, watching her on the interview with Emma. I actually felt sick, for the first time ever watching an interview. Being thrown those sweets her eyes lit up like diamonds, and when she proceeded to eat them after they had been dragged from his crotch, I all but threw up. her interview was like watching a bulldog chewing a wasp with the facial expressions and the constant face stuffing. It just became clear to me that because of the death of her brother through joyriding, both herself and her sister have been rewarded and mollycoddled by her mother and food has been the comforter. She clung to that bag of skittles like it was life or death. As much as I found the girl to be foulmouthed and incredibly nasty, part of me saw someone who is crying out in emotional pain. Big Brother was not the best choice for this girl. I say girl, because she certainly showed no maturity from the time she entered the house to the time she left.

  5. jennyjuniper on 11:49am August 4 '12

    It seemed to be a well coached crowd ‘Cheer for Conman’, but I was delighted to see someone hold up a card with BMI in huge letters as Becky came out of the house.
    I refused to watch BOTS last night because I couldn’t stand seeing Emma smarming all over Conor. It’ll be worse this weekend with Alice Levine, who is a master at the art of brown-nosing. In fact apart from keeping up with this site and voting for Luke A,Deana and Adam I’m not watching anymore. A show that doesn’t entertain and only makes me angry is a waste of time and energy. (Anyway I’ve got loads of sci-fi dvd’s to watch- although some of those aliens are uncannily like Becky, Conor and Caroline)!!

    • microsis on 11:57am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Oh I love your comments jennyjuniper
      You can always put a smile on my face ,,I needed that this morning. Thanks

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Jenny, I agree with what you say. The show is so full of bitching that it really is unpleasant to watch. The thought of more nominations this week is just overkill. We know that at least Deana and Luke A will be up but I hope one of the others is included. Why couldn’t they just put them all up, the one(s) with fewest votes could go on Friday but no, we have to have yet more stress for the decent HMs. No doubt Luke S. will have a vote and he and Trashleigh will nom. Deana and Luke A. as usual. Sara is becoming so two-faced I don’t know which way she will jump. The house has become like an 18-30 holiday club and if it continues as such I will not watch this programme again. Have already decided CBB is off my viewing list.

  6. glad she went to over the top and loud.

  7. Queen Bea on 12:08pm August 4 '12

    Vile girl, so glad she’s gone……no manners stuffing her face while Emma interviewed her……just Ashleigh and Luke S to get out now, although Sara is getting a bit annoying as well

    • Orchid333 on 1:02pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      You’re right Queen Bea about Sara but I think that she let them 2 tossers influence her whilst she was in the white room. :bigsmile: LUKE A to win.

      • Jules on 2:17pm August 4 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Hi folks, yes sara is now showing her true colours. So glad that woman went with the name of Beccy, what a shambles and how will she think of her interview if she has the sense to realise what a dope she looked. It isnt alright to bitch and be nasty no matter what age you are, it is schoolroom mentality.

        Connor, well what can I say, the snake in the grass. Mind you I would take the money but he didnt deserve it, he has no regard for anyone and it will come back on him in a great way.

        The only good thing he said is that he wants adam to win, did you see Carolines face :rofl: Well done Lauren for putting her in her place…….

        • Orchid333 on 5:26pm August 4 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Yes Jules. Caroline’s face was a picture when Conman said he wanted Adam to win :giggle: I think he said adam to win to ward off people’s thoughts that he was racist – In the house, he was always calling peop-le dickheads! He is the biggest dickhead going.

          And Yes Lauren did so well having it out with Caroline and when she kept saying you were horrible to me, Caroline said I haven’t watched it I don’t know how BB edited it. I can’t recall being like that ( I can’t remember the conversation word for word but you can get the gist of it). :speechless:

        • Sara is a lovely girl both inside and out and has been genuine. She may not be the brightest tool in the box and maybe she goes on too much about the Queen and politics etc but she hasnt been bitchy spiteful mean or sulky. St Lauren was very quick to flash her bits when she come out of the house wasnt she? Nobody has said that this was seeking fame or anything but if Sara does it of course people will be calling her a slapper. Please leave Sara alone. She deserves her place in the final more than Ashleigh or Luke S and sometimes I think even more than Adam as he just sits in the smoking area watching everything and joining in the soldiers bitching game. The only one of the outsiders I have respect for is Luke A so him and Sara in the top two would be great but I know Deana has a big following also :love:
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      • Sara is a genuine girl and has been from the start. Maybe she talks alot about stuff she isnt completely clued in about but there wasnt ANYONE in the house either insiders or outsiders to bitched LESS than Sara and unlike the others she has gone face to face with anyone she had a problem with. She is well liked and will do very well. And I dont mean as a poser for Nuts and other mens mags like Lauren I mean St Lauren

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        • Orchid333 on 7:54pm August 4 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Ashling. I think that you have forgotten that Sara hesitated when asked if she would go topless for £10,000 AND she said her party trick was to strip!!! So your quip about Lauren doing Nuts, was not nice. So Lauren has not done anything that Sara would probably do. Anyway, I thought Lauren’s photoshoot was very tasteful. :rock:

  8. brokenangel on 1:00pm August 4 '12

    Looked like Malteser to me : I prefer mine cold from the fridge not someones hot sweaty knickers. Made me gag ! And to see her gurning all the way through the interview was adding insult to injury . In saying that , Malteasers used to be my favourite not any more . I am traumatised lol

  9. BBFANDEBS on 1:22pm August 4 '12

    Skittles or malteasers, being served out from someones sweaty nether regions is still repugnant. I would go back and look to see what they were, but i prefer to keep the contents of my stomach. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

  10. She reminded me of one of those old fairground dummies sat in a glass case laughing with her painted clown face. She could not string a sentence together, sitting there stuffing her face in a disgusting way. she really needs teaching some manners. And her excuse of ‘I’m only 19′ is no excuse at all, total actress who thinks that she’s funny. Vile.

  11. AmericanCousin on 1:44pm August 4 '12

    What a great turn out beside the fact Conor :puke: left with 50 g’s. Where do they do that at? Did anyone see how they kept trying to romanticize him to the viewers. He’s vile, end of.
    Caroline, Becky, and Conor are OUT! I just hope we can keep the momentum and get Fugshleigh, Luke S., Sara and Scott out!
    I am so happy that I’ll never see Becky’s huge sweaty pink arms again. I’m a 19 y.o. girl this, I’m a 19 y.o. girl that, got old quick. You’re not a girl. You’re an adult, so act like one hoover mouth. Yes, eating those packets of sweets from the crotch of a man was horrifying. It was written all over Emma’s face. Conor took the money because he knew damn well he wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in he!! against, oh let’s say Deana. Sore loser. What about that pep talk he gave himself about going to the end for his supporters. He showed his supporters how much he gives a damn. :no: He also showed his insider “friends” how much he gave a shat about them too.
    I am tickled the Human-Vacuum and Conor are out, though.
    How f’d up is it that Conor got half of the money? He should’ve been evicted way back when he went into his violent spasm against Deana.
    Luke S. you’re a stupid prick.

    • Why all the talk of the BIG 3, do you not think because of talking up this trio, the prize money was halved. Scott is more entertaining than the 3 dummies, although I will vote for Deanna to redress the balance of injustice, i.e. Conor, The Supporters of the Big 3, should have realised there would be a twist, nothing in big brother is as it seems, and I blame the Friends and Family for wasting the votes on Scott, Becky and Ashleigh resulting in Conor getting the undeserved money.

  12. northernmonkey on 2:23pm August 4 '12

    I suppose this was the only good thing to come from last nights show.

    What a joke this series has been

  13. owen0912 on 6:59pm August 4 '12

    GLAD! Becky went tonight… and conor getting 50k WTH!

  14. nasty took no responsability for her nasty treatment of people most 10 year olds now better.

  15. mary on 12:52pm August 5 '12

    I don’t think connor should have got the money but to see the way it brought out the true colours of both luke s and connor was great,and when bb asked luke a if he’d miss becky the answer he gave was of a true gent and left becky with a great splodge of egg on her face after what she said about him in the house.good luck to luke a adam and deana what a great little trio.

  16. becky when ased keeps saying “it where rite it where rite” it wasn’t right she was nasty hurtful and bitchy just like conor and his gang and geing young is no reason to treat people that way .

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