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Becky gets to work, Luke S gets suspicious
Tonight the Big Brother housemates waved goodbye to this year's...
| Day -369

Tonight the Big Brother housemates waved goodbye to this year’s first evictee, Victoria Eisermann, as she received the least amount of votes from the public. They may have said farewell to one housemate, but they also had to welcome a rather manic new housemate, WildCard Rebecca Hannon, who entered the house in style, as she jumped into the infamous Big Brother pool, fully clothed!

Within minutes of entering the most iconic house in Britain, Big Brother set Rebecca a secret mission, which meant she had to have at least one housemate name her as their favorite fellow housemate. In the scenario of no one naming Rebecca as their favorite housemate, she would automatically be put up for this weeks eviction.

Rebecca has indeed got her work cut out, but it appears as though she got right down to the job in hand. Guest on BBOTS, Apprentice Star, Kate Walsh, revealed that Rebecca had already been making plans, including sharing a bed with posh boy Scott. This follows after Rebecca had her first conversation inside the house with Caroline, who is also particularly friendly with Scott. Could she be trying to get them both on side?

Kate also revealed that Deana had apparently shown an interest in Rebecca, after she claimed that she felt alone in the house, and hasn’t yet got close to anyone. With Deana needing a new best friend, Rebecca could potentially become friends with Deana, to gain herself immunity from the upcoming nominations, or of course could just become fond of Deana.

Meanwhile, during the BBOTS news segment, Kate Walsh also informed us that Luke S is feeling suspicious regarding Rebecca’s much hyped entrance. Luke has been quoted as saying that he feels as though she could be a “plant” within the house.

What do you think of Rebecca’s entrance? How do you think she will do in her secret mission? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. microsis on 11:14am June 9 '12

    Becca ,going to be like marmite
    We are either going to love her or hate her
    I am on the fence at the moment
    What about you
    :music: :music: :music:

  2. Raykco on 1:28pm June 9 '12

    Will she be another Becky like BB9?

  3. Jules on 3:52pm June 9 '12

    The gal has gone to the top of the winners board in the betting circle. I think we will get fed up with her but will enjoy the discovering of her antics.

  4. BBNut on 12:02am June 10 '12

    Tv gold for me! She’s calmed down already i think she was just excited on her first night who wouldn’t be, she has to stay. Even if she ended up failing her secret mission i doubt the public would vote her out after only just voting her in. Chris to go, everyone else is fine, i’ve never liked so many housemates instantly but it’s very early days after all.

  5. Sally on 5:23pm June 10 '12

    Remember that Rebecca is a drama student. I think she is genuinely a fun-loving person. But this is a game she is going to enjoy playing using her drama training. Let the fun begin. :giggle:

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