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Rebecca Hannon becomes early BB favourite
Rebecca Hannon, last night entered the Big Brother house, after...
| Day -369

Rebecca Hannon, last night entered the Big Brother house, after winning wildcard status.

Rebecca replaced first evictee, Victoria, who received the least amount of votes from the public. Victoria did indeed leave the Big Brother house, however it was extremely tight as to who would be evicted, in the series first live eviction. Big Brother presenter, Brian Dowling, guesting on BBOTS, confirmed that there was just a mere 1% between Victoria, and Lydia.

Rebecca went from 12/1 up to a 5/1 chance of winning Big Brother 13, beating favourites including student Caroline and former playboy bunny, Shievonne.

The vast improvement came after Rebecca entered the house causing a splash, as she jumped into the Big Brother pool, fully clothed! Her entrance has made an impression on the Ladbrokes punters, with odds-on at 4/6 that any other housemate will take a dip in the pool, also fully clothed too.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes, spoke today, regarding Rebecca becoming the Big Brother favourite : “Rebecca’s odds took a massive plunge the minute she jumped in.

“She’s the new Big Brother favorite as punters fall for her off the wall antics.”

Watch Rebecca settle in with her fellow housemates tonight, 10PM, Channel 5.

What do you think of Rebecca becoming the early favourite? Do you want her to win? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. BBNut on 5:42pm June 9 '12

    Rightly so! She’s fab! If she isn’t in the final i’ll be amazed but i fear we could lose her through one of BB’s ridiculously cruel twists, i do hope not! I for one am looking forward to her entertaining us for weeks hopefully. I’m also intrigued about the house, what is with the hinged wall in the original house tour video on the net prior to the series beginning…something is afoot! :wondering:

  2. coxyy on 6:13pm June 9 '12

    Love Rebecca so so much!!!! She is my favourite for sure!

  3. MacinTyler95 on 6:30pm June 9 '12

    Can I just say that Brian confirmed that there was a 1% difference while he was on BOTS, not Emma. :)
    I want Becky to win! Either her or Luke A. He’s shown a lot of balls (pun not intended) to tell the public and fellow housemates his story.

  4. Louiza on 9:23pm June 9 '12

    Wow! what an entrance. Rebecca has a lively personality to say the least. My fav so far. Wonder how different the line up would be, if the public chose ALL the housemates this year. :bigsmile:

  5. Tombolian on 11:34pm June 9 '12

    You can’t argue with Chris’ logic that the public voted Rebecca in which could automatically make her more liked than those that BB put in the house.
    That makes so much sense that it’s no doubt that whomever was the most favored to go in by the British public would instantly be a fav.

    I’m not saying anything against Rebecca here… Love her so far!

  6. stella on 11:35pm June 9 '12

    TO EARLY YET LONG WAY TO GO :bigsmile:

  7. She’s OK at the moment, but I think she could start to grate on people after a few weeks.

    Remember Becky from BB9? Good to watch her at first, with Luke but she was voted out pretty quickly.

  8. Biddy on 8:23am June 10 '12

    Could bring lots of fun to the house…
    but way too early to make anyone favourite !!!

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. Raykco on 1:11pm June 10 '12

    Got a feeling that Brian Dowling was always among the favourites in BB2

  10. Sally on 7:34pm June 10 '12

    Rebecca has a good chance of winning at the moment.
    But there is a long way to go.Popula yes but may become annoying to housemates and the public.
    personally I think she is great. :clapping:

  11. Jules on 3:30pm June 11 '12

    I think it is going to be Adam for me, he has a good chance tbh.

  12. Recker on 8:28pm June 11 '12

    Everyone needs to remember that Becky was the favourite out of the 3 wildcards…not everybody in the house. So who knows, she may be liked less than everyone already in the house. Ya never know!

  13. :puke: lol

  14. We love Rebecca….she’s is such a bubbly girl and so funny. She keeps us all entertained. We also want to know where did she get that beautiful dress from that she likes to go swimming in ? LOL xx

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